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  1. C

    Multiple warnings and the steering needed extra effort

    My Tesla is a few months old and had these warnings popped up while driving and the steering got extremely hard(scary while driving). Got it towed to service center and found that Tone Ring is damaged. Why would it get damaged for a new car?
  2. B

    ‘Charge port LEDs may not illuminate’ / brand new Model Y

    MYP just picked up 9/11/22…getting this warning already: ‘Charge port LEDs may not illuminate. Charge port functionality not affected’. Seems to charge fine, but what gives? Couldn’t find an answer on this forum. Thanks
  3. D

    New 2021 M3P - Coolant low warning

    Hey, I collected my M3P on Monday and today I got in the car to see a "coolant low - contact tesla services" warning. There is also what looks like a leak under the car. I tried to contact the services by phone but was put on hold for over an hour so I've assumed they are not working today or...
  4. A

    Front Trunk warning

    Several times a week, I get an on-screen alert that my front trunk is open. I can see the edge of the trunk and confirm that it isn’t open. The warning appears for about a minute and then disappears. I’m worried about the “boy who cries wolf” problem and the possibility that at some point the...
  5. J

    Saw a "P" Icon Appear Briefly on Display - What's That?

    Saw a square icon containing a "P" appear very briefly, just to the right of the car image on the heads up display. It showed twice within about 30 seconds. I could see nothing special about traffic, my lane position, obstacles, etc. I don't remember having ever seen that before (in two...
  6. T

    Warning : Battery Maximum Charge Level Reduced

    On january 10th 2020 I have supercharged my Tesla Model S 85 (12/2013) to 95% as usual since I still have 30km to drive home I arrrived with 290km left range and 88% battery. On the morning of january 11th 2020 when I took the car a message appeared "Battery Maximum Charge Level Reduced". From...
  7. B

    Warning indicators randomly flash when using car browser

    Hello TMC readers. I had a strange occurrence happen to me 3 times in my new model 3 (23 days old). When I have something that is using the car's browser intensely (from the passenger seat) warning indicators will randomly flash when driving or in park. TPMS, Breaking system, and Autosteer...
  8. michidragon

    2019.32.2.2 Blindspot Detection Limited on back country roads..?

    So the reason I bring this i up is: I've been getting "Blindspot Detection Limited" warnings since a week after I got my car in Dec. 2018. They usually came up completely randomly and lasted all day. They've replaced pretty much everything related: Every camera (some several times), the camera...
  9. J

    Periodic Single Short Horn Beeps - Why?

    Went to garage this AM. Fob in pocket, car charging. While I was moving around in garage, horn gave a very, very short beep. Unhooked charging cable and stowed it. Started to take garbage out to curb, and horn beeped again. 3-4 minutes later, it did it again. Have never had that happen...
  10. Anup

    Tesla Model 3 sensor and accident

    Otherwise I love this car. Body shop says the following damage has become quite common lately. I guess people are getting too dependent on these sensors. Just ran into a high curve on the passenger side while getting out of the parking spot. Sensor on the right side gave no visual or audio...
  11. monarck

    Should I be concerned if the 'brake' icon lights up initially then turns off after about a minute?

    Just picked up my Model 3 and have noticed this behavior a few times. Also get a "windshield wiper fluid low" message that eventually goes away as well. Could it be related to the 110 degree + heat?

    How to Keep Hands on Wheel? Reward it.

    New rule: People who keep their hands on the wheel the most get the upgrades first. (I'm gonna hear about this one!) Look at it this way. Those who get repeated warnings - do you want them to test new AP features? I guarantee you will have an immediate improvement... along with a lot of...
  13. fasteddie7

    Take over without being in autopilot

    Here's one for the books. Just got 3 sequential "take over immediately" warnings with the red flash and hands holding the wheel on the display. The kicker: I wasn't using autopilot. Gonna try to catch this one on video.
  14. E

    Disappointment with Tesla service HK

    I'm writing a post here to express my disappointment and frustration about my recent unpleasant experience with Tesla Service HK. My car, which is a 2016 Model S, was towed to the Tesla service center as advised after warning messages "power reduced" and "low vehicle coolant" showed up in the...
  15. B

    car needs service power reduced (newbie)

    Just took delivery of my new MS 75d 2 days ago. This morning after pulling out of garage, I got the "car needs service power reduced" notification/warning. Pulled over to the side of the road. Tried to call Tesla (both local service and roadside). Roadside never picked up and local service...
  16. I

    Tesla HW2 17.5.28 Firmware - No side collision warning?

    A car tried to merge into me and make an illegal left turn. The driver did not see me (most likely due to the blind spot). Tesla, as part of firmware 17.5.28, added side collision warnings, but there was no alert. I'm not even mad at the driver that tried to merge into me. People make mistakes...
  17. raynewman

    Problem with RHD accelerator position.

    In the Right Hand Drive Model S there is a hard piece of trim next to the accelerator (see photo). When one floors the accelerator wearing shoes with an "edge", that edge will get stuck under the trim (see photo 2). and one will head for the horizon at a great speed - BEWARE!