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  1. massonron192

    Why is there such a long wait right now?

    Hey everyone, been following this thread/Tesla last 2 years and just recently ordered a performance 3 on Halloween. Live in Pennsylvania and was wondering why is there a 5-8 week wait time? I understand they were sending cars overseas earlier
  2. M

    Do I order or wait?

    I had been waiting to order a STD Range model 3 (was going to order a MR last year but cancelled cause I was nervous about the payment). Now that I just finished with a refinancing of my home, I feel a little more comfortable, but am wondering if I should gamble and risk waiting for the last two...
  3. S

    Are the Tesla Service Centers bad enough to cancel my Model 3 order?

    I ordered a Model 3 about a week ago and it is scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday (5/21/19). I've seen some threads where people are describing the horror of taking their Model 3 into a service center (Mainly for body repairs). On more than one occasion there was someone who was without...
  4. M

    Delivery Experience- 4 different delivery dates with no resolution

    Configured my LR RWD model 3 with EAP on 9/20 First contact with Delivery advisor on 9/26, attempted to call delivery advisor with questions but the given number was disconnected. Multiple emails sent with no response until 10/1 informing me I can take delivery on 10/2. On 10/1 while awaiting...
  5. Fiver

    Adding additional hypothetical HPWC at Superchargers....

    Reading about the congestion at some superchargers in California on high travel days got me thinking... Obviously installing HPWC's is far cheaper then supercharger cabinets, but at the same time, the charging is much (much) slower. Tesla has standardized on the single charger that for most is...
  6. L

    The Night Before Delivery

    In appreciation for all of the information and passion shared in this community. Thanks gang.. happy to be part of the family tomorrow. ‘Twas the night before delivery and despite my best attempt I couldn’t sleep a wink, not even with Ambien. The NEMA outlet had just been installed in the...
  7. M

    Waiting is so hard... Good idea to go with the Model-S for a year ?

    I feel like a spoiled child talking about this, but after a year of waiting for my Model-X, I just don't know how I have been able to just not jump on the Model-S P85D already. I know many on the forum, owner of Model-X reservation did move forward with the P85D. What kind of value lost do you...