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  1. R

    Tesla not charging, please help!

    My 2019 M3 has been charging on a 6-20 connection for about a year. Over the weekend, I noticed that it stopped charging (see picture). It says it was getting 0/mph, 2/16 amps, and 245V. What does that mean? Does it mean that my Tesla 6-20 adapter is bad or is it more likely something wrong...
  2. D

    2017 Chevy Volt Premier - 43k miles - $18K

    Selling my 2017 Chevy Volt to take on a 2018 Model X. About 42,000 miles currently. Window sticker attached for all the details. Also Screenshots of CarFax (through dealership incentive so was only able to do screenshots instead of printing the report to PDF). More pictures of the car to come...
  3. T

    Any Volt to Model 3 Experiences?

    Was curious if there were any Gen 2 Volt owners that went to the Model 3. If so what were the pros, cons, driving differences? Currently drive a 2016 Volt LT and will mostly miss the regen paddle if I move to another EV vehicle. Recently saw the vehicle in person in the meatpacking district in...
  4. SwedishAdvocate

    Can this be debated on TMC? The latest segment from Fox Business News...

    You have to see it. Otherwise you won’t believe it.