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  1. RubinRA

    Washing tips?

    Basic questions, I know, but . . . --I have protective film on the front of my M3, and ceramic coating all over. Any tips on the best way to wash these and remove road grime? What kind of detergent? Cloths? Brushes? --Also, what's the best way to clean the rear window without damaging the...
  2. S

    Dust and dirt a constant problem

    We live in a semi rural area and have a major problem with dust/dirt from the roads. has anyone found a coating- PPF or ceramic or something else that would cut down on the need to wash the car. It would be daily washing if we want to keep it clean, but we are lazy and do it once a week. The...
  3. J

    North London decent car wash

    Hi guys, Just got a M3! I did some reading online about how people recommend washing teslas and was a little intimidated by how difficult it seems to do a good job. I also don't have access to a hose as I only have street parking. With that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations for a...
  4. X

    Automated wash service and Aero wheels

    Any good, quick automated wash services in the Natick, Wellesley, Framingham area for the Model 3? Personally, I don’t really worry about touch vs touch-less systems for the paint etc. My biggest worry is the rails of these systems damaging the Aero caps. I don’t want to be in the business of...
  5. CertLive

    Who has a shinier car than me? (1 hours work)

    Like a Mirror! Snow foam then rinse + Maguire's wash and wax carnauba then rinse and dry boom! Simple and for the winter maybe some ceramic spray to repel.
  6. K

    Car Washing Redux

    Hey Guys and Gals My M3 is my first dark colored car (Blue), and I'm discovering the show of dirt. Not on most of the car, bit on the rear - like the read bumper and the license plate area. I know, wash the car Not a problem except here in NYC, this time of year, you are darned lucky to get 48...
  7. C

    Mode 3 Car Wash in Daly City CA

    Guys I just moved to Daly City, CA for school and I don’t know where to take my model 3 for a good but not expensive (~$20) car wash. Anyone have any recommendations? I’m open to driving a few miles if I have to.
  8. tyking2

    Grand Rapids, MI New Car Detailer

    For those Tesla owners in West Michigan, I found an excellent detailer that does amazing work at a reasonable price. Full paint correction services, ceramic coatings, etc. Also sells high end do-it-yourself products. I'm only endorsing his work based on my experience and his professionalism...
  9. legend502

    Washing Model S - Chemical Guys - Question

    Hey forum I have a question; I have Black model S; using the chemical guys waterless solution, two towels and I have having these awful streaks on the front hood that I driving me nuts. I don't notice on anywhere else on the car. I have the front Xpel wrapped (75% of the entire car is wrapped)...
  10. E

    Pollen Under Headlights

    Hey guys! Any tips on cleaning pollen/dirt out from under the headlights on the Model S? I can’t seem to wash it out and nothing seems to fit between the bottom of the headlights and bumper. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
  11. Daniellane

    Foam Cannon - Deionized Water or Not??

    Recently bought a Spottless Double Chuck Deionized water filter system. Very pleased with the performance and ease of use. My question is for those who use foam cannons. Is it ok to use the ionized water for the rinse only? Is their a significant advantage of running deionized water through the...
  12. J

    Hand Car Wash in NW Houston?

    Anybody have a recommendation for a hand car wash location in Northwest Houston, the nearer to Cypress area, the better? TIA
  13. fasteddie7

    OMG the bugs!

    I needed to take a four hour road trip from PA to Ohio. Upon arriving and looking at the front of my white model s, I now feel like there are extinct insect species as they are now on the front of my car. Anyone who has experience, are chemical bug and tar removers safe on the sensors up there...