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  1. AndrewGR

    Teslafi Vampire Drain

    I had Teslafi set up with default settings but no polling between 2400 and 0500. I fully charged my M3 before driving to Birmingham airport leaving it with a respectable 210 miles range showing - I thought easily enough to get me home after some ‘vampire drain’ over my 8 days parking. As...
  2. AlanSubie4Life

    Trip Report - San Diego to North Rim Grand Canyon

    As alluded to in other posts, I took a trip from San Diego to the North Rim of Grand Canyon in my AWD Performance+ last week/weekend. This is an 8000-foot ascent. Setup: 2019.32.11.1 Michelin CrossClimate+ on Dekagram 18x8.5 wheels. (Temperatures dropped into the 20's and upper teens...
  3. widodh

    Vampire Drain is still a major downside after 5 years

    In September 2013 I received my first S85 and ever since I've driven 250.000km (155,000 miles) on the ODO. 5 years later, this September, I received my new S100D and my wife now drives the S85 from 2013. I still love both cars, but the Vampire Drain is still the thing which bugs me the most...
  4. B

    Wifi related phantom drain

    I've experimented with a few ways to reduce phantom drain, which was an issue when I first got my car in June (I don't have charging at home). Generally, since the 2018.24 version of software (i'm on 2018.28 now), the drain has declined to <1% (1-3 miles) overnight. However, I've discovered...
  5. Haxster

    Vampire Drain Measurements

    While on vacation, I left our December, 2016 build HW2 90D MS connected through the Tesla Mobile Connector to 240V. The car has ~4,800 miles on it. The charge rate was set to 50% at 5 Amps. Energy Savings was ON and Always Connected was checked. Cabin overheat protection was on (D’oh!), but the...
  6. Cliff Hannel

    REAL efficiency and electricity costs

    First: love the car - this is not intended to indicate it is anything but a game-changer (I posted compiled shipment numbers showing how game-changing here), the watt-hours-per-mile indicator in the car does NOT really tell you how much electricity you will need from your grid/solar connection...
  7. Andrew

    Turning the car off to avoid range loss?

    Our Model S loses about 10 miles of range each day, which was a surprise at first (now I've come to accept it... mostly.) It's like leaving a 250 watt light bulb on all the time, which is frustrating, since a big part of the reason we bought this car was the energy efficiency. Until sleep mode...