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  1. X

    Trunk Latch Water Leak

    I just bought a 2013 Model S P85 and yesterday it rained. Today I go to grab something out of the trunk and a large amount of water comes pouring out of the latch and adjustable trunk rubber. I noticed there was also water in the inner tail light. I found this YouTube video which explains...
  2. Y

    Backing up an On-Demand / Tankless (electric) water heater with Powerwall(s)

    Wondering if anyone has used a Tesla PV/ESS setup with on-demand / tankless (specifically electric) water heaters? TL;DR...could you split a 36kW tankless electric water heater across both your backed up load center and non-backed up (main panel) to have some hot water in the event of a power...
  3. Bizmarck

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    Hello, I wanted to share my current experience with my 2018 Tesla model 3 performance and the issue I’m dealing with right now. The car has been absolutely perfect for the last 75,000 miles with zero issues needing addressed in that time. We had a large storm here in Michigan yesterday as I was...
  4. A

    [Consequences of driving through] Flood water?

    Should I be concerned of water contamination in the motor oil and damage to components after driving through water above the door sills.
  5. N

    Wading depth

    Hey there folks, How deep can a Model X go trough water? I'm not referring to flooded roads but to river crossings (Iceland). Meaning the car will be "underwater" for maximum half a minute. So how deep of a river (or standing water) can I cross with a model X?
  6. plasmo

    Water found in passenger front footwell on 2021 Model Y

    I just got my Model Y a few months ago. We haven't had any hard rain until recently, and today when driving home after my Y was parked all day in the rain at work, I noticed that my front passenger foot well was covered with water, like someone had sat there (no one did). Is this a known...
  7. Carspotter Daily

    Question about water ingress surrounding frunk

    Hi all, Today I power washed my 2021 Model 3 SR+ at a local auto wash and when I lifted the frunk lid after finishing I was shocked to see water and soap on the plastic surrounding the frunk. The frunk was dry however - the hefty seal around it definitely prevented any ingress. I removed the...
  8. andyro

    2012 Sig Motor Fault 3 months out of Warranty

    My 2012 Sig (S2108) blew its motor yesterday 3 months out of the 8yr drivetrain warranty. It's Spring here in Canada - car has been in freezing temps since October, parked outside, but always under a carport. Here's the thing, when Tesla service opened up the motor after faulting to the point of...
  9. S

    First rain of the season outside and inside the car.

    Model 3 purchased Oct 2019. We had our first rain of the season overnight and when I went out to the car this morning there was a puddle on the center console. Looked up and the headliner near the rear view mirror is damp and slightly detached in the driver side as compared to the passenger...
  10. Seth2020

    Does Tesla roof have a special coating?

    I know the roof has special UV filters in it. These do not need to be an outer coating, they can be part of the glass. But we also know how the Tesla roof beads water... this is interesting 1. Does the Tesla roof have a special coating on it? 2. Does the Tesla roof require any special care...
  11. Spacep0d

    Water Intrusion in Model 3?

    Howdy, A friend showed me some videos where there's water intrusion in to the Model 3 (and possibly other models). Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I'm hoping it will be by the time I can order my Model 3 in April. I heard that it had something to do with windshield fitment issues...
  12. J

    Model 3: boot uit water trekken op helling

    Hallo, Heeft iemand al ervaring met het uit het water halen van een boot. Dus met de trailer op een helling staan? Normaal gesproken gaat de bestuurder de auto uit om te helpen bij de trailer, kan dat in de parkeerstand? Of moet 'de voet op de rem' blijven? Dank je, groeten, Johan
  13. J

    Model 3: tow a boat out of the water from a ramp

    Hi, It's wintertime, so next week I have to drag my boat (approx 600kg incl. trailer) out of the water on a ramp. Anyone has experience with this? Can I leave the car while it's on parking brake? Use creep mode? etc. M3-AWD-LR Thanks, Johan Netherlands
  14. S

    Are Window Seal Gaps an Issue? (Not regular condensation in glass)

    I noticed that on my driver side, the seal that's between the back seat window and the little window has some gaps on the top and the side (little window side). The passenger side is perfect and tight. I don't expect this to really be an issue, but I'm wondering what would happen if a little...
  15. M+K.Reeser

    Gotta love a good surprise.

    So, I open the frunk Sunday and find water in it. Having just had the fenders and windshield replaced due to a faulty garage door opener I assumed it was a misalignment since it had rained the day before. I contacted Marshall Auto body in Waukesha Wisconsinn who had done the initial repair. (A...
  16. D

    Model S - Water in Door wells

    After heavy rains I get water in the door wells of my Model s 2017. I've taken in for service twice and had seals redone and one of the doors reset... wondering if anyone else has/had that problem??
  17. C

    Water inside door after rain or car wash

    So I noticed that there's water inside the door after it rains or I go through a car wash even after a day or so. I noticed that because the windows roll down a bit, and when they roll up they're wet. If I roll the whole window down, it comes up all wet even a day after it rained. Is this...
  18. J

    Water Pooling in Frunk After Automated Touchless Car Wash

    Hi, I was just wondering if any other Model 3 owners have experienced this. I just took my car through an automated touchless car wash for the second time (took delivery in Sept 2018) and confirmed that water seeps into the frunk and pools up after the car wash. Sometime after the first car...
  19. R

    Water entering from bottom of trunk, strange screw piercing trunk?

    We recently had flash flooded roads here in the Philly area. I was driving through some serious (inch or two) but not life threatening areas of roads where the water was moving quickly. This resulted in a lot of splashes up against the underside of my car, I'm sure (probably worse than going...
  20. W

    Leaking inside the car!

    Hello, Today I discovered our brand new Tesla model X had some leaking issues under heavy rain. the leaking seemed to be coming from the dome light and the back window. Does anyone else have this problem or an explanation!
  21. W

    Water Repair Checklist?

    So this was sitting on the dashboard of my Model 3. Took a picture of it on the Tesla lot. Was told of a delivery delay pertaining to some “minor cosmetic” issues. Delivery specialist says paint chip on trunk and it needs to go to body shop. But this water repair checklist has got me nervous...
  22. Electric700

    Out of Water in California as Lakes, Rivers and Wells go Dry

    Out of Water Do any Californians know of charities that are helping deliver water to people in need? Please post here so that people who'd like to help can do so.
  23. B


    For those of you in other areas and that just read trivial news about the election or whatever, it turns out there is this bizarre hurricane rolling up the Atlantic seaboard as we type. Its going to do this really weird thing and hang a hard left at Delaware and roll on over New Jersey Monday...
  24. brianman

    Warranty (esp. driving through floods!)

    Another Rod and Barbara post, this time a warranty PDF ... Punch list, Page 3 (Warranty link) | Tesla Motors Attaching it here in case it disappears at the original location. Edit: The original PDF link looks better than when I tried to save it locally (and attached here). Hrm. Looks like...