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version updates

  1. n.one.one

    TeslaFi Stats - Is this consolidation a clue?

    As shown in the screenshot below there seems to be a consolidation of the vast majority of Tesla's on version 2020.48.12.1. Once all of the pending installs are done it will represent 97% of the fleet that TeslaFi tracks. I've never seen that high a percentage for a particular firmware version...
  2. adayley

    Help understanding software version numbering

    I note people here and YouTube talking about the features of the new 2020.40.x update. I got an update for my Model 3 last night that is numbered 2020.36.x. I assume the .40 is the more rapid “advanced” update path, which I currently do not have enabled. Long story short, I want to understand...
  3. D

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    I like to keep the rear view camera always on the top half of my screen when driving. It seems like this is no longer allowed with v9.0. I can’t seem to get anything but the map on the top portion of the screen. Has anyone figured out to have something other than the map on the upper...
  4. S

    Questions on version # and access to documentation

    We recently picked up our MS so pretty new to things. Overnight (2am) we enabled our first download. Just waking up now and checked the app to see if it happened. We went from version 17.9.3 to 17.11.3. Is this the 8.1 that people have been talking about? I know the 17 refers to year 2017, the...