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west virginia

  1. E

    Never received the self-registration packet - temporary registration expired!

    I live in West Virginia. I took delivery of a fantastic new Model Y at the end of June in Maryland after paying for it in cash. At that time I received 60-day temporary tags for Maryland, which expired at the end of August. According to Tesla's official support page...
  2. corywright

    Supercharger - Martinsburg, WV - Apple Harvest Drive

    A new Supercharger is under construction at a Sheetz in Martinsburg, WV, at 14686 Apple Harvest Dr, Martinsburg, WV 25401. User price813 made the discovery and posted a photo and details on forum.supercharge.info.
  3. W

    Supercharger - Ripley, WV

    Spotted at the Sheetz off the Ripley exit of I-77. The manager in the Sheetz store said she expected the Superchargers to be activated in about 8 weeks. corywright
  4. Z

    All Parks in Mid-Atlantic by 3LR

    I recently completed visits to all national park units in the Mid-Atlantic region in my Long Range Model 3, including First State in Delaware, 4 in New Jersey, 5 in West Virginia, 13 in Maryland, 16 in Pennsylvania and 17 in Virginia. [Links go to details on my ad-free blog]. I encourage all...
  5. W

    Supercharger - Lewisburg, WV

    This new supercharger is located on US 219 just south of the Lewisburg, WV Exit of I-64. I don't have an exact location, but it is close to 37 degrees, 48' 39" N and 80 degrees, 25', 54" West. It looks like 8 V3 plugs/stalls. No Magic Docks can be seen. Also no stall for towing...
  6. W

    Supercharger - Sutton, WV

    I just found out the new Supercharger shown as "Sutton" on the Tesla charging page is under construction at the Little General convenience store at the Flatwoods exit, a few miles south of Sutton. I'll try to post a new forum discussion on that site later today (if someone doesn't beat me to...
  7. M

    Supercharger - Fairmont, WV

    An 8-stall Supercharger is under construction in Fairmont, WV. Per the city's building department, the new location is at the Sheetz on Fairmont Ave. https://goo.gl/maps/JKKmzn1pdK5M9GTA6
  8. corywright

    Supercharger - Princeton, WV

    Over on forum.supercharge.info user Bariiings reported a new Supercharger under construction in Princeton, WV.
  9. C

    Supercharger - Triadelphia, WV - Gantzer Ridge Road

    Spotted a V3 8 stall supercharger being installed at the sheetz just off 70 in Triadelphia. There is already a 4 stall on the other side of the interstate at a hotel. Sheetz - 25 Gantzer Ridge Rd, Triadelphia, WV 26059 @BlueShift
  10. Country Roads

    Supercharger - Parkersburg, WV

    There's a "coming soon" indicator on the national supercharger map. Anybody know anything?
  11. Lanny

    Supercharger - Martinsburg, WV

    Not on the Tesla coming soon map but West Virginia EV advocate and great guy, Rick Rohn, discovered a new location already well under construction at Sheetz in his hometown of Martinsburg, West Virginia. Here is the location. Google Maps
  12. E

    Supercharger - Mt. Hope, WV

    Since there are a bunch of Sheetz locations getting superchargers, I called a couple in the area of Beckley WV which has a Coming Soon pin on the Tesla Find Us page. The supercharger will be at a location in Mt Hope, just north of Beckley and several miles north of the I-64/I-77 interchange...
  13. M

    Supercharger - Weston, WV

    Since I was in Weston earlier today, I decided to look for signs of Tesla's planned Supercharger station. Looks like I found it under construction at the Sheetz just off of Exit 99 of I-79. The address is 39 Berlin Rd, Weston, WV 26452. It's located right next to a Walmart. It will be...
  14. I

    Supercharger - Morgantown, WV

    @jbumps posted that a contract has been signed: West Virginia ? @emupilot suggested that perhaps Tesla had done a deal with Sheetz at 21 Asturias Lane West Virginia ? @jbumps replied that Sheetz doesn't own the property but was very accommodating to their new neighbours. So Supercharge.info...
  15. jbumps

    Luring Tesla to a proposed Supercharger Site

    I've done some reading on here, relative to a few member's experience in getting a supercharger developed at a particular location/site. I've reached out to those members directly for some information, but would like to reach out to the forum as a whole for any experience or direction on...
  16. 3PHASE

    4th of July Events

    Are you entering your Tesla into one of the Nation's many small town 4th of July Parades, like the Firecracker Run? (www.firecrackerrun.org).
  17. R

    Supercharger - Triadelphia, WV

    There is a new dot in the coming soon section showing a dot in what appears to be Wheeling. anyone know anything about this ?