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  1. J

    Model Y has anyone received 2023 VIN yet?

    Would love to know if anyone received Model Y with 2023 VIN yet or still everyone is receiving 2022?
  2. A

    Model X plaid reservation for sale.VIN assigned

    Selling Mode X plaid reservation. VIN assigned and delivered Mar 26-29. Configuration is as follows Model X Plaid Solid Black 22'' Turbine Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Carbon Fiber Décor Six Seat Interior Yoke Steering Wheel Autopilot Full Self-Driving Capability Pay-as-you-go...
  3. invincibl

    Australia Model 3 - Delivery waiting room

    Starting a thread for people who have got the final invoice and just waiting for the delivery date to be scheduled. Model - Model 3 RWD Order Date - 29/11/21 VIN - allocated Build/Compliance Date - 11/01/2022 Odometer - 4KM :)
  4. N

    I created a registry for 2012 Model S VINs

    Hello all! This is my first post, but I have been a follower of the forum for a while. If you are not familiar, VINwiki is a website/app which allows users to upload information about cars and track vehicle history. On the app, I created a list for all 2012 Model S on the site, and decided to...
  5. F

    2022 Models - VIN not found for CA clean rebate program

    Is anyone having issues trying to apply for the clean rebate program in California? My VIN still says not found under their website, neither on KBB, I checked with an auto shop, and the VIN doesn’t show up either because it’s too new. The systems haven’t updated. It’s almost 2022 though and...
  6. L

    For Sale - New refresh Yolk Tesla Model S Long Range White on Black 19” for sale.

    Hello, I’m selling a new model S long range with yoke. Car is arriving in around 1 week in FL. Already have vin…. Please DM me with offers… Best
  7. Pobby

    Model 3 VIN Motor/Drive Unit

    In July I was allocated a LR M3 with a VIN starting with LRW3F7EB but I deferred delivery until Sep, so this vehicle was de-allocated. I have now been allocated a new vehicle with a VIN LRW3F7EK. I have not been able to find any details as to what the difference is between the B and K...
  8. B

    VIN assigned and removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state in NY. Did agree to pay $1000 transportation cost as part of order. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with a delivery date from Tesla Advisor. Same vehicle and VIN showed up in Tesla account also. One day later...
  9. B

    VIN assigned with delivery confirmation then VIN removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state. Did agree to pay transportation costs too. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with order confirmation with delivery date from Tesla Advisor. One day later advisor sends text that my vehicle will not be delivered...
  10. Skyeforge

    In production date ranges

    I received my VIN last week after accepting the Vision only switch notice. Then my delivery time went from specific date ranges (ie, 6/5-6/25) to more generic 2-9 weeks. And today, my VIN is gone. what gives? Anyone else? im checking with my SA, but she’s off today.
  11. B

    VIN Confirmed! (84xxx)

    So I was wondering, will I be seeing any new features in the 84,000+ VIN? Updated battery, console refresh?
  12. S

    VIN Search and Chrome Extension?

    I'm curious as to how long before folks were notified "officially" of their VIN, that the search techniques through Chrome actually revealed their VIN? I have the Chrome extension installed and have tried the manual search process...ofc ourse I'm still waiting...3 weeks and counting...
  13. MrBadger

    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    A thread to discuss orders, deliveries and collections (and all things related) for vehicles expected to be delivered during 2021. This thread supersedes the 2019/20 Orders and Deliveries thread. For each quarter, this Wiki page shows the estimated/actual delivery, shipping dates and vehicle...
  14. N

    Indiana Waiting Room

    Ordered my Model Y AWD LR on 9/28. White with stock wheels, no tow hitch.. Got a VIN on 10/18. Now waiting on Delivery date. Hard to be patient. Any one else in Indiana waiting?
  15. LNL_HUTZ

    Post your rejected or returned MY VIN here.

    I have poked around and did not see a thread devoted to this. If I'm right, maybe we can make this a sticky; otherwise, this thread can be disregarded. It might be helpful if people who rejected on delivery or returned their car due to quality control issues post the VIN and reason(s) for...
  16. Sphinxhunter


    Hi all, Just received the Tesla Invoice and I've got a couple of questions if anyone can help, 1. Where do i find the VIN so I can track the car? - Ignore this Found it :) 2. It's showing the odometer as 30 miles - could this be an ex demo rather than brand new? Thanks,
  17. I

    Just ordered my Model 3! When should I expect my VIN assignment?

    Hi! I'm new to the forums here. I'm located in TX and just ordered my Model 3, Standard Range. Any idea on when I should receive a VIN # and how long from receiving a VIN to when it will be delivered? (Please excuse my excitement!)
  18. R

    Missing VIN and tire pressure labels in door jam

    Hi all. I took my Model Y into the service center yesterday to fix all the production issues. It is apparent they rushed production to meet the Q2 delivery date of June 30. While the manager and I were going over the car I noticed that the VIN sticker and the tire pressure / loading sticker...
  19. K

    Trade In on Old Car

    Greetings! First time poster here! I have tried using the search box, but I have not found the answer to my question. Sorry in advance if I am not posting this is the right spot, but I couldn't find a better place. I am interested in trading in my car through the Tesla trade-in program and...
  20. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    Stealth Performance VIN Assignment Waiting Room

    Now that the website no longer offers the Stealth Performance model, how many like I are still awaiting a VIN assignment for your Stealth??
  21. A

    Some more insight into the VIN...

    So last week we declined our Y (VIN 14804) due to the issues we saw at delivery. Yesterday I got assigned a new VIN (219XX) but no estimated delivery date, but seeing how people are taking delivery of VINs in the 23xxx range and above, my first thought was whether I am being assigned a car...
  22. A

    Low VIN and financing question

    I have a MSM, PUP, no FSD or hitch on order for delivery in Richmond, VA and VIN showed up with my MVPA this AM and it's 14**. I know Tesla doesn't do sequential VINs but I didn't realize they were THAT non-sequential. I'll be curious to see build date. Ordered 6/21. Also, has anyone switched...
  23. J

    PUP VIN 5XXX, delay or accept?

    Blue PUP with FSD Ordered this past Monday (6/22), already got delivery appt notice for Sunday (6/27) in NYC. I am leaning towards delay b/c: a) This probably is a previous rejection (which may or may not have all it's issues rectified) b) insulation on heat pump may not have been installed...
  24. J

    Time from VIN to delivery?

    I ordered a MSM, PUP, no FSD mid-May. Source code revealed VIN about a week ago. Called service center and they couldn’t find the VIN. Ping’d again yesterday and said I have a VIN (same as in source code) but no delivery date available. Said via text “please be patient as we get your Model Y...
  25. S

    New 2019 MX Long Range

    Hi All! I have been creeping on here a while. I leased a 2017 MS and then had a GLE AMG Benz, which was great, but doesn't compare to Tesla! I luckily found a GEM of a deal in Orlando on a 2019 NEW Long Range Model X with only 200 miles. Apparently someone bought it, but returned the next day...
  26. D

    Tesla factory gate vin checker

    It seems Tesla have started to publish the factory gate date for cars on their listings. This tool lets you put in your vin and tells you the dates of nearby car vins to see when they were built/left the factory. If you have the vin but no idea when you might get it, this should at least help...
  27. D

    Model 3 VIN advice - 2018

    I'm looking to purchase a used Model 3 (preferably long range) and read that if it's going to be 2018, to purchase anything with a VIN with the last six digits greater than 100000. I read that Seat comfort, fit and finish, drive train, and other issues have been corrected over earlier builds...
  28. G

    VIN location on lease car

    Hi All I am hoping this hasn't been asked before, this is the second Model X I have ordered this time through a lease on my company. Just wondered if anyone has found a way of finding the VIN on the lease login account as its the "secondary" account I am unable to manage the car at all. I...
  29. I

    Ordering parts from [email protected]

    Hi, Looking for some guidance here. Whats is the procedure to order parts from [email protected]? I have sent them my parts list(part numbers), delivery postcode and VIN to get a quote. Haven't heard anything back for 2 weeks now, even sent a follow up email asking if there is insufficient...
  30. X

    Greater Toronto Area Orders and Deliveries

    Ordered Oct. 2nd in Toronto, early in the new quarter. I was hoping for a late November delivery but at this rate, it looks like it'll be a December delivery. With an order that early, I'm surprised I haven't even gotten a VIN yet. Anyone else in the same boat? LR AWD MSM Black Interior Aero...
  31. C

    Initial order to pick-up: 25 hours.

    Just to let the board know, my wife and I purchased a Model 3, LR, AWD, midnight silver metallic around 9am this morning and received a phone call at 1015 from the Tesla advisor and an additional phone call from the delivery agent at 1:30pm. We pick the car up tomorrow at 10am. I would have...
  32. D

    Model X Delivery time.... makes me sad

    Ordered my Model X in July still no VIN... Expected delivery was in August... Delivery service just keeps ignoring me. What on earth is going on?
  33. phillcom3

    google chrome VIN finder

    I was nosyign about how to find my VIN earlier today and foudn this chrome extension Tesla VIN finder: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tesla-vin-finder/cjhgdbmohmlomkjgbgkcbknncblpfanf/related?hl=en give it a try it says i dont have a hidden one yet but seems to be working.
  34. Otisrex

    Model X Delivery Delays

    Hi everyone! Has anyone who ordered a Model X after the April refresh received a VIN or delivery date? Something seems off. We are going on 16 days with literally no communication from Tesla and have no idea what’s going on. Our advisor has also not been helpful. Any feedback would be...
  35. N

    VIN#s for Tesla Roadsters

    I am cataloging Roadsters and their pictures on an app called VinWiki. I can either use the VIN of the car, or the license plate to get the VIN#. The problem I have, is people refer to their Roadsters as #777, #303, etc, instead of the whole VIN. So I have the 5YJRE part, and the last 7ish...
  36. V

    LOW VIN!!! Should I be concerned?

    I ordered my car on 17th August. Received call same evening saying car is ready. I live in EAST coast. I could not take the deliver because my loan was not ready and I was going on vacation for about 3 weeks. I came back and they assigned me VIN yesterday. The VIN is 27k. Should I be worried...
  37. sdrevik

    Re-Match = Older VIN. Why?

    They botched my earlier order (wrong color) with VIN 52xxxx The 'rematch' has VIN 47xxxx. I'm very concerned, as I have heard of older VIN substitutes being cars with production problems, or maybe returned or something. I don't live near a service center, so this is a BIG problem for me if...
  38. ModelNforNerd

    P3D VIN!!!!

    First day line waiter. Current S Owner. Changed order from AWD to P on Monday........ VIN : 0629XX MSM/P-non-upgrade/18s/black interior/EAP Delivery: August 10th!!
  39. C

    “Hey Siri”

    Do you think you could command Siri or other assistant to do things like open your trunk or unlock your door if your hands are full? Kind of like I command it to turn on my lights in my home. Haven’t gotten my car yet so I can’t try, delivery and vin were just assigned yesterday!
  40. M

    Quebec Waiting Room

    I've been browsing the forum, been on reddit, looked everywhere and it seem everyone talking about VIN and Delivery in Ontario... and nothing about Quebec (in Canada that is). I have my VIN and I know many others have it too in the provinces, but since then...nothing. We'll it's not true, we...
  41. J

    Configured 4/13 waiting on VIN (RED+PUP+LR+19+AP)

    Looks like something strange with RED since April second week no VIN's have assigned, anyone in similar situation..?
  42. MrBoylan

    6 days from order to VIN - is that unusual?

    So I got my invitation to configure last Thursday night, confirmed Friday morning and see a VIN in my account profile today (6 days after confirming my order). That seems fast. Is that fast? The VIN is in the 73XX range - earlier than most of the ones I've seen lately - so I'm wondering if...
  43. tanner

    VIN Assigned!

    I'm selling my S and switching to the 3 for practicality reasons... I thought I'd be bummed, but I'm actually pretty stoked, especially seeing as my VIN was just assigned today... It's in the 8000s :D
  44. L

    VIN Colors

    I keep having to post this chart across many threads, So I will keep updating this sheet and posting here.
  45. D

    Still waiting for my model 3

    Placed an order for a white model 3 with aero wheel on Feb 14. Still waiting for VIN to be assigned. I am an existing Tesla owner.
  46. Chewy3

    Validating VINS

    So I noticed on the investor thread someone started to use CarFax to verify and check the vins. I discovered a free service that does similar (firstly, shows whether its a real vin or not), last reported odometer reading, Stolen, etc... Using this I think I've narrowed down the Check Digit...
  47. Mknac

    VIN and Delivery date

    My delivery date is now Aug 18 - Sep 1 for my S 75. I still don't have a VIN number, when can I expect that? I'm guess I'll get updates narrowing the window until I get an exact delivery day?
  48. B

    Intro and Referral....

    Hi, I've been lurking for some time, while researching for my MX purchase. I may have previously posted in the wrong forum (sorry!) I was confirmed on July 9 for a P90D and assigned a VIN# 143xx. It's black on black with standard 20's and everything except L and autopilot. Delivery is...
  49. Three60guy

    This Insurance problem could effect many Tesla owners.

    This thread was created on July 12, 2016. The information contained here is accurate only as of that date. Today, I called my insurance company (MetLife) and discussed with them that I thought I had an error in the VIN number which potentially could affect the price I pay for insuring my Tesla...
  50. ishak

    My MX 75D's VIN resolves to 90D

    On Geico's website to add my new Model X 75 to my policy. I typed in the VIN issued on my MyTesla page and Geico's database resolves it to a 90D! I'm curious if 1) this is Tesla's or Geico's issue, and 2) will I be overpaying for insurance?

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