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vegan seats

  1. JaeTheDev

    Poll: TSportline Model Y 5 Seat Interior Upgrade Kit - Signature Diamond Design. Thoughts?

    Something for some boredom curing here. A poll for you all to roast me on! Thinking of upgrading my seats from the white stock, to these gray, diamond style with diamond door inserts as well. Wanted to get some opinions from you all on the look. Note, Im thinking gray because of my MYPs MSM is...
  2. T

    Vegan Leather Seat Damage - Is this a glue stain or burn?

    Windows were tinted recently and I suspect somebody dropped a heat gun and burned the seat or maybe it's some type of glue / adhesive? Of course the shop denies doing damage. Anybody see this kind of damage on their seats?
  3. plankeye

    Vegan option?

    I have seen a couple of people on TMC mention the vegan interior option. So I was curious how many will actually request that option for their Model 3. The sales rep at the store said that I would just have to call Tesla after placing my order to request the vegan option. I would imagine that...
  4. Patrick0101

    Ultra White Seats

    We are configuring our Model X now and my wife and I are discussing seat cover options. I like the Ultra White, but she is concerned about stains, scuffs, and (most importantly) yellowing with age over the years. Obviously, no one has had their MX for years yet to know how the Ultra White seats...