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  1. Yanquetino

    How many PCS have failed?

    There are now numerous threads in this forum about the battery's PCS in the HV Battery Service Panel breaking down. In the dispute I have filed with Tesla awaiting AAA mediation, it would be helpful to have a rough estimate on how many forum members have experienced this problem. If you are one...
  2. T

    End of warranty question

    The warranty on my 2018 Model 3 expires end of June. As far as I can tell the car is in good shape with no issues, other than the outstanding rear camera cable recall — Should I go ahead and schedule a once over by Tesla before the warranty period ends? I’m sure there would be a cost but...
  3. R

    2013 MS stop light keeps fogging

    My 2013 model S is out of warranty since december 2021, my left stop light has been fogged for 2 months now, resulting on a part of the stop light not working, in April i am taking it to the service center, will they change it on goodwill or will they make me pay for it? I know that they usually...
  4. S

    Trunk Gap and lack of warranty coverage

    Upon purchase and pick up of my Tesla I was told that the large gap on the drivers side of my trunk was within standards. I expressed concern and even refused pick up of my vehicle when purchased due to these concerns and begrudgingly agreed to purchase when told it was within tolerance of...
  5. O

    Extended warranty

    Is there anyway to get extended warranty? I'm in Australia just got a 2017 x 90d. Thanks
  6. P

    Model X Reliability

    Debates are raging about the accuracy of third-party assessments of the Model X's reliability. Please share your firsthand experience here. If you are not a current or prior Model X owner, please do not respond.
  7. J


    SOS: Does anyone have a digital copy of the 2016 Model X P90d limited and power train warranty?! Tesla in Austin is the worst. They refuse to put any effort into finding a copy of the original warranty and tell me they only have the new warranty.
  8. T

    List of Warranty Replacements

    Starting a thread about Warranty Replacements/Repairs. So far, the following has been replaced under warranty: -control arm sealant (this was a proactive fix) -replaced the entire interior front dash -replaced charge port door I have a 2018 Model 3 LR. All replacements occurred in 2021.
  9. U

    Aftermarket coilovers and warranty repairs

    Just an FYI: any suspension modification may result in Tesla not covering warranty repairs of seemingly unrelated suspension components. I took my 2018 M3P to repair/replace wheel bearing (that developed a typical failing sound as I was told) and the manager told me that this can't be covered...
  10. S

    Tire and rim warranty?

    I purchased my model y in august and upgraded my wheels to the induction wheels. Today I slightly grazed a curb and have a little bit of curb rash. Is this covered under any type of new vehicle warranty? Not sure if wheel/tire and rims have any warranty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. T

    Tire sidewall punctuation, warranty claim possible?

    Ever since I took delivery about 4 month ago, one of the tire pressure keep dropping way faster than the rest. Have tesla looked at it once about two month ago when I took it to service for some other AC related issue, they said they couldn't find anything and just filled up the tire way above...
  12. S

    Front seat after warranty replacement

    Hello! I have a question about the replacement of the seats under warranty, because my service has replaced the driver's seat. And now the driver's seat is very different from the passenger's. And that's why I am asking if I have the right to demand replacement of the passenger seat as well? My...
  13. M

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D - w/ many upgrades - 44K miles Excellent condition

    I purchased this vehicle new on December 27, 2017 for $110K. It currently has 44,500 miles as of today, 9/30/2021. Under Warranty until December 27, 2021 - Eligible to purchase Tesla 2yr or 4yr Extended Warranty The car has always been garage kept and always hand washed. I'm located in...
  14. 6

    Model Y Headrest Defect (warping)

    Long story short, my driver's side headrest starting warping early last month (around 2500 miles) and got progressively worse. I put some headrest covers on it temporarily so I can drive comfortably in the meantime. I scheduled a Tesla service visit for this issue last month and it's been pushed...
  15. Casss

    Model s drivetrain & battery warranty - any issues with a thatcham tracker?

    Hopefully putting this in the right place but haven't turned up any relevant answers from a quick search on this forum. Can anyone give me some clarity/peace of mind on this? Basic situation is this: Buying a used model S (in the UK), and my finance provider requires that a Thatcham S6 or S7...
  16. H

    Tesla Charging Me For Front Aero Shield?

    A few days ago, I was driving and noticed a constant dragging sound and when I pulled over I saw there was a piece sticking out from under the car between the front two wheels. Long story short, I saw alot of posts on the forum about the front aero shield being made from fabric and being...
  17. D

    Extended Warranty not available in the UK

    Just coming to the last few days of my Tesla 4 year warranty and looking to extend. Only a few months ago there was an option on the Tesla website to buy a further 4 year warranty/ 50k miles, this influenced my decision to purchase the car after my lease had ended. I called the Tesla service...
  18. Vegas

    So no real warranty for drive failure?

    I previously had shuddering under hard acceleration in the front of the 2015 MS (P90DL/ 147, 000 klms) and the front drive was replaced. Now it has occurred again, at 147K klms. However, I'm now informed by Tesla Service (Brisbane Australia) that drive line warranty only covers, "the high...
  19. E

    Why I'm Not Opting for Full Self-Driving

    I'm inching closer to yielding to temptation and buying a 3 or S. Like all prospective new owners, I'm grappling with the FSD option, and have decided against. I realize many of you sprang for FSD, so I hope I'm wrong! But here fwiw is my reasoning for saving the $10K. If I'm missing...
  20. C

    Solar advice

    Thank you for these forums, I've read a lot and learned a ton. I have been considering tesla solar since getting my model 3. I have interviewed 4 other solar companies and am consistently being warned about tesla's 10-year warranty vs 25 with local companies and the lack of customer support...
  21. mrpseudonym

    ModelX heading out of warranty - any tips or suggestions?

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find any direct references.. Like most early adopters of the ModelX in Australia mine will be out of the 4 year 80k warranty in a few weeks. Any tips or suggestions from older ModelS owners who have trodden this path? A couple of...
  22. E

    2018 LR or 2021 SR+

    I need recommendations on what to do- I can either buy a cheaper 2018 LR with 55k miles that’s out of the basic warranty and has some cosmetic fit and finish issues OR go with a 2021 SR+. I’d prefer LR but am concerned it’s out of warranty with fit and finished issues. What’s the best choice?
  23. R

    Lemon Law for Faulty Turn Signal Stock?

    I’m writing this post in hopes of gettings some thoughts and opinions on my situation. Also, to possibly hear of other owners that have gone through similar situations with Tesla. I got my Model 3 SR+ in August 2019. After a few months of ownership, I started having issues with the turn signal...
  24. M

    Model Y extended warranty and pre-pay service plans?

    A couple related questions. I understand that the Model Y Long Range has a 4 Year/50k mile warranty. Is there an extended warranty plan available? (source: Vehicle Warranty ) Also, in my previous Model S I was able to pre-purchase service visits. Is that still available? Also, how often are...
  25. K

    Glare + Streaking after new wipers + windshield. Dangerous! Any ideas?

    Hi guys, hoping to get your held and opinion regarding poor visibility in my Model 3 during wet weather. *** There are videos below of the issue. Please watch it and if you want to know more about what my thoughts are read below, especially last bolded paragraphs *** My original windshield came...
  26. S

    Non-Tesla Charger Warranty issues

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I couldn't find it mentioned. I would like to install a Tesla wall charger in Sheffield, but all this talk of additional electrical requirements in the UK and expense is off-putting. However, the Tesla dealer told me if I use any other home charger any...
  27. jordanthompson

    Extended Warranty for my Model X - Is it worth it?

    Hi all, I have 30K miles on my 2018 X. I am debating getting the extended warranty from Tesla. I have had quite a few issues with the car (minor and major) and had originally planned on keeping it for 8-10 years. I understand that there is a deductible for every repair and the up-front cost...
  28. B

    Extended Service Agreement

    I tried searching for relevant posts in the last 12-18 months but didn't find anything. Tesla is notoriously capricious with their their practices, prices, etc so I wanted to get an updated discussion on what people think about the Extended Service Agreement (ESA)? My MS comes out of warranty...
  29. X

    Used Model X paint defect - warranty issue

    Hi all, Purchased my 2017 model X from Tesla last month and there's a swarm of issues we have been dealing with... One issue we recently noticed was the roof of the vehicle has faded paint, which looks clearly like a defect. However, upon sending the picture to the service center via text (not...
  30. A

    Warranty transfer info (unlimited miles drive unit & battery)

    Just for my own information what is the deal with the tesla warranty on these model 3 and third party sales. I believe in 2019 they changed the warranty language and terms completely for the drive unit, battery degradation etc but they will still honor the original warranty at the time of...
  31. P

    Model 3 Warranty - 4 years but 12 months or 12,000 for Rattle?

    After several months after I took delivery of a M3 LR Dual Motor, the left side door developed a rattle that sounded like a loose screw. Due to the Covid-19 and California Stay Home order, I did not try to bring it in thinking I have 3 years plus warranty to address it. I recently made an...
  32. V

    2016 MX - 6 Seater - White/White - HW3 Upgraded - $60K

    For Sale is a 2016 MX 6 seater. White on White. 41K Miles. HW3 upgraded as part of FSD package. Premium connectivity for life. PUP Package (Self presenting doors, BioHzd Air Filtration) and Interior Lighting Package. Tesla Warranty upto Feb 2024. ( 3 years and 7months remaining) Please see...
  33. N

    If MCU1 fails under warranty, can MCU2 be negotiated cheaper?

    Has anyone had this experience & tried? Say $1000 to $1500 for the upgrade?
  34. airborne spoon

    Battery Warranty Documents

    Does anyone have a copy of the warranty documentation from 2017, to include the battery warranty section? I bought my 2014 S P85D as a CPO from Tesla in May of 2017 and I have moved since and lost my warranty paperwork. I tried to find it on google but all that comes up is the new warranty that...
  35. SocalMS

    Model S Tesla - Broken Visor - Under Warranty - Tesla Offers to Glue it Back On

    I have a broken driver's side mirror visor (that I never use). The plastic clip broke and the mirror fell off. I attempt to get it warrantied. Tesla offers to glue the piece back on for me... with their super amazing glue.. (because apparently my glue wasn't good enough). Or charge me...
  36. T

    Extended Service Agreement

    Hi All. I know this comes down ultimately to my appetite for risk but I'd like to know what others think of the Extended Service Agreement deal from Tesla? I can't seem to open the details from Tesla.com at the moment (browser reporting too many redirects after I log-in) and so I can't see the...
  37. M

    Questions regarding reliability

    I recently posted on the Tesla subreddit about being excited to buy my first Model 3 (LR AWD) to which I got a bunch of happy responses of course, but I also asked for maintenance and reliability information from owners who have had the car for 2+ years. I've gotten a lot of people mentioning...
  38. .FP.

    Just ordered a Model S

    Hi all, first of all, thanks for all the help so far. The feedback and information I was able to learn from everyone is greatly appreciated. I am buying a used Model S 100D through Tesla and had a few questions I was hoping you experienced folks can help answer. 1. Has anyone's delivery fee...
  39. M

    2015 Tesla Model S 85 Auto Pilot Warranty 52,000 Miles in NJ

    2015 Tesla S 85 Dark blue Autopilot 1.0, cold weather package, panoramic roof and power lift gate. Full bumper to bumper Tesla warranty until September 2021 or 100,000 miles. Current mileage is 52,000. Title in hand. $38,900
  40. gnelson

    2020 Long Range Plus Model S

    I recently took delivery of a 2020 Model S with a claimed range of 391 mi. I did a range charge yesterday morning and the Model S indicated my range to be 361 mi. I didn't need a range charge for my trip from Las Vegas to Joshua Tree National Park, but I wanted to see the maximum range of my car...
  41. D

    Is the 12v battery a warranty item under the New Car Warranty?

    My 12v battery died, and my service center is claiming that the 12v battery is a wear and tear item, and is not covered under the new vehicle warranty. I am currently well under the 4 year/50K mile threshhold. (2.8 years and 25K miles or so) I have searched the forum, and come across no...
  42. markli

    Model 3 Rocker Panel Paint peeling off

    So one day I was walking around my car and make sure my center cap on all my tire are still in, I noticed a mark on my R side rocker panel by FR door. I when ahead and touched the layer of paint just slide right off my car leaving base paint behind.
  43. B

    HELP! MCU1 died. Anyone know how I push to get MCU2?

    I have a Feb 2017 Model S 90D. My MCU1 completely died. I dropped it off at service center and asked if I can pay the difference in price to upgrade given the car is under warranty. Might as well, right? But, he said only Tesla owner's who have been given the offer can upgrade. Is that true...
  44. T

    Battery Pack Failed in Less Than One Year (>13,000 miles)

    I have to say that I felt the Tesla Model 3 was one of my best purchases for as long as I can remember. However, these error messages began to prompt less than 15,000 miles: Electrical system power reduced: Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly Vehicle may not restart: Service is required and...
  45. robertmanning

    Battery Replaced Under Warranty - 30+ miles below rated range

    My 2014 Model S60 battery failed two weeks ago. I received it back today and I looked like the range was odd. I believe the S60 was rated at 208 and when I got home I decided to charge it to 100% to check the range and at 100% it is 173. They told me I was getting a refurbished pack. I...
  46. T

    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    I have a 2017 Model S100D. Purchased new - paid $120k back then. It's been a great car, albeit with many service issues. At first, Tesla service was exceptional. They would drive 60 miles each way from the Gigafactory 1 to Lake Tahoe to perform onsite service. And the mobile technicians...
  47. Jomak

    Is there value in the Tesla 4yr CPO warranty?

    I am looking at used MS on EV-CPO and you can sort by 4yr CPO warranty and I got to thinking after reading stories and watching youtube...is there any value in this? Why would I not buy a car from a dealer or private party as well? Is this 4yr CPO warranty worth anything? Should you buy used...
  48. J

    battery degradation threshold for warranty: 70% of what?

    The question is the following: -I bought the my Tesla Model 3 SR+ back in june 2019, it has around 20,000 km now (13,000 miles) -Back when I bought it, the displayed range was 380km, as advertised by Tesla at the moment of purchase -Later, as it can be seen on the Tesla site nowadays, the EPA...
  49. C

    SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement

    Can anyone point me to the policy under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that protects US vehicle warranty? I’m running into an issue here in South Korea where the Tesla Service Center would not fix the heater of my Model 3 (purchased only June 2019) because I am “out of region”. But, if I...
  50. DrTaras

    2016 Tesla Model X P90DL Ludicrous PIMPED-Unlimited SuperCharging-6 or 7 Psgr-TSportline 22" Wheels

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous PIMPED OUT 6 or 7 Passenger: TSportline Wheels Unlimited SuperCharging Transferable-Matte Black/Red Don't be hesitant to make an offer!!! This is MY car (I'm not a dealer)! Tesla Wrote Me (Warranty & SuperCharging): Super Charging: "Since your Model X was...

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