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  1. pmich80

    Watts Usage Per Kilometre

    For those of you that have your Model 3, what watts usage have you been getting in your model 3? I think the target is 150 watts per km. (75,000 watts battery divided by 499 km range) = 150 watts/km range. It'd be great to get screen caps and updates as more and more individuals get their...
  2. ElectricAvenue

    Driving 1 mile vs. powering a 1500W electric heater.

    I am trying to get an idea of what 300wh/mile means. I have a few of those small electric heaters in the house that I use in the winter time, they are rated as 1500 watts. My Model S says that I am averaging about 300wh/mile (watt hours per mile). Does this mean that the Tesla can go 5 miles...