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voice commands

  1. M

    Can’t “go home” after 2023.44.30.2?

    I’ve routinely used the voice command “go home” on our 2023 M3LR. After the holiday update it doesn’t appear to recognize home as the intended destination, instead looking for similarly named businesses. Clicking directly on Home on the Navigation display works just fine. Deleting and...
  2. n.one.one

    Favorite voice commands - What's yours?

    I just found a new (to me) voice command which led me to wonder what others use as their favorites...what's yours? Press the microphone button and say: "Search Google for (...)" Access information quickly and easily by saying, "Search Google for X," where X represents the keywords or query you...
  3. dotancohen

    Voice command "Trunk close" being interpreted as "Trunk clothes".

    I seem to have an issue saying "Trunk close", with the vehicle interpreting my accent as "Trunk clothes". Sometimes I'll even see the screen display "Trunk close" then switch to "Trunk clothes". Is there any way to set vehicle-operation keywords to have a higher priority than arbitrary words...
  4. COS Blue

    "Take me home"

    I've had my Model S for 2.5 months. I was trained by my sales adviser to use the voice command "Take me home" to navigate home. Works like a champ. Until update 2020.48.30 -- now "Take me home" brings up a map of all the businesses that have the word "home" in them. Didn't take me too long...
  5. Silicon Desert

    My Car Thinks I Live at Home Depot

    Not a complaint. More of a humorous mistake of the voice navigation. On at least the last 10 software builds up to what I have now (20.40.8), every time I ask the car to "Drive to Home Depot", it understands me perfectly and displays the text of precisely what I said, yet navigates to my home...
  6. E

    Voice command list

    Anyone have a good (or complete list) of the voice commands the M3 will accept? Or even ones it won't take?
  7. Master Chief

    My first flat tire - UI fail...

    Last Saturday I was beginning a 215 mile journey in my 1.5 month old Model X. We were on the Interstate about 30 miles from home when the car started shaking. I know the road, so I know that the highway is smooth on this stretch. Having probably a million miles under my belt, tire deflation came...
  8. H

    Which voice commands do you use most?

    It had been more than a week since we got latest update and initial excitement is almost over. I am just curious to know which voice commands everyone else is using right now and will keep continue using them.
  9. blakamp

    Six Upgrades for the Tesla Entertainment Experience

    Last year around this time, I wrote a detailed post with recommendations for Tesla's Entertainment System to improve the overall experience. A few items were addressed in Tesla's release in early fall of 2018, which was great. Many weren't, which is fine, though a revisit of the current...
  10. S

    Model 3 Voice Commands

    I know that there are some voice commands. Can people share with me what all the voice commands are? I have only found: Listen, Play, Navigate, Cancel, Call AND I don't understand the difference between Listen and Play. AND I will set up favorites and I can't find a command to play a...
  11. Petra

    Voice Control Not Linked To Navigation Favorites?

    So, I normally don't use the voice commands but was messing around with them yesterday and I noticed that, while the car will navigate to places of interest via voice command in v8.0, asking the car to navigate to a user created navigation favorite (with a custom title) doesn't seem to work...