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  1. O

    Mr on-route battery warming

    Has the MR received the on-route battery warming yet? Can anyone confirm?
  2. S

    Anyone have experience supercharging a warm battery in cold weather?

    Hi, I'm hoping a Model 3 owner can answer a question for me, which I unfortunately haven't been able to find a direct answer to (as I still don't own an electric car, but am in line for a Model 3). I've seen many counts of annoyed owners charging depleted, cold-soaked batteries at...
  3. Haxster

    Warm-up before aggressive driving?

    ICE or not, I still feel reluctant to be aggressive with the car right after pulling it out of the garage. I know there's no motor oil to warm up or circulate. No radiator coolant to stabilize warming engine parts... But there are still lubricants in the motors, drive train, and suspension and...
  4. jsollender

    Model X Seat Warmer / Heater Meh?

    Just took a road trip up to the Colorado Rockies, 2 week old 90D with cold weather package, etc. My wife in passenger seat tried the seat warmer as it was in the 50's and rainy outside. She loves her Lexus GX seat warmer and commented that at the first setting level 3, the appropriate areas...
  5. David99

    Thermal photos of heated seats

    Inspired by Islandbaby's video, I got myself one of these thermal camera add-ons for my phone. I have a blast using it everywhere around the house and the car. I just tested out the heated seats and it's really interesting how the wires are in the seats.