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wait time

  1. E

    Model Y LR reservation for Sale. Save $500!

    I have reserved Model Y LR Pearl White with white seats and the expected delivery date is May 26- June 08. It was ordered when 1 year of premium connectivity was included. The current price for this configuration on Tesla website is $63,990 +TTL and estimated delivery time is November -February...
  2. M

    Delivery date wait time for M3P longer than LR?

    I ordered a white M3P a couple weeks ago and the delivery date keeps changing. I’ve read this is common but am wondering if I’ll be waiting longer for the performance model than I would if I had chosen the LR. I’m sure they don’t produce as many M3Ps as LR. Just curious
  3. O

    Original delivery was 1-2 weeks, then suddenly 5-9 weeks

    Anyone else have this experience? I ordered December 15 and everything suggested 1-2 weeks for delivery. Suddenly this morning it switched to 5-9 weeks. This was sad and disappointing. It’s not the end of the world as I know the end of year push can result in inconsistent build quality...
  4. D

    Serious ordering issues (4 months in, 1 car payment, no car)

    So, based on the title, you can tell I'm having a bit of trouble. What would you do if this were you? What should I do? WARNING: bit of a read May 7th: I first ordered my Model Y (this was shortly after the factory reopened). June 25: I was told it was almost ready and would be on it's way to...
  5. lunitiks

    Waiting room

    Wait here
  6. R

    Marina del Rey CA-Delivery Location - QC wait times - Aug 2018

    Hey guys! I wanted to check in with folks who have picked up their cars at Marina del Rey in the last couple of weeks. I received my MSM AWD VIN on Monday 8/13/2018 and that my car had arrived at the devilry location. By Tuesday morning (8/14/2018) I had everything in order financially and was...
  7. J

    What will be the actual wait time for the 6/31 order?

    What was the latest delivery waiting time? The manager told me end of Aug delivery, but not sure if I can really trust that. Ordered June 31 and just confirmed the design. 75D with white ex/creme interior. I saw Tesla making 1000 of X + S models per month.
  8. D

    Still waiting for my model 3

    Placed an order for a white model 3 with aero wheel on Feb 14. Still waiting for VIN to be assigned. I am an existing Tesla owner.
  9. S

    How many forum members have their car? And how many have had the car taken to the Service Center?

    I know there are a lot of VIN trackers and member trackers out there, but I was wondering if we could get a Service Center Tracker going or added on? I am curious at the % of Model 3s needing to go back to the service centers for repairs or bad craftsmanship. While I don't think this will...
  10. Wiki

    Wiki Tesla Service Center Stats

    1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=508601280# 1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=2127072447# 1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=863082372#...
  11. D

    Service Center Wait Times - Post Your Results

    It may be of interest to the community to see a non-scientific sampling of real world wait times at various Service Centers. Please post your Service Center name, days you have had to wait after first call to actual service appointment, vehicle that is getting serviced, whether loaner was...
  12. MarkS22

    The dreaded "door handle won't present."

    So, today, the annoying "handle won't present" struck my driver side rear passenger handle. It's a P85D with ~15,000 miles. I called service and they'll take care of it, but it's going to be over two weeks. Seems like a long time to wait for a 1-2 hour fix. Gotta say, it does concern me that...