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  1. mspohr

    Pop-up energy graph?

    Has anyone else noticed this?... What does it mean? I don't display the energy graph on my drivers screen since I like to keep it uncluttered and I don't find any value in the energy graph. However, today I was driving I80 over Donner Summit down to the valley and I noticed that the energy graph...
  2. B

    V7.0 and Aftermarket Mobileye for "Classic"MS

    For those of us with a model s that is pre-auto pilot, one way to get some additional safety functionality is to do an aftermarket mobileye install that hooks into things like high beams and brakes on the MS. The problem is that with previous MS software updates, tesla has changed the software...
  3. marcad80

    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    I thought it would be helpful to gauge opinions in a poll. Please do not vote if you are still undecided. Identical to the Auto Pilot poll for comparison purposes.