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wheel choices

  1. G

    aero wheel for older Model S 19"

    I have a pre-refreah 2016 S90D. I wonder about some aero wheels equivalent to what is available for the Model 3/Y. I have seen the tempest wheel covers (see below) which claim 3+% improvement in highway range. Will they fit my 5 double spoke wheels (I forget their name but similar to the...
  2. M

    2020 model S wheels and Michelin tires for sale less than 50 miles!

    Four wheels and tires for sale. Asking $1750 or best offer. 19”
  3. M

    Take off wheels and tires for sale! 2020 Model S 19"

    I have for sale four wheels and tires from a 2020 Tesla Model S with less than 50 miles. Michelin Pilot Sport 245/45 R19. Asking $1700 OBO. Location North San Diego County Fallbrook. Tesla
  4. EliteFinish

    Vendor 30% Off Flowform Wheels | Free Ceramic Coating

    Hi Everyone! Happy wheel Wednesday, and a special one this time! HRE has announced their 25% off holiday sale on FlowForm wheel style FF01, FF15, and FF04! Elite Finish is offering an additional 5% Savings on top of that! Any wheels purchased from Elite Finish also include a ceramic coating...
  5. rincewind

    Gray 20" Performance wheels

    Sorry that my first post on here is a bit negative but... I ordered my M3P on 26th September with an estimated delivery date in early December. When I ordered the silver wheels were the only option - great I thought as that's what I want. I really don't like dark wheels as firstly I far...
  6. W

    19" vs 18" Road Noise Comparison

    The road noise in my M3 is driving me crazy. I can’t use the speakerphone, I have to crank up podcasts to shouting volume, and I feel worn-out by the noise on long trips. I traded a BMW 5 series for the M3 and the contrast is stark. The only car I remember being louder was a rental Subaru. I...
  7. S

    Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

    Currently looking to hone in on the flush look for my 3 My plan is 20x9 all around, 255x35x20 tires, what would be the best offset to get enough poke to make it flush, but not too much poke? I dont want the back too in-set, and the front can just be however it be with no stagger. I'm guessing...
  8. I

    Decision on Performance Upgrade

    Hi All, So I am going to purchase the Model 3 and can't decide whether the 20in Wheels in the Performance upgrade is a smart idea or not. I am going with the 530km LR AWD model but not sure if paying €4300 for much better looking tyres and brakes would make the comfort worse. So I live in the...
  9. B

    20 x 10 wheels will they fit?

    I have aftermarket 20 x 9 +35mm F/R on my current MX 275/45R20 on all 4. Getting a new Raven MX and have my eyes on a new set of wheels. I can go 20x9 +35 which I know fit, or go 20x10 +25mm which I do not know if they will fit. The backspace difference is .11 inch. I know the factory 20x9.5...
  10. T

    18” or 19” Wheels for Winter?

    I’m planning on buying a Model 3 AWD. I’m in Canada and get a lot of snow, but I’ve managed just fine without winter tires so far, so I’m not planning on getting those. I’m stuck deciding between 18” and 19” wheels. Normally I’d want the 18” for winter driving (extra clearance for sticky snow...
  11. B

    (Possible) Fitment issues stepping down TO 19" FROM 21" OEM wheels

    Hey everyone. This forum has been a godsend in the lead up to purchasing my first Tesla. A '15 Model S 70D, last week. So a thank you to everyone for the invaluable information indexed and shared on here. I just took the car to an auto repair franchise that has treated me well in the past...
  12. dhanson865

    The case against the Pilot Sport 4S on 18" rims (retail vs OEM Tesla)

    Regarding tires for the Model 3. People assume the same brand, same style tire behave the same no matter the size. Manufacturers can make widely different products under the same name. They can even make OEM and retail versions or multiple OEM and/or multiple retail versions of the same size...
  13. ishareit

    Help with wheels

    Will the following wheels fit a 2017 Model S? Is the price good? Are these the same as the currently offered 21 inch Dark Grey Turbines? Anything else I need to know before I pull the trigger on these? Thanks!! https://www.ebay.com/i/332188859043
  14. Garlan Garner

    Model 3 wheel Patents are complete. Which one would you choose?

    Tesla obtains design patents on Model 3 wheels 1. 2. 3.