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walk away lock

  1. K

    Tesla walk away lock issues

    I am happy to use walk-away lock with a paired phone on our Tesla 3, however, it behaves strange sometimes. I though I would share and see if these issues happen to others. 1. The car locks itself with front trunk open. We have charging cable in the front trunk, so every time we park to charge...
  2. E

    Help with walk-away lock

    Hi I just got a 2022 model x plaid last week and I can’t get the walk-away locks to work. I’ve re-installed all the keys, phone and Bluetooth, made sure NO other keys are inside, turned off exclude home location. Not sure what else to do. So far I’ve been locking manually on the app but my...
  3. G

    Walk away lock still not working properly after 4 years

    I’ve perused other issues like this but mine seems to be the most long-running out there that I can find. This month marks 4 years with my model 3. I’ve had a persistent walk away locking issue since I got the car. It’s intermittent. Seems to correlate somewhat with software updates but not...
  4. jlv1

    Driver profile selection difference between S and X ("Exclude Home" in Walk-Away Door Lock)

    TL/DR: The S selects the driver profile based upon which fob caused the handles to present. The X selects the driver profile based upon which fob last unlocked the car (*not* the fob that caused the driver's door to open). A few months ago, my wife started complaining that once in a while her...
  5. rnguy001

    Brand new X owner, walk-away locks will not work..

    Hi guys love the car but bummed that when we exit the car and mirrors stay out (even though auto fold is enabled) and more importantly the car does not lock even though walk-away lock is enabled as well. have tried a restart, refresh and even Tesla CS helped us online. It worked at first but...
  6. N

    Walk-away lock doesn't work if u open door w/foot on the brake

    I have an iPhone 8, and I almost never have a problem unlocking my Model 3 w/iPhone. However, occasionally, I see that my car doesn't lock when I walk away from the car after parking. I couldn't figure out why that was happening, but I think I figured it out. After parking the car, if I open...