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voice command

  1. n.one.one

    Favorite voice commands - What's yours?

    I just found a new (to me) voice command which led me to wonder what others use as their favorites...what's yours? Press the microphone button and say: "Search Google for (...)" Access information quickly and easily by saying, "Search Google for X," where X represents the keywords or query you...
  2. B

    Radio and voice commands

    Anybody getting the radio turning on after giving a voice command?
  3. M

    Voice Commands After Update

    After the latest update redesigned the screen, I have been unable to find the microphone icon. How do we do voice commands now? Why do we have to sit in our car to read the release notes or wait for someone to post a video showing us what has changed? Why doesn’t Tesla make the release notes...
  4. M

    Middle Vent Voice Command?

    "Enable floor vents" turns on lower vents. "Enable windshield vent" turns on upper vents. I find a command to enable/disable the middle vents. "Enable middle/main/body vents" on my M3 enables recirculating air (which is a wierd interpretation). Anyone know of a solution?
  5. B


    Well after a long dry spell since December 24, I finally got upgraded last night to 2020.4.1. So I wonder what is different about this update which seems to be special for MCU1 cars like mine versus 40.50.7 which I have been informed that my car is not capable of installing that update. I do...
  6. TjckTock

    Should I see text messages in the "Messages" window?

    I am probably imagining it but I could have sworn when I first tested the new text messaging commands, VoiceComand:"Messages" would pop up a window with recent text messages that I could then select and respond to using voice comands. Now it only shows recent phone calls. Is this how it works...
  7. scaesare

    Bluetooth & Voice Command Failure

    My 2013 Model S (MCU1) is currently failing to initialize Bluetooth ("Error initializing Bluetooth - Call Service"). Additionally voice command no longer work: holding the steering wheel button simply pops up the question mark/Try Again prompt on the dash. Reboots of both MCU and dash do not...
  8. E

    Slacker doesn't play on demand music after V10

    Before V10, when I used a voice command such as "Play Tiny Dancer by Elton John", it would then play that song without any more intervention on my part. Now what it does is bring up the keyboard and behind that is a list of artists and albums that "match" that. Even then, there's no easy way to...
  9. BZM3

    Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

    Hi All - has anyone had any luck setting up Alexa Voice Commands? To clarify, this would be for use OUTSIDE of the car. For example, when I am about to leave my house, I would like to say "Alexa please get my car ready" or some sort of command which could prepare the air conditioning. I have...
  10. Beta V

    Things I Learned from Tim

    I've been emailing Tesla over persistent issues I had with Angel, my Model X having to do with the voice command system refusing to listen (possibly because Angel has started to act like a teenager). After awhile Tim from service called and we spent over an hour on the phone working through...
  11. B

    Wishlist...Adaptive steering settings?

    I am not sure where to post this. I wish there was a way to set specific steering wheel feel at certain speeds. Example Soft<25mph Standard (25-65mph) sport >65mph This could be saved for individual driver profiles. Would be a soft way of having adaptive steering feel. Additionally...
  12. David29

    Santa Claus kills the voice command

    About two weeks ago, I demonstrated the Santa Claus Easter Egg for my sister, in my 2015 70D. While we were using it, I tried to use the voice command to enter a navigation request, but it failed. After a couple of tries, i wondered if it was related to the Santa Claus display, and tried to...
  13. AlexG

    Quick tip: a simple voice command to find places near you

    Another Tesla tip: a simple voice command to find places near you without taking your hands off the wheel! Note: if you are one of the people who knew about this feature - I'd love to hear more tips that you can suggest for everyone. But please remember that some people may not know what you...
  14. B

    Who Should the Tesla User Interface Serve, and how best to do so

    Many of you know me as a perpetual whiner about the user interface of my Classic MS. Admittedly, and to Tesla's credit, it has mostly improved over time (and in other respects, taking embarrassing steps backwards). The crux of my complaints have revolved around the issue of engineers vs users...
  15. cmd_keen

    Voice Command for "Dialing" a Number?

    Has anyone figured out how to dial a number, just a number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)? I though that we should be able to say Call or Dial and then a string of numbers, at least I've heard that it is possible, and I've been trying to get it to work. On all my other vehicles with voice commands, it's always...
  16. engle

    Using Your Voice to Send "Note" and "Report" To Tesla About Your X from Driver's Seat!

    The night after I received my X exactly 3 months ago, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, sitting inside listening to classical music while skimming most of the owner's manual to learn how to use it after waiting 4 long years. I missed this awesome voice command buried on page 38 of...
  17. Haxster

    The Tesla App Store

    What if Tesla created an App Store that would let you "install" free and fee features and upgrades? Apps that seldom required additional hardware. Just like your smart phone! These could go well beyond the standard vehicle configuration settings. The apps could let you personalize your car even...
  18. badboy1980

    Sound Quality of Rdio & Voice Command

    Hi all, I am continuing to enjoy my Model S, although, I have been underwhelmed with the sound quality of Rdio. Whenever I use it the sound quality has a "fuzzy" background sound. Is this normal? I live in the UK and we only have 3G at the moment, so I am not sure if this impacts it (normally...