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  1. L

    How to check Tesla X 2018 Warnings/logs/history?

    I rented a Tesla and as soon as I started driving it had a low pressure icon/warning, I didn't realize what that really was until two days after it showed a more flashy message saying it had a low PSI. Found out the tire had a nail on it and it was leaking air slowly. Now, the company is...
  2. R

    Red light and stop sign warning

    Does auto Pilot detect red lights and give an "urgent warning" if it thinks you are about to run it?
  3. S

    Multiple warning messages keep going off

    I've had a performance M3 for almost 4 months with no issues until the day before yesterday (12 Dec 19) when I suddenly started to get a lot of warning messages: Automatic emergency breaking is disabled Traction control disabled Stability control disabled Regenerative breaking disabled And...
  4. Fernand

    Why doesn't Mod3 user interface make reading alerts easier?

    My peripheral vision isn't as good as it was years ago. Maybe it was never great. I know I'm not alone in this. I wear my computer glasses down on my nose, and that works just fine. But much as I LOVE my Model 3 I find the alerts unfathomably poorly done, and I can't help questioning the UI's...
  5. mrfra62

    Strange icon on dashboard / warning sign regenerative braking

    Sometimes I get a weird warning icon when regenerative braking; see attached image. I have called support and they said there was nothing wrong with my car, so I dont have to be concerned about that warning. However, a warning is still a warning and if not inportant why give warning ? So can...

    R and D vs Hold - Dangerous!

    This one's dangerous if not addressed. "Hold" is not a very safe indicator of "Still in D or R, ready to launch" There really needs to be a clear indicator that any touch of the pedal will cause the car to move. My wife pointed out the PRND on screen, top/left corner. Seeing it for the first...
  7. tmxninja

    Weird warnings on my Model X, glitch possibly

    I am getting warnings several times a week, and I just got my car. I have been very please with performance otherwise. So far I have seen: - auto park disabled - suspension disabled - emergency brake disabled It started with auto park warning with exclamation symbol. Then it moved on to...