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wanted to buy

  1. D

    Expired WTB: 19” Model Y Gemini Wheels [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing WTB: 19” Model Y Gemini Wheels. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. S

    LOOKING FOR PARTS 2018 Model X

    Hello I am looking for a few parts for a 2018 Model X and having a hard time finding!! Used is fine but I'm not finding anything - does anyone know where I could find any of these? Shock Tower 1069415-SO-F Windshield Washer Reservoir 105676700B Front Trunk Molding 1036223-00-F Thank you in...
  3. quickspool

    Wanted Black OEM Arachnids (2012-2020)

    Hello, Looking for a set of 21” black OEM Tesla Model S Arachnid wheels with or without tires (Year 2012-2020) please. Thank you! Andrew.
  4. A

    Looking for unicorn model x

    Looking for a 2017 Model X that was purchased in Jan/March that still has unlimited transferable supercharging.
  5. L

    WTB Tesla Model X, S, or 3 priced around $45k (2016.5/2017 Model S)

    I'm looking to purchase a used Tesla Model S. I will also consider Model 3s if they have Full-Self Driving. Features Desired: Model: S or X Year: 2016.5 or 2017 AWD Price Range: ~$40k to 45k Milage: ideally less than 50k Interior Color: white/tan is desired Autopilot Hardware: Full-Self...
  6. G

    Zero G Perf M3 tires wanted - Ontario

    Looking to purchase the performance offset referral wheels (and tires). Contact if you're looking to sell in the area or willing to ship (reasonable price). Thanks
  7. chadcristi

    Vendor WTB Model 3 Dual Motor (non-performance)

    Looking for one clean, 1-owner Model 3 Dual Motor (not performance) for our niece. Flexible on color. Must be AWD. Will travel to your specified location for pickup. If you are still waiting to take delivery of a new car, we are willing to wait until your new car is ready for delivery. Cash...
  8. 2012MS85

    WTB: Rear Facing Seat

    I used this TMC forum last month to find my dream TESLA - a 2012 P85 in Sig Red with every option except RFS. I fly to Seattle in two days to pick her up and Supercharge home to Iowa. So I'll ask, "Does anyone with RFS want to sell?" All early TESLAs in 2012 came with the reinforced bumper...