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  1. C

    Valet pin

    Hi I set the valet pin from my Tesla app and then turned on valet mode. I then went to the car and switched profiles back to me at which point the car asks for the pin, obviously. When typing in the pin in the car I just set in the app the car rejects it. The only way to shut off valet mode is...
  2. 5

    RFID Wallet for Key Card Storage

    Just picked up one of these from Ace Hardware and figured I'd share. $12. Figured it would be good to store the key card in since I will be leaving it in the glove box for when I need to valet. Ordered a silicon sleeve as well so they don't lose it. Will update once received to confirm it still...
  3. S

    Key card storage

    I would like to only use my phone key and not carry the key card also. But, I need something to give to the valet when needed. Is it safe to leave the key card in the glove box? I believe the glove box locks when the car is locked. So if someone breaks into the car it will still be locked and...
  4. D

    Valet pushed my car

    I left my car in a parking garage in valet mode and handed the attendant the key card. After I left he apparently put the key card in the car but not on the center console. The car locked itself with the key card in it. Instead of contacting me they pushed the car out off to the side. From the...
  5. M

    Sentry Mode + Valet Mode simultaneously - how does it differ v. Sentry alone?

    Does anyone know how Sentry Mode differs when Valet Mode is turned on ? I ask because in the generic blurb about Sentry, Tesla describes Alert and Alarm states, but those descriptions don't make a lot of sense if you've given the car to a Valet to deal with and park (a permanent state for me...
  6. D

    Dropping off for PPF (1st time handing over the card) - Pin to Drive

    I'm dropping off my M3 for some paint protection (I'd sit and wait/watch, but they tell me it'll be 3-4 hours). I'm going to do the Hood, Front Fenders, Mirrors & Rocker Panels (those pics of rocker panel paint sand blasting are ugly). I'm in Denver. They mostly stay away from using sand and...
  7. plasmo

    Has anyone valeted their Model 3 yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences yet with valeting the Model 3 yet. Do you give your keycard to the valet guy? Any worry about future card copying technology with this?
  8. D

    Is there a 'Valet Mode' you can set?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if you can enable/disable a mode in the Ui to restrict valet drivers from certain features and or speeds. Does anyone know if this is possible. I couldn't find any helpful threads on this.
  9. TaoJones

    FYI: Undocumented improvement with *12.126 - Faster Valet mode disablement

    I noticed this immediately after installing - Valet mode disable, which used to take at least 15 seconds (server round trip/API delay/limit) after tapping the "Disable" button in the app, now takes about 1 second. Very nice! While there was an app update recently as well, I use...
  10. D

    Valet Service No Longer Free at Dania Beach SC - Miami-Dade Owners Annoyed

    I wanted to share some news with this forum since I don't see it mentioned elsewhere. My Service Advisor told me yesterday that starting last week, valet service will no longer be complimentary at the Dania Beach Service Center. Instead they will charge $100 for valet service. Valet service...
  11. R

    Is it possible to enforce limit on power/speed?

    Can the car be configured such that whoever you leave the car with won't be able to go above such limit? I'm thinking of some kind of equivalent to a "valet mode" where you can't really go crazy with it. 30 MPH limit, 50 HP. :cool: I think Tesla does something like this with its loaners, but...