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valentine one

  1. RandyChicago

    pristine 2022 Tesla Model S MSM/BLK 2500 miles, FSD, Xpel wrapped/tinted

    This is a pristine 2022 Tesla Model S, in Midnight Silver Metallic, with a black (vegan) leather interior. Just under 2500 miles on it as of this posting, with the updated 21" wheels and tires having less than 1000 miles on them (and no curb or even tire rash). I have a second set of (20"...
  2. G

    2022 model Y sets off radar detector

    So I have this really weird one: I have a valentine one radar detector and the Tesla model Y I picked up this year tends to sit off the radar detectors laser detection all the time but only under certain circumstances that I’m still confused about. Does anyone know why the Tesla model Y is...
  3. M

    21+ Refresh Radar Detector Hardwired installation

    Hey guys, I needed to hardwire the V1 in my Plaid X and couldn't really find any info on install/wiring for the refreshed models. Hopefully this post helps the next person out:) PARTS USED: -Valentine V1 (gen2) -Blendmount BV1-2035 -6Ft 14AWG red+black wire -2 Wire taps After installing one...
  4. ElectricTravel

    Detailed How-To: Install a Valentine One radar detector behind the nosecone of a Model S

    This is a good solution for those who can't mount their Valentine One radar detector behind the windshield because the metal film in the windshield blocks the radar signals. Thanks to @CHG-ON for the idea. When I read about that setup, it was obvious that it was the best solution for this...
  5. M

    12V Switched Power in Rear (Radar Detector Install)

    I had initially posted a few photos of the testing I was doing on this unique Radar Detector location in the Radar Detector thread. I finally finished my Valentine One install and thought it deserved a separate thread because what I did could be used for other applications. Like a Rear DashCam...