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  1. G

    Model Y back seat rattle: SC claims it's by design. Any fix?

    My new Model Y 5 seater has this rattling / vibration noise upon delivery. It comes from where two seat parts contact each other, and it just sounds like leather rubbing against leather / cloth. If I set them to different recline level, or just lay one side down completely, the noise is gone...
  2. C

    weird noises

    I purchased a MYLR in June, and after the initial 1,000 miles, it seemed fine. However, with 3,000 miles now, I've had 6 service appointments so far. I have another mobile service scheduled for tomorrow (August 23) to address the issue with the front passenger seatbelt. Setting aside these...
  3. W

    Power steering vibration on Model Y

    Is anyone else getting vibration on the steering on a Model Y? I picked up our car in September 2022 and recently the power steering became jittery and was no longer smooth. I booked the car in to be looked at but got a call the day before saying it was a known software issue on Model Ys with...
  4. C

    2022 Model 3 RWD steering Vibration

    Hi all, I have a 2022 Model 3 RWD with ~5000 miles. It seems to have developed a vibration that starts at ~45 MPH and above. I have had the wheels balanced once at a tire shop, then road force balanced by my friend. I then had the car at tesla for a different issue but had them look and drive...
  5. andrewsjra

    Vibration felt while stopped

    Just the past 2 days while stopped at a light, I noticed a very brief vibration that lasts maybe a second that I can’t explain. It’s not my A/C as I just had the upper and mod fan on only. It’s happened before but the first time I’ve noticed it happening consecutive days. When it does happen it...
  6. C

    Wobble at low speed, vibration at high speed.

    I decided to start a new thread since most of the similar threads were old. I have a 2008 Model X 100d that I recently purchased. Overall, I love the vehicle, but there is a concerning issue which recently started that I was hoping for some guidance on. In short, when driving at low speeds...
  7. Z

    Vibration on hard acceleration

    Ok so this has been discussed many times however I want to have an engineering look at it. My Tesla S 2016 P90D pre lift had the shrudder thing, basically driveshafts were broken, fine. So what I have done is I replaced them both, also checked the center bearing for the right half shaft and its...
  8. D

    Couple of questions on 2017 Used Model S

    Hello folks, I am a new owner of a 2017 model s 100d that I just purchased from Tesla couple of weeks ago. I spent 73k for 39k miles on it. The car has used limited warranty till 50k or august 2023 and also drive train and battery till March 2026. I have been driving the car and have some...
  9. ishareit

    My source of rattle coming from rear of Model Y

    I think I found what was causing the mystery rattle that I hear coming from the rear of my 1 month old car. I tried adjusting hatch stops, applying grease between seats to prevent rubbing noise, took out rear headrests to rule that out, applied felt tape to few trims inside including license...
  10. T

    2022 MS LR Vibration on acceleration paddle when A/C maxed

    Temperature is rising in NorCal recently. When I got off work and enter my MS which parked under the sun for the whole day. The A/C kicks in to MAX fan speed. Immediately I can notice the acceleration paddle start vibrate. The vibration will go away once the temperature cools down and fan speed...
  11. chudiddy

    Plaid X Vibration at beginning of each drive: Who is experiencing this?

    I've determined that a bunch of Plaid X owners are experiencing some sort of vibration that you can feel in the pedal during the first few mins of every drive. I don't know if any Refresh LR owners are experiencing this but if so please reply. The vibration usually lasts for a few mins or miles...
  12. Vafer2k

    2018 Model 3 vibration. It's not the tire balance.

    I can feel the car vibrate at 60mph+ as if one or more of the wheels were off balance. I took it to a reputable shop (Custom Alignment & Balance, in Mt.View, CA) who do road force balancing. They confirmed all 4 wheels were zero'd out and in perfect balance. They tried to do further diagnostics...
  13. D


    Just picked up my MY on the weekend. Took it on the highway and noticed a vibration at highway speed. Anyone else have this issue. I hope that it’s just a wheel balancing problem. Made a service appointment but it’s a week away.
  14. pabla

    Wheel Spacers and Lowering Issues

    Hello all, Just yesterday I lowered my 2014 p85 with lowering links (58mm front 78mm rear) and installed a set of 20mm spacers. Its sitting on OEM staggered turbines 245 in front and 265 in the rears. The fitment looks amazing, but now I am troubled with a few things. When reversing the front...
  15. Dickie_L_J_O

    Did Tesla Remove NVH Cover from AC Compressor?

    Hello folks, I own a 2020 3. Apologies in advance if this should be under the Master Thread for 2020 changes. As per title, does anyone know if (and why) Tesla removed the shroud around the AC compressor in the Model 3? I had a look at their parts catalogue, which sometimes gets updated...
  16. R

    MX Recurring Half Shaft Problem

    Hi all, I've owned an MX since September 2018 (our second Tesla) and have recently passed the 50000km milestone. However, since delivery I have had recurring problems with vibration and grinding noises from the front transmission. So far Tesla has replaced the front half shafts 5 times and I...
  17. I

    Steering wheel vibration while stopped

    I just picked up my LR AWD Model 3 yesterday. When I stopped at the first stoplight after leaving the store, I noticed a very subtle vibration coming from the steering wheel. I noticed it again the next time I stopped and have noticed it on every stop since. If I move the steering wheel very...
  18. J

    slight vibration at highway speeds

    Since day 1 I've noticed that my car has a very minor and slight vibration that when I glance to empty right seat you can see it slightly shaking. Is this normal? I noticed ever since I got it but I thought it was due to the 19inch rims ... Never had such large rims.
  19. M

    I Want To Hire Someone to De-Noise my Model S Interior

    Although I love 99% of everything about my new 2019 Model S Raven, the ever-increasing buzzes, rattles and creaks within the interior of the car are crazy-making -- especially for a car of this price. And since Tesla has somehow deemed that it's not their responsibility to fix these issues...
  20. T

    Michigan Customers are Screwed!

    Hi I own a Tesla Model S since 2016. When I purchased the car, everything was hunky dory for S and X owners in Michigan since Tesla promised to send a flatbed to pick up your car and give you a loaner or send a ranger to fix your car issues. This arrangement lasted for a while but has lately...
  21. F

    Vibration/bump and clunk noise every 18 seconds with AC running?

    I was told by a service center technician that it is normal to feel a slight vibration (enough for me to look out my rear view mirror to see if a person bumped/nudged my car the first time I felt it) and a low clunk noise that goes with it every 18 seconds with the air conditioning setting on...
  22. B

    New Tires Drama

    I'll begin by saying my 2017 Model X is the best, most amazing car I've owned. However, a few weeks ago it developed a front end vibration. The original tires had 26k miles on them. The service center reported a broken sidewall belt and the original tires have no warranty. I'm the only person...
  23. C

    Problem w/ Goodyear tires and "shimmy"/vibration on new s p100

    I just took delivery of a new 2019 Model S P100 (not raven) with 19 inch wheels. I traded in a 75 D and upgraded to the larger battery. MY OLD CAR had 46K miles and Michelin sport pilot 3 tires on it. I had purchased a used certified one from Tesla directly. Now 8 months later traded it in...
  24. M109Rider

    Air Conditioner Vibration

    I’ve noticed lately that I have a vibration from what seems like the air conditioner. The vibration is really only felt when parked with the A/C on. It is best described as the same feeling/sound you get when a large truck passes you and causes a sound/vibration in your car. I believe I...
  25. Raindog1

    Model 3 vibration through the steering wheel. Any help appreciated.

    I've had my car for a few months now and it has been flawless until recently. I'm getting a vibration through the steering wheel. It doesn't seem to happen under different conditions such as, on acceleration, on re-gen braking or braking in general. It feels like its coming from the passenger...
  26. S

    Extra vibration through steering wheel.

    Picked up my TM3 RWD last weekend. One thing I've noticed is some kind of extra vibration through the steering wheel over bumps. Almost like it's connected to something that is reverberating like a spring. I normally wouldn't think much of it, but I rented a model 3 several months ago and I...
  27. EV-lutioin

    Annoying Vibration, Passenger Door... I think

    Has anyone experienced an annoying vibration coming from the passenger door area of their Model X? My happens when I am driving on rough roads in town and is a rapid medium pitched plastic vibration sound (best I can describe it). It has been very hard to locate, but I think it may be coming...