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  1. headhz

    Trade in value

    Who’s giving the best trade in values right now for Model Y’s? I’m getting a 2023 Monday and unloading my 2022 MYP. Thank you. And on an off note, what tires are you seeing on recent MYP’s?
  2. headhz

    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    How accurate have the Tesla trade-in values been? I don’t overly feel comfortable giving a non-refundable $250 and feel as if I’m being strong armed.
  3. headhz

    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    How accurate have the Tesla trade-in values been? I don’t overly feel comfortable giving a non-refundable $250 and feel as if I’m being strong armed.
  4. T

    Used Model S Value

    I have a question about buying a used Model S. Coworker purchased new in 2014. Standard 85kwh battery. Non performance and non dual motor. He wants to sell it now that it’s out of warranty. He is going to go to Carmax and get their offer and then sell it to me for that price. Sounds like it...
  5. K

    Does a Model 3 first production with low VIN (#567) increase value?

    As mentioned in the title, I am wondering if there is any increased value now or long term to Tesla fans for a model from the first 600x units produced in initial production. At the time I was a SpaceX employee and received priority for my reservation, picking up my 2017 Model 3, VIN 567, in...
  6. cucubits

    2016 Model S - trade in choices

    The time has come to move on. I'm sure some of the regulars from here will be happy to see me go for my openly voiced, mostly negative, opinions on many aspects related to Tesla. Glad I can make your day a little brighter :) In all seriousness I don't dislike everything about these cars, I am...
  7. Fernand

    Fed up?

    OK, now we have CNN joining the accusers, talking about the frustrated FSD awaiters, but also throwing in all manner of naysaying. Like how a current NOA/EAP-equipped car slows down at stoplights and "can't tell if it's red or green". Doh, that's by design at this stage. The driver is supposed...
  8. mikey_bs

    Value Model 3 Performance vs Long Range

    I couldn't find much information on this specific topic so I apologize if this is repeated. I am curious as to which trim holds more value percentage wise between a 2021 refreshed Performance Model 3 and a Long range Model 3. Realistically, I would probably only keep the model 3 for three years...
  9. V

    Model S Depreciation curve flattens when?

    Okay, so I bought a used 2015 P90D with pretty much all available options in 2017. I paid $87,000 for the car which had an original sticker price of $142,000. Bought the car with about 7k miles and now turning over to 40k miles later this week. I was toying with the idea of selling the Tesla...
  10. M

    First Time Model S Buyer

    Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if I mess something up. I am looking at buying my first model S but need some help. It is a 2013 Model S Signature 60 KWH (191 miles per charge). The car has 175k miles on it, has no accidents, and has a clean title. Black with black leather. Tech...
  11. KAnder04

    Long-term owners, any issues, problems selling the vehicle, etc?

    The lease on my current car runs out in May, and I’m seriously considering making the switch to EV and going with a Tesla. Probably going with the Model 3 Performance, but I posted this on this board because I’m curious if anyone that bought a Model S a few years ago (4+) has had any long-term...
  12. jkirkwood001

    Auto manufacturers market cap - who's climbing? who's sinking?

    In celebration of the Q3 surge to $TSLA, I've updated my chart of market capitalization of all the major auto manufacturers. Tesla ($58.3B) is back up to fourth most valuable auto manufacturer in the world. They just re-passed GM, Honda and BMW. Over the last 3 years, Tesla's market cap has...
  13. K

    Is high mileage really a reason for such a low asking price - 2017 Model S

    Hi all, I am currently thinking about selling my 2017 75D Model S and would some advice. Its a beautiful car - midnight silver exterior with all the luxury upgrades (sunroof, premium white leather seats, sub zero, carbon fiber, air susp, Ultra High Fidelity Sound, BioH), No AP activated but can...
  14. T

    Question about Purchasing Extended Warranty

    Hey all, Hope you are all having a fine week. My Model S is coming close to the 50,000 miles mark and given that a myriad of things have broken down in the car in the past 3 years, purchasing an extended warranty for 2 or 4 years seems like the obvious thing to do. Therefore, related to that...
  15. JoRey

    Model S depreciation

    I have been keeping tabs on the prices of used Model S. It has been my observation that there seems to be a disconnect in the price of used Model s and the price of a CPO model s. I have observed that as of late Tesla has been pricing their CPO cars more competitively then used car dealer and...
  16. C

    Trading in Model S for a 3: Tesla-CPO candidate or Third Party?

    I think my MS 70D AP1 would qualify for a CPO, but I vaguely understand you don't get top dollar trading in cars at Tesla stores. The cars people traded in might have been non-Teslas though. Would that be the case for CPO-candidate Teslas as well? I know people would value CPOs more than...
  17. BigBlueX

    Is KBB crazy... or am I?

    I'm considering selling my Model X P90DL with all the options (yes I know there's a forum for that, but I'm not actually selling it here). I went to Kelly Blue Book, and the "fair market price" they quote (for 6500 miles) is $146k to $151k... THAT'S WHAT I PAID FOR IT. Obviously this can't be...