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  1. T

    Weather delay?

    Is weather delay a thing? I feel like it’s a lie from Tesla. I ordered a model Y in early July. Same experience as everyone else: original timeline was 4-8 weeks, then it delivery estimate kept moving. Finally got a note saying my car would be here by Nov 19. I got a VIN. I was contacted by...
  2. PhilRogers

    Still baffled by range issue

    I love my car (SR+) and I have read the manual. Please don't flame me. I have posted elsewhere, but I am still concerned by range. One bit of background. I got it in April, and actually it already had 600 miles on it when I got it. (It was a demonstrator at the dealer and yes, there was a...
  3. D

    Taking Delivery at Service Center When Raining?

    I am looking at the extended weather forecast for next weekend when I am scheduled to pick up my MY at local SC, and it has changed from sunny to T&L and rain. Obviously that can change a dozen times before then, after all it is a forecast 1 week out. But just in case it is actually raining...
  4. R

    Model 3, AWD Tires

    I am in Winnipeg, Canada. It is very clod here (average winter temp is -25C i.e. -13 F) and I am definitely getting winter tires, when Car is coming next week. My question is: We are planning a long toad trip from Winnipeg to Florida - 2,200 miles (3,600 KMs) one way. I start from Winnipeg...
  5. djroberts

    Anyone in San Diego want to buy an All Weather front cargo mat?

    I have a new Tesla brand all weather cargo mat. I don't feel like shipping it or dealing with Ebay. If you're here in SD I'll sell it for $50. Costs $70 new. HMU.
  6. SparkyB

    The effect of rain on range

    I just took my first road trip in the TESLA and noticed that my range was less than expected. It meant a little additional time charging... Conservative planning, so I started thinking about why. If you walk down the street there might be some wind that pushes back or helps you along...
  7. P

    I'd love a Model 3, but unsure my conditions (charger availability and weather) are good enough

    Hi everyone, Considering getting a Model 3. I’m aware the batteries loose efficiency when cold, but here’s my situation... I rent an apartment and have outdoor parking only. Also, I can’t install a plug, no outlets outside (not even 120V) and I don't own the place so I can't really modify it...
  8. dhelmly

    (UPDATED) Topfit New floor mats for the Model X

    I'm updating my post from Sept 2016: I changed my Amazon 5 Star rating of the Topfit mats to a 2 Star rating after owning them for 1.5 years (early Model X owner #40XX ). No question these are best looking mats for the X that I've seen to date and I got compliments all the time. With only 14K...
  9. C

    Cold Weather Got Me Thinking ahead about Battery Replacement

    Let me start with I love my Telsa. I have not illusions about the battery lasting forever. I have seen a regular and expected degradation of the battery over its life and that to date has not concerned me. With that out of the way, this recent cold snap (-4 degrees F) stole 10 miles from my...
  10. fasteddie7

    Stronger, more aggressive Regen?

    Over the past week or so I've noticed my Regen is a little stronger than usual. It's been really cold where I live, and after I precondition for 45 minutes or so (with the new battery warming feature) and when I leave, I still have the dotted lines for limited Regen (pic attached) but it seems...
  11. fasteddie7

    Climate always on or precondition?

    Here's a question for the Tesla family: snowy day, 32° F out, expecting 3-5 inches, at work for 8 hours with no covered parking. I leave with 100% and get to work with 80% SOC. Do I : 1. Leave the always on climate at 65 or so to prevent build up of snow on the windows and keep the car...
  12. fasteddie7

    Plugging into random 110 outlet

    The mall near my work (50 miles from home) just added an rural King store and they just put in six 110v outlets along the outside of the store. We are expecting more cold weather and a good bit of snow over the next week. Is it kosher if I get stuck overnight to just plug in for a few hours or...
  13. selfbp

    Beating mother nature’s charging limitations for winter

    I’ve seen it discussed that charging will warm the battery up to allow for better temperatures for winter charging. Also I’ve read that charging before you drive can help you preheat the pack. But is it possible to keep the pack warm all the time by keeping the charge rate around 10A~...
  14. T

    Aftermarket X'ccessories

    Hi All, Disclaimer -- no intention to promote these products, only to see if others have an opinion and rate how beneficial each may be to a new X. I have a 5 Seater on the way & it's time to consider ordering any or all of these. Due to price, I'd like some opinions first. 1: Wheel...
  15. fasteddie7

    Heated steering wheel not working

    my model S 60D September 2016's heated steering wheel suddenly stopped working. I've rebooted both screens, tried toggling settings on and off, nothing I do seems to work. Could it have really gone out this quickly? I have a service appointment in the first week of April for my 12,500 service so...
  16. fasteddie7

    New HPWC install question

    hi all! My model s comes Tuesday, before my garage can be built, so we are installing the hpwc on the outside of the house in the meantime. My question is: We have a 200 amp breaker box, the copper wiring to the garage is on a 100 amp breaker. Will this be ok to plug directly into the HPWC? If...
  17. fderheide

    Weather App

    someone with some pull tweet Elon to develop a weather app. I have found myself wanting to monitor the weather on road trips and the daily drive to kids activities. Unfortunately weather.com loads too much crap to be effective in the browser. Anyone have a stop gap solution? I want some radar.
  18. fasteddie7

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! Ordering a 60d Model S and I have some ?'s

    What are some things that all of you current owners wish you knew when ordering? I'm new to zero emission vehicles, and I live in western Pennsylvania, so my primary available charger will be the one I install at my home. Is the necessary hardware included with the S or will there be more for...
  19. Mayhemm

    Ideas to protect an outdoor HPWC from the elements...

    I'm considering installing a HPWC along the highway I travel on the way out of town in order to make that drive easier. However, this means mounting the HPWC outdoors (likely on a utility pole). I know the units are outdoor rated, but we can get some pretty serious weather here in SK...
  20. Gabzqc

    Google Map with Netatmo weather station data and Superchargers

    Hi all, Not a programmer or engineer in any way, but would like to have a map where I can turn on and off different layers to check different data from around the world. -- NETATMO I currently have access to the Netatmo Weather Station map (home weather stations that upload their weather data...
  21. R

    Where can I _physically_ pick up accessories?

    Hi, I want to order All Weather mats and the Tire Repair Kit, but I see no need to order online and pay for shipping + waiting, etc - when I live just a few miles away from both a Tesla showroom and a service center. I probably drive past them every day (or very near). Can I buy/pick up...

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