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wall connector

  1. F

    Newbie question on adapters: Is there a Tesla brand NACS-to-J1772 adapter?

    With yesterday's announcement of the Universal Wall Connector coming in October, I was thinking of returning the regular Wall Connector that I got two weeks ago (still new in box). I've owned a Model Y Long Range for just under three weeks now and we've been fine with using the Mobile Charger...
  2. C

    Tesla wall connector - VIN security for NACS adoptees?

    Just curious if anyone has heard if the VIN-based security on the wall connector will work with non-Tesla vehicles with NACS inlets. Thanks!
  3. A

    Tesla Wall Connector fits over 2-gang US electrical box

    TL;DR: Tesla Wall Connector screw holes line up with the holes on a 2-gang electrical box. I recently purchased a new construction townhouse in Seattle. The house had been pre-wired for an electric car charger. The 60 amp circuit was terminated in a 2-gang electrical box. I was considering how...
  4. GoHawks29

    Am I Being Quoted Too High For My Wall Connector Installation?

    So as it stands, I’m going for a Wall Connector installation. I have it on hand and am reaching out to local electricians for quotes. My panel is located within the garage itself so there’s not much labor here since it’ll be a couple feet away from the panel. What is a reasonable cost for this...
  5. GoHawks29

    How Long Does Wall Connector Installation Take? I'm WFH, Need a General Estimate for How Long Power Will Be Out.

    Hi Everybody, I think I'm going to go in and buy a Model 3LR, assuming I can get it in time before the tax credit potentially goes away. Anywho, I'm wondering how long a Wall Connector installation would take. It's not so much the amount of time that the overall process takes that matters for...
  6. G

    FS: NIB 3rd Gen Wall Connector Glass Fascia - White

    One new in box pearl white glass fascia for 3rd gen wall connector. I bought a color-matched fascia for my connector when it was installed, so this one is up for grabs. $40 plus shipping (box ships from zip 89131, is 18x8x4, shipping weight is 4lbs)
  7. N

    Which wall connector should I get? The Gen 3 wall connector or the new J1772 Tesla wall connector?

    We are about to take delivery of our first electric car, a Tesla MYLR, and are unsure which option would be the best. I can see the simplicity in just using a Tesla wall charger to charge the Tesla, but am wondering if it might be wiser to get the J1772 since it is the industry standard, and...
  8. K

    Model Y Charging Options in a Townhouse

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm testing driving a Model Y this weekend and will likely end up ordering a Long Range model. My biggest concern is charging - I currently live in a townhouse with no community charging. I do have a dedicated parking spot right in front of my house, and I have a...
  9. J

    Tesla Model 3 with Wall Connector only charging on 1 phase instead of 3 phases

    Hi, I have recently installed my gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector. My home equipped with 3x230/400V electricity, 3x25A. With seperate breakers for the wall connector installed. Therefore following the install manual I used the "3 phase 400v" setup, in which each pair of phases has 400v between them...
  10. A


    Have a brand new in box, never used 48a single phase Tesla Wall Charger for sale. Asking $300 + cost of shipping
  11. B

    Charge limited to 16/48a

    I have Tesla model 3 (2018) and gen 3 wall connector. I noticed my car not charging at full speed this week and have tried troubleshooting by turning off and on breaker connected to wall connector, resetting M3, turning down amps on car then turn back up to 48a. I’m not sure what else to trial...
  12. El joe

    Gen 2 Wall Connector Issues

    Hey all, I just bought a Gen Two Wall Connector on eBay but the charging is much slower than the old mobile connector I used. My car is a 2019 SR+ Model 3 and the plug is set to pull 50 amps. Is it trying to pull too much power, resulting in a decrease in charge? Thanks in advance!
  13. N

    Tesla Wall Connector (G3) Schedule Charging Issue - Stops at midnight

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me, i ve had my Tesla model Y a little over a month and i schedule charge at home with the Tesla wall connector (Gen 3) - single phase 32A. I have set my charging times using the tesla app on my iPhone by connecting it to the wall connector's Wi-Fi. The...
  14. ATPMSD

    The J1772 Tesla Wall Connector is back

  15. G

    Wall Connector (Gen 3) Possible to loosen terminal block screws?

    Apologies if this is super obvious, but I just purchased a Wall Connector and upon opening the package, the screws in the terminal blocks are already partially tightened (I.e. it’s not possible to fit 2 of the 3 wires in the terminal block - I haven’t inserted the terminal screws yet) Is there...
  16. Z

    Convert NEMA 14-50 60 amp line to Hard Wiring Wall Connector

    I have an EVSE that I'm looking to replace with a Tesla Wall Connector. Here are the details: 60 amp circuit previously installed, permitted, and approved with NEMA 14-50 outlet Currently connected to a JuiceBox 40 Goal - replace Juicebox 40 with Tesla Wall Connector to get full 48 amps of...
  17. solodogg

    Tesla HPWC (Elon signature edition 80A)

    Gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector in matte black with Elon’s signature. This was only available as a referral reward, never available for purchase directly from Tesla. 80A charging capability for the dual charger Model S and Model X. All screws/accessories included along with the original manual...
  18. A

    Wall connector [Can a wall connector be disconnected and taken with you when you move?]

    planning on installing a new wall connector in my home but I plan on selling and moving to another home in about 3y, can the wall connector be uninstalled and reinstalled in another home?
  19. btenison

    Gen 3 Wall Connector current decrease? Anyone else seeing this?

    I've had the wall connector connected (by an Electrician) to a 60Amp circuit for almost a year. It has supplied 48Amps of current to the car without fail until the last couple of months. It seems that, when I have the car charging with a Max setting of 48 Amps, the current drawn by the car is...
  20. R

    Trouble commissioning Wall Connect

    Hi all, I have a new Tesla Wall Connector (TWC), and it is installed with a 40 amp fuse box. Electrician has wired it in, but I am having trouble commissioning it. I need to tell the Wall connect to use a maximum of 32 amps when charging. (Electrician has warned me to leave a 20% buffer for...
  21. S

    Plan for Connecting Wall Charger 100+ Feet Away and Future Proofing Setup?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best plan for running power to my wall connector. I live in SoCal. My electrician is coming next week, but I want to have a jump-start and possibly start buying materials ahead of time. My box is a 100 amp panel and only has one more space for a 50 amp double...
  22. H

    Gen 3 Charger for sale

    I have a brand new never opened 24ft Gen 3 charger for sale. Pick up in Atlanta for $450. $40 extra to ship. Thanks. Henry Text me at 404.323.3389
  23. S

    Commissioning Gen 3 Wall Connector

    I took delivery of an M3LR a few days ago (Australia). A Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector was installed about a week earlier. First time I plugged it in, I got an error message on the car's screen about commissioning the WC. So I downloaded the instructions (there are 4 steps). First step is to scan a...
  24. H

    Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 Silver 24' Used $600

    Used mainly from 2018 - 2020 and then for the past 2 years we had a car that was just kept plugged in but wasn't driven much at all. I have all the parts except for the wall bracket mounting screws. Local Pickup - SoCal Los Angeles, cash $600 Thanks!
  25. S

    NEMA 14-50 vs 14-30?

    Hi, I recently bought a single Family Home & trying to figure out whether installing NEMA 14-50 or 14-30 or another charging source is better. It's a ranch style home & currently Garage has only 110v running. Any suggestions or recommendations??
  26. A

    New Wall Connector (Gen 3, 24 ft cable, still in box) for sale in Ottawa

    Hello, I am selling a recently purchased (never left the box) brand new Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector with 24 ft Cable. I'm based in Ottawa, CA. If interested, please message me. I paid Tesla CAD $717.55 in Oct-2021. I offer it here for CAD $550. Thanks, Alex M: 613-314-6591
  27. Bobby_Dazzler

    Tesla Wall Connector IPhone/IPad issues

    I’ve successfully had my Gen 3 Wall Connector installed and went through the commissioning process and updated the firmware on the connector. When I trigger the Gen 3 to omit the Wi-Fi SSID I can join it on my iPhone and iPad and then go to the IP address to view but it won’t bring up the...
  28. N

    FS: NIB - Wall Connector - 24' Cable | Phoenix

    Decided I am not going to need a Wall Connector. This is new-in-box and has been stored in my garage. Not sure the Gen but was purchased 11/26/2021. I'll eat the tax on the cost here. Trying to sell local to Phoenix area. Cost: $550.00 (If shipped, $600)
  29. V

    Wall connector price decrease to 630CAD

    It used to be 700CAD and now it is 630CAD. Just ordered it without hesitation.
  30. M

    WTB: Tesla Gen 2 High Powered Wall connector - 24Ft cable

    I am interested in purchasing a (new in box / Unused) Tesla Gen 2 Wall connector. I currently have an existing Gen 2 and I need a second to setup power sharing (Ordered a Model Y). If anyone has one for sale please PM me.
  31. B

    Wall connector plug

    Rewired my gen3 wall connector with cable inside the drywall. In removing the surface mounted conduit that had the wiring initially, I’m left with a hole on the bottom of my wirebox. I don’t see wall connector conduit plugs for sale online. Where might I get one? Yes I could just tape it from...
  32. R

    Strange Wall Connector issue

    I’ve had my Model Y about a month now and having a strange issue with the Wall Connector, that I had installed by a Tesla recommended electrician. When my car is charging, our dishwasher inside the house restarts (powers on/off) every 8-10 minutes. The only reason we know this is because the...
  33. Taym

    Wall Connector WebGUI: questions

    Hello Everyone, I've looked at a friend's Wall Connector and I was surprised to find out what follows, so I was wondering if anyone could confirm this: As you know, Tesla Wall Connector (v3, Europe), as soon as it is powered, generates its wireless network. Once connected to it (
  34. F

    Power Sharing for J1772 chargers

    I’m putting in chargers for my company. For our tesla chargers/wall connectors the power sharing feature is a huge advantage, running one high-amperage circuit versus lots of parallel smaller circuits minimizes electrician costs and number of chargers and maximizes charging rate for the whole...
  35. W

    Access Control is now Available on Gen 3 Wall Connector.

    As someone who has one of my two Wall Connectors installed on my driveway, i welcome this feature because twice I’ve found stranger plugged in without asking for permission. Please note that this feature requires firmware version 21.36.4...
  36. T

    FS: NEW Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet 80 Amps HPWC SoCal

    For Sale: New Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet - Gen 2 can go up to 80 amps for faster charging versus Gen 3 (48 amps) Location: Los Angeles, CA - Prefer selling local. Not planning to ship package for now. Price: $600 New, never used. Planned to install this at previous home...
  37. R

    2nd Gen 80A Wall Connector car charger cable wiring

    I have an 80A Gen 2 wall connector and the wand broke. I purchased a new cable but the wiring is different. The original had a 4 thin wires in purple, blue, black and orange. The new has only 2 thin wires purple and yellow. Any ideas how I wire this? Nobody at Tesla seems to have any idea and...
  38. N

    Anyone in suburbs of Chicago want a wall connector for $490 right now?

    Anyone in suburbs of Chicago want a wall connector for $490 right now?
  39. B

    Gen 1 24ft wall connector 80A

    Have a 24ft gen 1 wall connector for sale. Will consider reasonable/fair offers. Previously mounted with side entry electrical service (side knock out). This version can handle up to 100 amp service (up to 80 supplied to car depending on model)
  40. C

    Gen 3 Wall Connector for sale

    Hi there, I recently had a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed for my plug-in wall connector and the wall connector unfortunately malfunctioned, but was under warranty so Tesla sent me a brand new Gen 3 Wall Connector. Instead of bringing my electrician back out to re-wire it, I would rather have the...
  41. W

    High temperature detected by Wall Connector alert

    I have 2 Tesla Wall Connectors in my garage, with a comm link running between them. Three Teslas share the two connectors, often with two cars charging at once. After serveral years of no issues, lately I have noticed that the left-most Connector sometimes charges very slowly, like 19 amps...
  42. R


    Up for sale is a brand new, never used Tesla Gen II Wall Connector! These highly desirable Gen 2 wall connectors charge at an 80-amp rate, compared to only 48-amps of the Gen 3 wall charger. It has a 24' cable and I'm located in Southern California. Asking $670.
  43. F

    Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3. Europe

    With the gen. 3 WC out in the USA for 14/15 months now...in Europe (the Netherlands for me) we still have to wait. I know my question is difficult to answer but maybe someone has a clue? When is it coming out in Europe? I have a model 3 and everything is ready for the wall connector in my new...
  44. D

    Who needs a pedestal?

    Hi, about-to-be first time Tesla (MY) owner here. I have purchased a wall connector and will be having an electrician come install it, but I am not clear on whether I need a pedestal. The MY will be parked outside, not in a garage, on my property. It will be uncovered. I have a wall outlet on...
  45. T

    Gen 3 Wall connector (18'). 24amp issue

    Hi I have a gen 3 wall connector that would only charge up to 24amps on a 60amp circuit. Ended up getting a replacement. In the box with all parts, $300 obo plus shipping from Boston, MA
  46. A

    Question about Tesla Wall Connector

    Hi everyone, I've purchased a 2nd hand Model S. Just waiting to take delivery later this month. Exciting times! Tesla Japan quoted me a rough ballpark estimate to install the Wall Connector for about 30,0000 to 40,0000yen which I thought was pretty ridiculous and put me on the search for...
  47. SummerlinChiro

    What Advantage Does the Wall Connector Give?

    What is the advantage of using the Tesla wall connector? I am planning a 60 Amp Circuit in my garage, what advantage does spending another $500 on the Tesla wall connector give me over just using the adapter and cable?
  48. P

    Tesla Wall Connector - installation approach

    I have a 2020 Model 3, and a Gen 3 Wall Connector. I will have a 60 Amp / 240 breaker installed. 6/3 wire will be used from the breaker up and inside the wall, into the attic and over about 9 ft horizontal, down inside the wall to the location of the Wall Connector. From the electricians I spoke...
  49. Tytanium

    Wall Connector Gen 2 - Elon Signed $500

    I have two Elon signed Black Gen 2 wall connectors for sale (both from referral program). One has part number 1050067-11-H, the other ends in -E. As far as I'm aware they're the same, other than the -H being produced later. Both are new in box, only opened once to verify they had the signature...
  50. S

    Tesla Connector Model 3

    This is a BRAND NEW / NEVER USED gen 3 Tesla wall connector $500 & I will pay for Shippung Willing to Negotiate the Price