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wheel locks

  1. Z

    Anyone know where this came from?

    Been experiencing some steering wheel shakes. Front left wheel feels bumpy when over 10mph and steering wheel wants to turn right. Any general ideas on diagnosis? I’ve set a service apt but would like to know if this needs urgent service
  2. B

    How does buyer get locks on brand new Tesla M3?

    Ddoes Model 3 come with wheel locks?
  3. jordanthompson

    Locking Wheel Nuts for the X

    Hi all... we're picking up our new X next week and want to get locks for the 22" black onyx wheels. We are picking the car up out of town and driving back and the SC we are getting the car does not have the Tesla locks so I am thinking about bringing them with us. Does anyone have any...
  4. X

    Tesla Wheel Lock Set

    Sold my Model S so don't need these anymore. It is the chrome set. $40 shipped with Paypal friends and family US.
  5. M

    Chrome Wheel Locks

    Almost new, original Tesla Chrome Wheel Lock set for sale $75 includes expedited USPS shipping. Currently sold out in Shop Tesla online site. Sells for $95 on Amazon. Powder coated my wheels early on so switched to Black Wheel Lock set. Don't need these since getting rid of silver set of...
  6. D

    Wheel Locks for Onyx 22"

    Has anyone found a good set of wheel locks that match the finish on the onyx 22" wheels? The Dania Beach Service Center cautioned against buying the black wheel lock set listed on the Tesla store since the finish isn't the same. FYI the black wheel locks are PN: 1023981-01-A and can be...