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  1. J

    Where to purchase?

    Guys, do you know where should I purchase this wall art - gold plated circuit board for electronic control units used in TESLA cars please? It has to be real 14 mils thin printed circuit board used in TESLA Model X.
  2. headhz

    Controlling Amperage with Tesla Wall Connecter non-Tesla EV's

    Is it possible to regulate how much amperage you can send to a non-Tesla EV? I know I can with my MY in the app. I ask this, because in the Summer with the home AC running, I will have to dial down how many amps I'm sending to the vehicle. And in the future, if I decide to buy a non-Tesla EV...
  3. ZIBI

    Wall connector Gen 3. 22kW

    Łącznik ścienny Gen 3. Kupiłem ładowarkę 22 kW i daje SR+ tylko 11 kW. 32A ustawia się w aplikacji na telefonie. Co może być niewłaściwie ustawione?
  4. fasteddie7

    Gen2 bouncing between 48a and 24a

    I’ve had my gen 2 wall charger since 2016. Never had an issue charging at 48a. Today it suddenly started dropping to 24a for a while then back up to 48a, then back again indefinitely. The breakers are all double bar and I don’t hear any buzzing or anything that seems out of wack. The gen 2...
  5. AlexP

    WTB: Tesla Wall Charger Gen 2 24 Foot Cable

    Tesla Wall Charger Gen 2 24 Foot Cable New or Used For the right price I would settle for a Gen 3 18 Foot Cable New or Used
  6. M

    Black Wall Connector Signature Edition - Gen 2 (Bay Area)

    $520 New in opened box (never used). Would like local pickup in Bay Area (Cupertino).
  7. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Just got my survey for my Tesla Powerwall referral reward. Have planned to install it onto my solar equipt home, but I already have a propane generator and would really need at least one more Powerwall (likely 2 more) to fully power the house for any reasonable length of time and I'm not...
  8. pwrusr

    FS: Used Tesla HPWC Silver

    Used for about two months. Was going to pick up another car but didn’t. Comes with all original accessories and manual. No box. I am located in Ventura County if anyone wants to pick it up. shoot me a txt 8zero5-30two-287two
  9. Tracylee1994


    i have two brand new silver tesla wall connectors 500 a piece google pay apple pay venmo have sold on here before =]
  10. dualmotor44

    Tesla Wall Charger (unused) $375 / willing to ship

    Hey guys, Looking to sell my wall charger that my wife bought some time back. I have never got around to actually mounting it, hence why I'm selling it. The charger works perfectly and is still factory sealed with tesla wrapping. Please see the photos attached below.
  11. E


    Hey guys! I have a Tesla black signature wall charger for sale. Looking for $355 shipped. I am selling as I now have this as an extra wall charger, Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks,
  12. archon810

    Brand new Tesla 80A Wall Connector charger with 24' cable (1050067-01-E) $450

    Location: Montclair, CA (Oakland, CA). Pick-up only, not interested in shipping, sorry. PM me if you want it. For sale is a brand new, unopened Tesla 80A wall connector with a 24-foot cable, part number 1050067-01-E (picked up from Tesla service in late 2018). I'm pretty sure it's the regular...
  13. M

    New Signature Wall Connector / Charger (Phoenix)

    Hi everyone, I have a new Gen II Elon Signature wall connector, just received it via referral. Have not even opened the box. $500 local pickup in Phx area. Attaching pictures of box and part numbers. Thanks.
  14. Bill D

    Signature Wall Connector $500 - South Florida

    New in-the-box Signature (signed by Elon) Black Wall Connector with 24' Cable. I just received this referral award (after a 3-month wait) and I already have 2 HPWCs installed. I much prefer pick-up here (near Ft. Lauderdale) but I'll ship at cost if necessary.
  15. Ostrichsak

    Want to Buy: Referral Reward Black Wall Connector (HPWC) for $350

    I'm not in a hurry to buy as my NEMA 14-50 is doing the trick just fine so I'm not looking to pay the higher prices some are asking for one of these. If you have one you got from a referral (read: Free) that you want to move quickly w/o needing to take photos, create a listing or deal with tire...
  16. heytae

    High Power (Limited Edition Autographed by Elon, black) Wall Connector, HPWC

    I have a referral award that I'm willing to have drop shipped to you. Brand new, sealed in box, autographed special edition Tesla Wall Connector / Charger. Generation 2, Matte Black Charger, 24ft cable, 80 Amps These are NOT available for purchase from Tesla. You can only get them for...
  17. K

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    Just got email to redeem my referral prize but I already have one. Asking for $600. I've attached screencaps of what I see as I click through the ordering process since there is no particular redemption code. Upon payment receipt, I'll put the preferred shipping address of the interested buyer...
  18. simplesolid

    My HPWC Finally Arrived

    I order the wall charger on Saturday evening and but Monday morning was here, I am very pleased and surprised as I thought it would take a least a couple of weeks for them to ship it and I was even worried that the car would be here first. Here is a quick unboxing video of the wall charger...