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  1. M

    Safe to Wash a Tesla with RainX Spot Free Car Wash?

    I just got this and want to wash my model 3 highland. Unfortunately, after purchasing I read multiple 1 star amazon reviews saying it left an ugly film on the glass and body. Does anyone have some experience with this one? I really don't care about the "no wiping needed" etc. I only want to make...
  2. Sizzlr

    Model Y Quick Wash

    This is a quick but complete wash and dry of my Model Y Performance...
  3. Ostrichsak

    Car Wash Mode: The Requirement to Apply Brake to Access Free Roll/Drive is Dangerous

    When in Car Wash Mode, we should be able to put the car back into drive from neutral/free roll without applying the brakes first at the end. For automatic car washes where you're on a conveyor belt with a car staged directly behind you, the last thing you want to do is engage the brakes at any...
  4. T

    PPF with Automatic Car Wash

    Just had my Model Y wrapped with Xpel Stealth and am curious to see if anyone else uses automatic car washes regularly with PPF installed? Thanks
  5. M


    Hello Everyone! New member here, I am a detailer located in the greater Philadelphia area and I am a huge Tesla and car enthusiast in general, I'm also a shine enthusiast and figured I could showcase some vehicles that we have protected! If you aren't in the same state and cant come by and talk...
  6. P

    Waxing brand new Tesla 3

    How long should a person wait to apply wax to a brand new Tesla 3? Is it ok to apply a wax coat right away or should I wait a period of time?
  7. Tony_YYZ

    You guys ready for summer?

    I FINALLY got around to giving my car its first hand wash of the year. A lot less grime to remove than I thought there would be. It's finally presentable again and the red is popping nicely in the sun. Did you guys get around to cleaning up your cars? Post em up!
  8. zhu-

    Post your before and after winter wash photos

    First time I've had a chance to do a proper wash this year. Thought I'd share a before and after photo. Dirt mostly from last week's snow: After wash and seal. There looks to be some white streaks on the bumper but it's light coming through a fence. I actually went to check after seeing...
  9. Jaywlker

    Baby’s 1st Wash

    That 2002 Ford Escape next to Tessy in the 2nd photo? My old ride for the last 16 years, “Betsy.” Betsy, meet Tessy. Tessy, Betsy. I know you’ve been reliable for 16 years, Betsy, but Tessy has things you don’t, and she doesn’t have an ICE. She is the future. I’ll always have fond...
  10. Kbra

    Waterless Carwashes

    We tried out this waterless carwash on both a white and blue Model 3 with very good results. Definitely recommended for light dirt removal and wax.
  11. T

    Winter Washing

    I'm curious what other fellow northern Model 3 owners do come winter time to keep their cars clean. Besides the obvious, keep your car in a garage, how does everyone wash their cars? I'm wondering if there's a good way to wash my car without a car wash even when it might be below freezing.
  12. TravMor

    Touch - Car Wash... Who has taken the chance?

    We've all seen the warnings about only using touch-free car washes, but I am curious if anyone has actually taken their M3 through a car wash that isn't touch-free?
  13. O

    Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All vs Car Guys Hybrid Wax Sealant

    Hi all, I bought these two to get my feet wet in taking care of my car's paint but I was wondering if people had experience with combining them, and if there's any harm in doing so. The reason I ask is although these products get very high ratings, they both seem very ambiguous in terms of...
  14. O

    Always outdoors, Bay Area care recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm a recent M3 owner and have probably one of the worst combos of all time: I'm OCD about paint quality, but I don't have a garage. The car is always outdoors, 50/50 out in the sun, and almost always near pollen. I'm still eager to keep the car in as top shape as I can so I'm curious...
  15. K

    Lots of Model 3 Newbie Questions- Hawaii

    Aloha! I configured my M3 and I'm in the "waiting" zone for delivery. In the meantime, I'm trying to kill time by looking at after market accessories and planning on how to protect my new baby when she arrives. If anyone has thoughts on the following, I would appreciate your advice: 1)...
  16. S

    Pressure wash model3 at home?

    Did you do it? How did it go? What settings did you use? Any tips?
  17. Az_Rael

    So glad I had my Model 3 wrapped!

    We had a NASTY windstorm last week. Sustained winds of 35mph and gusts up to 50mph that lasted all day. I could hear my car getting absolutely sand-blasted both to and from work. I was hearing pretty good sized pebbles hit my car as I drove through the various sand clouds. Ugh. Finally...
  18. fasteddie7

    Single digit temperature washing

    Just pulled in my (not heated) garage and looked at my salt covered Tesla. Forcast shows single digit temperatures for the next 10 days, just wondering what everyone is doing to keep their Teslas clean during this mess. I've used the touchless in the past around 32 degrees and other than the...
  19. fasteddie7

    OMG the bugs!

    I needed to take a four hour road trip from PA to Ohio. Upon arriving and looking at the front of my white model s, I now feel like there are extinct insect species as they are now on the front of my car. Anyone who has experience, are chemical bug and tar removers safe on the sensors up there...
  20. fasteddie7

    Squeaking while driving after wash

    We had a bad rain last night and I drove through some thick mud and gravel near my house. My wheels and wells were caked this morning so I drove slowly to a nearby car wash and sprayed the mud off with the washer. For a few miles I could hear the remaining rocks and mud come out of places it...
  21. T

    Carwash - safe or not

    Hi, I've got a car approaching delivery soon and am wondering about carwashes. I've not seen much in terms of pros/cons of washing it through a gas station carwash. I see that a touchless/drive-in, drive-out carwash is recommended in the manual as opposed to the "push-through" method, but has...