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  1. D

    Waze Perform Like iPhone App On Model 3?

    I've seen a lot of discussion about Waze on Tesla and TeslaWaze but I haven't seen a definitive answer to my question: Is it possible to get Waze to perform like the iPhone Waze navigation app. All I've been able to get is a static map with active icons. Do I have to use my iPhone to get the...
  2. BrownMS

    2019.32.12.7 browser working again

    This morning after downloading the new update last night got in the car and opened sketchpad and then browser and it instantly opened up tesla waze for me I was shocked. This is a 13 non ap mcu1 car hope it keeps working now
  3. S

    Tesla Nav vs Waze in Toronto: Opinions wanted please!

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a Model 3 SR+. Can people from Toronto please share their experiences with Tesla Nav vs Waze? It really concerns me that the SR+ maps don't show live traffic data (I like to be able to see it because sometimes I will take alternate routes based on the red and...
  4. R

    New audio bug w/ Waze

    Just in the past week and most recent release, both in my Model S and my Model 3, when my iPhone has Waze active (constant for me), the initial act of opening Waze takes over hands-free audio and completely changes/worsens the sound quality of whatever is music or podcast is playing in the car...
  5. B

    Tesla Waze

    Ever since the brouhaha re Google charging for development a few months ago, my Tesla Traffic Incidents and Information has been very on and off -- mostly off. It will ask me to allow location access and then just not work. Mostly, it'll show the screen as it was the last time it was working...
  6. fact200

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    Because the built-in Google maps for some reason don't show simple traffic accidents and Waze incidents: Waze for Tesla Incidents