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version 8.0

  1. josher32


    Just saw this show up as a new version on Teslafi. Anyone have any details on what's new?
  2. Ormond

    Software Update for AP 1.0

    I had my Model X in for service today and was updated to version 8.0 (2.48.82). I'm not sure of the enhancements.
  3. Ormond

    Setting Falcon Wing Doors to Fully Open

    i took delivery of my Tesla yesterday and later in the day was showing the X to my neighbor. I had the car in the driveway. When I opened the falcon wing doors (FWD), they only opened to 3/4 height. I don't have any trees nearby. I was able to go to my touchscreen and open the door fully. I...
  4. J

    Will Version 8.0 impact range and efficiency?

    Since I've received Version 8.0, I've noticed that my efficiency (Wh/mi) isn't as good as it normally is, which could be completely circumstantial. However, it got me thinking: now that the new functionality of Autopilot relies more on the forward-looking radar, I'm assuming more power is being...