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wall charge unit

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    Expired Tesla Wall Charger Signed By Elon Musk [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Wall Charger Signed By Elon Musk. Please add to the discussion here.
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    Have a brand new in box, never used 48a single phase Tesla Wall Charger for sale. Asking $300 + cost of shipping
  3. H

    Can my house handle a charging station?

    I know next to nothing about electricity, panels, circuits, and etc. I have taken pics of the panels I have in my house. The main panel is too far away from the driveway (where I want to install a wall charger or an outlet that I can use with a nema 14-50 adaptor.) the sun panel (I think that’s...
  4. A

    Mobile connector or wall connector

    Just placed my order for my first ever Tesla model 3 standard in a Tesla showroom. I let them know I would like the mobile connector set with my order the employee mentioned that it can be ordered on the app and left it out of the order. Now after the order I check and they are sold out with no...
  5. A

    Brand New 3rd gen 18' wall connector(charger)

    Brand New 3rd gen 18' wall connector(charger) Will ship via USPS or what you prefer $400 + shipping
  6. A

    New 3rd gen 18" wall charger

    New 3rd gen 18" wall charger willing to ship to you. Location troy ny Price $400.00
  7. A

    Brand new 3rd gen 18' wall charger

    Brand new 3rd gen 18' wall charger willing to ship via fedex usps ups Location troy ny if you want to pick it up Price $400.00 obo
  8. J

    Tesla wall connector / charger For sale $500 - Los angeles

    Selling my brand new Tesla Wall Connector -the one with Elon Musk's signature. New in box. Never Opened. Still Sealed. Part #1050067-11-H, 24 foot cable and mounting hardware. Designed to work with Model S, X, 3. Can be installed indoor/outdoor. seeking $500, local pick ups only, Marina del...
  9. 9

    Gen 3 Wall Connector Mounting Dimensions

    My Model 3 will be ready for pick-up in about a week, and I've also ordered a Gen 3 Wall Connector. I'll be parking outdoors without a nearby wall to mount to, so I'm having a post fabricated to mount the charger. My question is how far apart vertically (center to center) are the mounting holes...
  10. R

    Gen 2 Elon Musk Charger

    Selling my Elon Musk Signature Wall Charger. Brand new in box and only opened to take one picture inside. I didn't even take the charger out of the box. 80A high output Tesla Wall Connector 24" long cable Power sharing with any Gen 2 Wall Connectors Received as a referral reward, not sold in...
  11. M

    FS: Gen 2 Charger 24ft NCal

    I have a new HPWC 2.0 with a 24ft cord. Had one installed when I bought my car, then my power company gave me different charger. When HPWC one fried, it was still under warranty. Now I don't really need to reinstall, so hoping to rehome it. $550. Ideally F2F in north bay.
  12. Tracylee1994


    i have two brand new silver tesla wall connectors 500 a piece google pay apple pay venmo have sold on here before =]
  13. BZM3

    Wall Charging Unit - Security (Can it be stolen?)

    So let me just start by apologizing for my potential lack of knowledge on this topic... it may very well be a simple answer. Anyways, we are considering installing a charger at our office as we now have 3 employees with Tesla's. The charger will be located outside (under an overhang) so there is...
  14. C

    Walla Walla - Wall Connector Location

    Hey, Seattle, Portland, Boise and other Pacific NW Tesla drivers, Cruising to Walla Walla for some wine tasting? Check out Cottonwood Canyon Farm, an estate just 10 minutes from downtown Walla Walla that sleeps up to 16 with gorgeous views, a swimming pool, and a Tesla Wall Connector in the...
  15. chibi_kurochan

    Silver HPWC for sale, Bay Area, $400

    Silver Wall Connector I got this a while back but never installed because i'm expecting the signature one from Tesla. Brand new, never opened. Available to pick up around San Jose area (Silicon Valley/South bay). Cash or Paypal or Zelle. No shipping. Thank you, Eric
  16. E

    How-to: Changing the IEC 62196/Type 2 Charging Cable of Tesla Wall Connector

    First of all, please forgive me any spelling mistakes as English is a second language to me. I want to give you my impressions on the Tesla Wall Connector and the possibility to change it's charging cable. I translated this from German. Also, I wrote more about my motivations and experiences...
  17. B

    Signature Black Wall Connector Brand New Sealed Box $500

    $500 for a brand new, sealed box, signature black wall charger with the etching of Elon Musk's signature. Local pickup preferred in CT. Thanks
  18. M

    Signature Edition Matte Black HPWC for sale

    I have a brand new Tesla Signature Edition HPWC for sale. Brand new in box, only opened for verification on no damage in shipping. $550 shipped ground to anywhere in the lower 48. Prefer Paypal for payment. PM me if interested
  19. shauna

    Charging options for Model 3

    I have one electrician that installed a 30 amp 220 outlet in my outdoor electrical panel and say I can use this with my mobile charger and an adapter just fine and he will install a gfi outlet incase moisture gets in. This would allow me to charge at 22miles/hour. Another electrician told me...
  20. G

    Wall charger dying

    Can anybody help with this problem: I had a wall charger installed by one of the recommended electricians. I have had my Model 3 for two days, and the charger was working well. Then it seemed to die. I got home and reached for the charger, but there were no lights at all lit on the box, and the...
  21. mrfra62

    Charging wall power Europe

    for every country in Europe Tesla seems to have a different charger for wall outlet (shuko). Instead of buying all these different chargers wouldn't it be much easier to buy a world adapter for wall outlets and plug in the (Dutch) shuko charger?
  22. G

    Tesla Wall Connector Charger HPWC Gen 1

    Hi Moving to new house. Today I'm taking down the Tesla HPWC and I'm thinking that at the new place I will just setup a NEMA 14-50. My car has a single charger so I'm not really using all of its potential. But I like the convenience of the HPWC versus having to plug and unplug the mobile...
  23. N

    WTB: Gen 2 Wall Connector with 24' cable

    Basically, this: Tesla — Wall Connector with 24' Cable Thank you! erick
  24. A

    Wall connector failure. Professionally installed. Worked once!

    Tried clearing w 100 amp breakers and reset button. No active indicator lights on wall connector unit. Button on cable plug does activate lid on car to open charging port, but BCE inserted only get red light and cable fault reading. Ludicrous model w fastest charging unit in car and circuit...
  25. SSD420

    Tesla Wall Charger installed!

    Just had my Tesla Wall Charger installed in my garage at home. Only one step left.. Delivery of my Model X 90D, hopefully next week! I had the The Electrical Works install it for me. They did a nice clean job. They were recommended through Tesla's website. I highly recommend.
  26. S

    Wanted - TESLA Wall Charger

    Looking to purchase a Wall Charger (used is acceptable as long as it is 100% functioning). Model S on order and hoping for delivery before the end of March.
  27. L

    80 Amp wall charger potiential fire hazzard?

    I bought my Model S P85D in March 2015. Along with it I ordered the $750.00 wall charger. I had an electrician hook it up and since he had #2 copper cables he gave me a price break (instead of the smaller #3, recommend as minimum by Electrical code for maximum amperage). He placed it less than...