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  1. V

    Climate (lack of) control

    We've had our MY for just over 2 months and have gone on several road trips already. Love the vehicle, but haven't been able to figure out the climate control. It seems like the rear passenger was rarely comfortable, often super cold. Many times, the vents were not blowing air, regardless if...
  2. S

    AC vent constant medium/high pitch whistling noise when climate is on, normal?

    Hello, Took delivery of brand new 2022 Model 3 RWD a few days ago. Noticed that when I have my climate on, my fan speed at 1, 2, or 3, and any temperature above 20 degrees Celsius, there seems to be a whistling/whining noise coming from the vents. This is regardless of whether or not my A/C is...
  3. T

    If it starts raining?

    If I have my Model Y locked/on sentry mode, parked out in the hot Texas sun (windshield silver reflecting shades in place), and the car is trying to keep the interior temp below 105: is it better to VENT the windows using the app or just keep the windows closed and let it use more battery...
  4. T

    HVAC Vent blowing foam out

    Has anyone had this before and should I be worried? I got in my 2012 MS P85 vin P03XXX after work today and before I drove off I noticed the far left vent blew something on me, and had a piece stuck in it, they were about 1/2" long, 1/4" wide, and 1/16" thick. Then another piece an inch long...

    Why my vent moves, finally figured this out!

    Since V9, my vent seemed to want to split around me. Bugged me for weeks. Face towards me, sure enouph, they split again. Then I caught myself... while trying to turn down the fan speed, I missed the minus button slightly and it split. Everything outside that fan speed control is active vent...
  6. israndy

    HVAC set to VENT

    OK, again, why do we not have a section or two of this board dedicated to issues across the entire model lines? Like "Software" or "Interior" or "Repairs", when I post to the Tesla, Inc. section of the board I feel like it should be related to hiring or stocks or PR. Anyway: Every car I have...
  7. zosoisnotaword

    Auto and Remote Climate Control Bug - Floor Vent Hurricane

    tl;dr: No matter the conditions, climate control starts at full speed on floor vents when started in auto mode or when started remotely from app. Excessive details: For the past two weeks (since July 18) I have had a consistent issue with my HVAC in auto mode and with remote pre-conditioning...
  8. D

    "Ventless" Dash Design

    It's been pointed out how unfinished the design of dash must be because of the exclusion of vents, but as can be seen (heard) in this test drive demo, the dash has been designed to be "ventless," with some kind of invisible, single slot design instead. It's mentioned right at the beginning of...
  9. X

    Continuous clicking noise under dash, please help.

    We decided to take our first road trip in the Model S 85 from Houston, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Its been great until today, after coming back to a full charge at a public charging station, a continuous clicking noise developed out of nowhere and refuses to go away. I first thought it was the...