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v9 software

  1. GasKilla

    v9 Unable to turn on heated steering wheel without first turning on A/C

    Or turn on anything other than front heated seats without first turning on the HVAC system. Sometimes I like to drive with the A/C off but with the heated steering wheel and seat on ... on v8 I'd goto the cold weather package page to turn on these items independently of anything the HVAC system...
  2. amerimark

    Why is my Model 3 back at Tesla’s Fremont factory while I’m in my garage in Atlanta?...

    Minutes after my update to 42.8 (Track Mode update) my GPS is way off. Anyone else and/or explanations? Thanks!
  3. P

    v9 browser only works sometimes

    So I was very excited to see that v9 introduced the web browser that I had in my Model S (albeit not the most effective one). I was initially quite pleased as it seemed to work much better than the browser in the Model S. However, I've come to realize that the browser only works sometimes. When...
  4. C

    V9 audio glitches

    I'm on V9 (2018.39.7 9736c9b) and I've been experiencing intermittent audio glitches ever since. The entire audio stack cut out (usually with some static distortion as it cuts out -- think of someone pulling a 3.5mm out of a jack while actively playing off that input, that's sort of what it...
  5. Sagedaddy

    Was v9.0 rolled out to everybody?

    I don’t have it yet. Anybody else? Is it buggy and am I better off waiting for bug fixes?
  6. E

    V9 - Dash Cams - .rec association

    HI All, Updated my model 3 with v9 and started using the dashcam. I was able to see it records mp4 format into TeslaCam directory, and when you hit the camera on the screen, it download to .rec on the root directory. I tried opening the .rec with VLC and it won't play correctly. Tried couple...
  7. balajeek

    v9 Software - missing features

    Was eagerly waiting for this update and finally got it over the weekend, first thing I wanted try is to turn on "Navigate on autopilot" feature, couldn't find it and later with google found that - "Navigate on autopilot" is pulled from the update (its few weeks on Elon's time god knows how...
  8. cusman

    Enhanced Autopilot after V9 update

    Quick demonstration video (< 1 minute) showing how well Tesla Model 3’s Enhanced Autopilot feature works after V9 software update. This is a car that will keep getting better. Granted, I have not tried Cadillac's Super Cruise, but I just don't buy that a system that only works on specific...