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vehicle to grid

  1. Z

    Vehicle to Grid

    I've had a thought about using my 14' Model S as a "power wall" in certain situations. I know Tesla doesn't support this but im thinking about this from a technical aspect. During DC fast charging, the battery is directly connected to the charge port so is it possible to make some communication...
  2. mspohr

    We'll soon have more batteries than we need

    All The Energy Storage The Grid Needs Will Soon Be Under Our Noses The International Energy Agency’s most conservative estimate puts 130 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, and Gorguinpour said those vehicles will contain almost ten times the amount of energy storage needed by the grid.
  3. Olle

    V2G (Vehicle to Grid) Poll

    Just read the interesting poll V2grid (Vehicle to Grid) and Tesla about if V2G was available, would you install it? It polled pretty unfavourably at only 32% yes. Between not wanting to wear out your car's battery pack, already having Powerwalls or living in a state without "Time of Usage"...