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  1. C

    Normal voltage drop in a house

    I've an issue in our house with voltage drop whilst charging. Background is: 2 electric cars BMW iX on a 7kW charger and a Model Y on a 13A charger. These are both timed to start charging at 23:30. For around that time we also have the Dishwaster and Washing machine timed to come on. The 3kW...
  2. R

    Tesla not charging, please help!

    My 2019 M3 has been charging on a 6-20 connection for about a year. Over the weekend, I noticed that it stopped charging (see picture). It says it was getting 0/mph, 2/16 amps, and 245V. What does that mean? Does it mean that my Tesla 6-20 adapter is bad or is it more likely something wrong...
  3. TexasTeslaRacing

    Charging @ 40AMP - Volt differences

    I'm curious if anyone can explain why on a 40AMP circuit there are different volts at two separate locations I use to charge my 2015 Model S. My home 240 outlet gives me 248V at 40AMP and a public charging location gives me 206V at 40AMP. See attached pictures. What would be the reason for the...
  4. J

    At what voltage does the Model S motor work ?

    Sorry if that was asked before, I just did not find anything. After my test drive seeing about 320KW coming out of the battery to the motor I was wondering how the cables look ! At 320 volts that would be 1000 amps ! Does anybody know at what voltage the motor runs and how they get this power...