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washer fluid

  1. 1JenJen

    Replacing the wiper fluid tank?

    I had a large rat in my garage that somehow managed to chew a hole through my 2016 Model S wiper fluid tank/reservoir. Had a nice large puddle of wiper fluid under my car when I left the garage today. Has anyone tried replacing these? I could call Tesla for service but I like working on things...
  2. PrGrPa

    Washer hose wear/tear

    Anyone had any problems with washer hoses wearing or tearing above the reservoir? This is a Q3 2019 RHD UK SR+ I’ve seen posts on the Y-connector not being connected. This seems different. Prompted to fill my SO’s washer reservoir. Only took 1L and reached the limit. operated the washer and...
  3. S

    When do your windshield washers spray?

    Up until about three weeks ago, my washers sprayed when the wipers were traveling up the windshield. I think that's when they are supposed to spray. Then I made the 'mistake' of trying service mode for the wipers, just to see it in action. It worked pretty much as I expected, but I notice ever...
  4. cookpwr

    Windshield Wiper - Fluid - Discovery

    Used the Model 3 windshield wipers for the first time today and was surprised to find the windshield fluid is built into the wipers themselves and not "spray nozzles mounted on/under the hood" as in most every other car I've owned. Very cool innovation.