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wheel damage

  1. R

    Ride Quality Degraded After Curb Hit

    I bought a 2021 Tesla Model 3 with 19" sport wheels in Sep 2021. Have been very happy with the ride quality. Unlike some people's experiences, I found the ride extremely smooth where the car seemed to glide on the road. Unfortunately, in early December I hit a curb on the rear passenger side...
  2. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Powder Coated Wheels Blog

    Powder coating is designed specifically for adding color to metal and wheels. The innate properties of powder coating and the fact that it is baked directly into the metal ensures that it produces a coating that is naturally thicker and more durable than liquid paint jobs. It’s stronger than...
  3. R

    21 inch turbine wheel crack survey

    Can you add your name to the list below if you have had a cracked 21 inch wheel? If you put username, number of times it has happened and what country, that will be great. I have a concern after having 5 repairs even though I have not hit any substantial potholes, only the occasional small 1...
  4. T

    Aftermarket X'ccessories

    Hi All, Disclaimer -- no intention to promote these products, only to see if others have an opinion and rate how beneficial each may be to a new X. I have a 5 Seater on the way & it's time to consider ordering any or all of these. Due to price, I'd like some opinions first. 1: Wheel...
  5. C

    Alloy Wheel Refurb - London

    Can anyone recommend a place in London to get one of my allow wheels refurbished? Scraped a curb avoiding someone coming into my lane left a 6 inch rash round the rim.
  6. VerityZooms

    My sister, MX, MX5s, and AutoPilot: 0 … concrete construction barrier: 1

    When I was startled to wakefulness by the horrific screeching sound, I was absolutely convinced that my sister had totaled my month-old dream-car. We both climbed out, trembling, only to discover that despite the duration and volume of the scraping sounds, the above was the “only” damage to the...
  7. SeminoleFSU

    Gotta love our crumbling infrastructure.. Hit a pothole at freeway speed

    Hi folks, I'm trying to determine next course of action. I hit a really bad hole on the way home tonight doing about 70-80MPH. After I hit it I was shocked my alignment wasn't off and the tire still had pressure. However, now I'm getting a subtle vibration that starts above 70 and gets louder...