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voice recognition

  1. E

    Poor to non working voice recognition on 8.3?

    Prior to the latest firmware update voice recognition worked really well, but after 8.3 it's pretty much non working. Anyone else?
  2. T

    voice commands

    My Model S is not recognizing voice commands. Or it will work once, then it doesn't again. Constantly resetting can't be the solution.
  3. David29

    Santa Claus kills the voice command

    About two weeks ago, I demonstrated the Santa Claus Easter Egg for my sister, in my 2015 70D. While we were using it, I tried to use the voice command to enter a navigation request, but it failed. After a couple of tries, i wondered if it was related to the Santa Claus display, and tried to...
  4. B

    Who Should the Tesla User Interface Serve, and how best to do so

    Many of you know me as a perpetual whiner about the user interface of my Classic MS. Admittedly, and to Tesla's credit, it has mostly improved over time (and in other respects, taking embarrassing steps backwards). The crux of my complaints have revolved around the issue of engineers vs users...
  5. cmd_keen

    Voice Command for "Dialing" a Number?

    Has anyone figured out how to dial a number, just a number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)? I though that we should be able to say Call or Dial and then a string of numbers, at least I've heard that it is possible, and I've been trying to get it to work. On all my other vehicles with voice commands, it's always...