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  1. scaesare

    Bluetooth & Voice Command Failure

    My 2013 Model S (MCU1) is currently failing to initialize Bluetooth ("Error initializing Bluetooth - Call Service"). Additionally voice command no longer work: holding the steering wheel button simply pops up the question mark/Try Again prompt on the dash. Reboots of both MCU and dash do not...
  2. T

    Voice Navigation pronunciation

    Anyone else notice some strange voice pronunciations for some streets? Dundas St E pronounced “Undas street east” sounds like it’s missing the front D Pape ave - “papa avenue” Anyone else hearing these? Thought it was my software version multiple upgrades and reboots still has this
  3. 100 H2O

    Where is voice control for settings???

    I am a new owner of a Model S as of September 2018. I've put 3300 miles on the car and I still cannot use the touch screen without feeling like I'm using my phone while I'm driving. The first problem is that you have to scan and read to find what you want. The second problem is that you...
  4. hacer

    Speech recognition worse with 8.0

    Before 8.0 my Tesla virtually never made any errors with voice commands. Now with 8.0 it usually fails to recognize the command words e.g. "drive to" or "play" and isn't as good with the rest either. Before 8.0 I was blown away with the accuracy - it was better than Siri and Google. Now it's...