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  1. N

    2020 Model X Long Range Tires

    Hi Everyone. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. I have a 2020 Model X Long Range, Standard 20" Wheels with 10,000 Miles. The vehicle had service done on both the right and left halfshafts in April at about 8,500 miles as there was a grinding sound when accelerating or slowing. Apparently...
  2. G

    Model Y Interior door handle leather wearing out

    In my 2021 model Y with black interior, the outside of my left knee has worn a spot in the interior door handle. Now when I wear light colored pants, I get black spots from the leather. Has anyone else experienced this and what remedies have you tried? Will the service center fix this? Thanks...
  3. thenaimis

    P100D tire wear and alternatives

    My S has pretty significant tire wear on both the inside and outside of the tire tread. These seems to suggest under inflation of the tires, which is entirely possible but the TPMS hasn't complained. I'm not sure offhand at what pressures it starts complaining nor am I sure at what pressures...
  4. dacastro4

    Android Wear

    Hey guys, I made this standalone Android Wear app for Tesla: Google Store Play Link. I was hoping to get some feedback. I'm going to work in more features and voice commands and stuffs like that.
  5. fasteddie7

    Highway or country road driving question

    Hi all! I have around a 82 mile commute each day round trip that I could take one of two routes on my way to work and back home. One is almost entirely highway with tolls costing me $99.86 monthly, the other is single lane, occasional double lane, yellow divided country road with no tolls. I...
  6. S

    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    Well, I'm one of those earlier cars with 21" staggered setup and not too long ago (4 months and about 10000 miles) my rear left tire decided to play a joke with me last night. As soon as the tire sensor warned me about low pressure, I pulled over and once I got out of the car I heard the loud...