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  1. M


    Hello Everyone! New member here, I am a detailer located in the greater Philadelphia area and I am a huge Tesla and car enthusiast in general, I'm also a shine enthusiast and figured I could showcase some vehicles that we have protected! If you aren't in the same state and cant come by and talk...
  2. T

    DIY care recommendations

    I've gone back and forth on what extra steps to take on caring for the paint of my Model 3 and I think I might end up on doing a DIY ceramic coating or at a minimum an application of a good wax for the winter. The problem is I'm in MN and the weather is getting colder and I wonder if doing...
  3. O

    Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All vs Car Guys Hybrid Wax Sealant

    Hi all, I bought these two to get my feet wet in taking care of my car's paint but I was wondering if people had experience with combining them, and if there's any harm in doing so. The reason I ask is although these products get very high ratings, they both seem very ambiguous in terms of...
  4. O

    Always outdoors, Bay Area care recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm a recent M3 owner and have probably one of the worst combos of all time: I'm OCD about paint quality, but I don't have a garage. The car is always outdoors, 50/50 out in the sun, and almost always near pollen. I'm still eager to keep the car in as top shape as I can so I'm curious...
  5. selfbp

    Wiper Chattering/ skipping

    I’m so frustrated. I put some RainX on the windshield about an month ago and it hasn’t rained much since, yet I drove recently in the rain and noticed my blades chatter/skip/hop a little bit. So I thought. Hmm maybe just needs some more RainX around that area. So I recoated it all. HELL NO...
  6. 2

    What car wax do you use?

    What car wax do you guys use after washing your MS? Any recommendations? I've been using Meguiar's NXT tech wax 2.0 (liquid) but it doesn't seem to last long or give that nice sheen to the car. FYI, I just apply and wipe off - don't use a buffer. Thanks!
  7. JimVandegriff

    Wax on, Wax off

    Yep, I'm a waxer. Anyone have any experiences with their Tesla's liking or disliking any of the popular brands? I'm planning on getting some wax at a local store tomorrow, and then practicing my circular motion.