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  1. mmatlock

    Tesla Model Y 2022 21" Uberturbine OEM Front Wheel Refurbished + Michelin Pilot Sport AS4 Tire,$429 - Oklahoma City

    For Sale: $429 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance 21x9.5" Uberturbine Front Wheel OEM Part #1188226-00-B, Refurbished + Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 OEM tire - 255/35 ZR 21, 9500 miles, unmounted The hotel valet inflicted some curb rash on our front driver's side wheel and tire. They paid...
  2. N

    Model X Plaid delivered without the 22 inch wheel covers on the wheels

    Hello everyone, My model x plaid was delivered at end of June this year and ordered back in October 2021. It was one of the end of quarter rush delivery. One of the falcon wing doors was having an alignment issue, and it took 7 service appointments and 2 service centers to get it adjusted...
  3. M

    19-inch Gemini wheels with cover for sale

    i'm selling 4set of my Gemini Wheels. just go the my Y on August. No damage on wheel or cover 19” x 9.5” front and rear Offset: +45 Center Bore: 64.1mm Tire Spec: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I'm asking $900 for wheels only in Los Angeles area
  4. M

    WTB 21in sonic carbon twin turbine front

    My wife just curbed the passenger front wheel pretty badly, looking to see if anyone is willing to sell me just one wheel before the service center gouges my eyes out. It's a 2019 model s refresh performance, 21in sonic carbon twin turbine wheel, I believe it'd 21x8.5 not sure of the offset. If...
  5. D

    FS Brand New, unused 18” Uberturbine Aero Covers

    Purchased these from Aliexpress a month ago and they got in today. I’m moving to a model S so I no longer need these. They come with 4 center caps still wrapped in plastic and foam 3M tape to help protect your wheels. There is 3M on the back of the caps to hold it in place. Asking what I paid...
  6. LA PYD

    OEM Tesla Bluetooth TPMS sensors (qty 4)

    Like new condition OEM TPMS. Located in Los Angeles, willing to ship at buyers expense. $280 for set of 4. Price is firm. Compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles produced in 2021+, Model Y vehicles and Refresh Model 3 vehicles.
  7. B

    Model X 20" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel and Tire Package

    Wheels and tires are in perfect condition! Wheels were removed from Model X less than a 100 miles. Less than a 100 miles on wheels and tires. Tesla link for wheel package 2015-2020 | Model X 20" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel and Tire Package For sale in Bay Area or will ship at buyers cost...
  8. S

    What I have done to my MYP.........

    Well, repainted the stock wheels couple days ago. abit disappointed, now thinking to repaint them again.... 🥵🥵
  9. SeanM

    2018 Model 3 Warranty Coverage for Wheel Bearing.

    Hi, I have checked everywhere online but am not getting a clear cut answer, hence asking here. Does the four year warranty cover wheel bearing replacement/repairs? My 2018 Model-3 has an audible whirling/whining (like a turbo starting) noise from front left wheel when I drive, the noise gets...
  10. B

    Tesla 21" wheel factory part numbers

    I have a Model S with the 21 inch turbine wheels. A couple of months ago, a Chicago pothole put a bend in one of the wheels. I have been trying to find a used, straight replacement wheel. The factory part number for my wheel is 6005868-00-E. However, Tesla also has what appears to be the same...
  11. J

    FS Brand new OEM 20” uberturbine wheel/tires

    Removed from M3P. Includes TPMS, just removed from vehicle. Took delivery last Friday. Less than 250 miles. Like new. Prefer sale in Minneapolis area but would entertain shipping at buyers expense. $2600 firm.
  12. C

    FS: Tesla UMC +adapters, Roof Rack, Martian wheels, other stuff [PIC HEAVY]

    I had to trade in the Model Y for a bigger car due to a growing family. As such, I will be selling these accessories as listed below: I am selling/shipping out of North Jersey. Tesla UMC + Adapters (5-15, 5-20, 10-30, 14-50): $275 shipped Martian Wheels MW03 (Gunmetal) - 20"x8.5" with...
  13. agw

    Model 3 aero wheels black NJ

    I have a set of aero wheels 18 painted black with matching aero covers. Asking $700 for the entire set with TPMS. Tires will come with it but only have about 4 to 5 32nd left and must be replaced. Offers considered. Please message me with any questions. Local pick up only, I'm happy to drive to...
  14. A

    FS - 2022 New Model Y Gemini wheels and tires (Sacramento)

    Selling my 4x19” OEM, Tesla model Y tires, rims and covers. $1600 or best offer. I’m based in Sacramento. Happy to travel within a reasonable distance. No TPMS Please PM me and we can hop on the phone/text.
  15. S

    BNIB: Advan RGIII wheels 18x10.5 GOLD

    I have a set of brand new in box Advan RGIII wheels for the Tesla model 3 in GOLD! Size: 18x10.5 (all 4) Offset: 25mm Color: Racing Rold Metallic FYI the stud holes are 12mm so you need to bore them out to 14mm to accommodate the Models 3 larger studs. I bought these to use them for track...
  16. googleiscoul

    Silver Arachnid Wheels

    (Northern VA Area) Used for about 500 miles and have been laying in my garage since - one of the tires will need to be replaced as there is a slow leak. Will post pics once I get a chance to give them a wash. $3500 OBO (I believe these only fit the model S) (I am not considering shipping as of now)
  17. L

    [$2300] NEW 21" uberturbine takeoffs, Model Y - Seattle/Vancouver

    Selling unused wheel/tire/TPMS take-offs from a new Model Y Performance. Includes the pesky $300 TPMS. The wheels are undamaged, with no curb rash or whatever $2300, located in the Seattle area : )
  18. B

    FS: (4) 19" Advan Racing GT Beyond wheels w/tires and TPMS (SF Bay Area)

    Originally bought these to use as a second, track-focused wheel setup for my 2021 M3P but I'm moving up to Central Oregon soon and will have more use for a winter-focused second set, so I'm selling them. These wheels only have about 100 miles on them with zero track use, so they're essentially...
  19. S

    WTT I have 19s you have Aero

    I'm in Oregon with an end of March delivery of a M3 RWD with 19" wheels. I want to trade those for Aero wheels.
  20. homero89

    FS: Model 3/Y Dash Display (Steering Wheel Screen)

    Planning on selling my car soon so no longer have plans to install this display. Many of the displays out there are ~10 inches, this one is closer to ~9 inches. Can get more pictures if asked but not sure what else to show. Located in DFW. Asking $325 shipped
  21. B

    Genuine Tesla 21” turbine grey wheels and tyres

    Selling as no longer needed Genuine Tesla Model S Turbine 21” wheels in grey. Just taken off my Model S. They are non-staggered. They have been curbed so for best effect will need powder coating (can do before selling for a fee). Tyres have good tread left on them but will need a change a some...
  22. I

    Ordered MYP and am looking for options of 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes.

    Hi Tesla Motors Club, Ordered MYP and am looking at 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/swap-model-y-performance-21-wheels-with-long-range-20-wheels.252455/#post-6275193 PacificPower mentioned T Sportline ones do. 19" Gemini's on a MYP mentions...
  23. G

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheel in the Boston Area

    Looking to purchase a Tesla Model 3 19" Sport Wheel. Need to replace one damaged wheel. Hopefully in the Boston area. Thanks.
  24. P

    Slipstream Model X or S rear wheels

    Two 20" TESLA MODEL X 2016 2017 2018 2019 REAR OEM OE Factory Wheel Rim 102724500A. Silver Slipstream. Also fits the Model S if you want the staggered look on with your factory 19”. Got photos of how it looks. No tires and no TPMS. No curb rash. Actual photos of what you are buying. Local pick...
  25. B

    Model X set of four 20”wheels and Winter tires $1,200 - DC Metro area

    Model X set of four 20”wheels and Winter tires $1,200 - DC Metro area For sale: Set of four Tesla Black 20” Wheels with Nokia’s Hakkapeliitta 8 studded Winter Tires, low rolling resistance, deep treads. Wheels have some visible curb rashes. Tires have about 5,000 miles. Tires are staggered...
  26. D

    TSS 20 Tesla Model Y Wheel and Tire Package BRAND NEW in Vancouver BC

    Brand New TSportLine TSS 20 Tesla Model Y Wheel and Tire Package The wheels are in satin black and the tires are Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 275/40/20, 20x10" front and rear. It will also fit performance model asking for $5500 Canadian or best offer
  27. nixnexus

    3-Piece Wheels for Model X

    AL13 Wheels for Model X (22” Staggered) DT007 Model (discontinued) 3-piece construction (hidden hardware option). Directional wheels (wheels are specific to each corner). Black metallic chrome-look lip, gloss anthracite grey centers. Includes center caps, tpms sensors, and lug nuts. Front...
  28. P

    Scratched my wheel cover bad, what should I replace it with?

    While turning right, I touched the curb with my back right wheel cover. It left quite a mark on the cover, here's a photo: What should I buy as a replacement? I found the Model 3 Aero Wheel Cover in the Tesla Shop, though I'm not sure if that would help. The scratched part is on the...
  29. J

    FS in NJ: 21" Uberturbine Wheels with Pirelli OEM tires and TPMS

    Brand new 4x21" Uberturbine wheels, each with 21" Pirelli OEM tires and Telsa BLE TPMS taken off a 2 day old MYP. Less than 100 miles on them. Perfect condition. Includes hub covers. Pickup only in Middletown NJ. Asking $3300. PM me if interested
  30. K

    Used Tsportline 18" wheels or 19" OEM Sport Wheels+Tire

    Hello, I'm interested in buying some Used 18" wheels specifically from Tsportline or the Used Tesla OEM 19" Sport Wheels+Tire. Let me know!
  31. T

    $350 Model X 20” Rear Slipstream Spare

    Have 2 available. Includes wheel, tire, sensor and center cap. Tires measure at 8/32nd. Price is for one.
  32. K

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires!

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires! Asking $1,400. -Fresh Powder Coat, shiny black - 5x120 staggered setup-- 245 and 265, the extra tires are for the front (the 245). -Extra set of front tires included, they are winter tires! -TPMS included Local Pickup in...
  33. D

    Trade: Geminis for Inductions Wheels

    Hello, I am scheduled to pick my Model Y this weekend and if everything go well, I am looking to trade my stock Geminis wheels with tires and TPMS+ cash for your good condition/new induction wheels, tires, and TPMS. I am located in South Jersey. Please let me know. Thank you.
  34. oggunderscore

    For Sale: 19" Sport Rims Gen 1 2019 Model w/ TPMS & Tires & Center Caps

    Hello there! I bought a set of 18 Aeros in glossy black, so I no longer find a need in these. Washed them weekly with a wheel brush. I, unfortunately, had a lot of mistakes in parking lots and caused rashes on most of them. One is in flawless condition, two of them have minor rashes, and the...
  35. K

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires!

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires! Asking $1,800. -Fresh Powder Coat, shiny black - 5x120 staggered setup -Extra set of front tires included -TPMS included Local Pickup only, sorry!
  36. J

    Wanting to rent a 19" wheel for a week

    Hello. I need to have a 19" wheel on my 2015 Model S repaired, but I'm not keen to leave the car on supports for the several days it will take to have the wheel repaired, not to mention loss of use of the car, so I'd be willing to pay to rent a 19" x 8.5" wheel while that's being done. The...
  37. H

    WTB Gemini wheel + Tire 19 inch

    Looking to buy one Gemini wheel + tire to use as a spare located in CT, fine with the tire being shipped or local meet up ( can drive out of state if close enough)
  38. C

    Gemini wheels for sale

    Looking to sell my new Gemini wheels and hub caps. They came off my Model Y with 700 miles on them. They are in perfect condition, boxed and ready to go. They come with the lug nuts as well. $1200 located in San Antonio TX
  39. P

    Switching Out Uberturbines Upon Delivery - How do you actually do it?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently wondering about switching out my M3P uberturbines upon delivery or after low usage. What's the best way to do this? Could the SC swap out the wheels for me if I bring them on delivery day? Or should I just do it myself at home? I was looking at some 19" forged wheels...
  40. K

    Cracked Rotor - Brand New. How?

    I just finished redoing my front brakes (new rotors + pads + brake fluid) and I started to work on my suspension and noticed my new rotor was cracked. GRRRR. Could someone please tell me what likely happened and whether this is a manufacturing defect or something I did incorrectly. I guess I...
  41. D

    20 inch Uberturbine wheels on Model Y + optional thicker 45 profile sidewall.

    Hi Folks, New to this forum, but I thought I'd join and post this because I don't see much information related to the fitment of the 20 inch Uberturbine wheels on the Model Y LR AWD. 1) Wheels: The M3P uberturbine wheels have a square fitment with all wheels 20x9, ET34. These were taken...
  42. M

    21" Arachnid's w/ Michelin Super Sports, brand new, Seattle area

    I've got a brand new set of 21" Arachnid wheels for sale. Picked up from Tesla, but never installed onto the car. Very nice wheels, much lighter and stronger than the 21" turbines. $3000 and local pickup in the Seattle area • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid...
  43. C

    2020 Tesla Model X Cracked/Bent Front Left 22” Wheel

    The New Jersey Turnpike has struck yet again! Pothole bent & cracked my wheel. The car automatically recorded the event and luckily continued on with no issues until complete replacement. I may get it welded and add an old tire to keep (or sell?) as a spare.
  44. L

    For Sale: *NEW* 2021 18” Aero Wheels/Tire Set

    Just ordered a 2021 Model 3 and am getting bigger tires/wheels. I will be taking off and selling my full set 18in. Aero wheels/tire as soon as my car is picked up! **Brand New!! the only time they will be driven is to the a car dealership to swap them out for my new ones set!! Asking $1400...
  45. RPYT

    Swapped 19" Gemini stock for 19" Gemini Satin black

    The reason I chose on getting the 19" Gemini wheels is because I didn't want to spend an extra $2000 on wheels that didn't look as good as aftermarket ones. I've also seen photos and YouTube videos of owners plastidipping or getting them powder coated. I've weighed my options to see if my time...
  46. Jlescobar

    For Sale: Model 3 aero wheels, tires, and tpms sensors

    Selling the extra pair of original 2019 Model 3 aero wheels with covers, tires, and original tpms sensors. Michelin tires have about 8,250 miles on them. Two wheels have curb rashes, see photos. Asking $1200 OBO Will ship for a flat rate of $250 Local pickup available in Madison, WI if you...
  47. E

    WTB: Model 3 Aero Wheels

    Looking for a set of 18" Wheels for a 2018 Model 3. Open to just rims or rims + tires (if they are in good shape). My current tires were worn out and I put on winter tires, so looking to assemble a new set to run for summer. Possibly open to 19's, but like the efficiency, ride, and price of...
  48. K

    Model S 19" wheels black

    Set of 4 Satin Black Wheels. I believe they may be powder coated. This is how I got them minus the small curb rash shown in the pictures. I don`t have the TPMS or center caps. Size is 19 x 8 and they are OEM Tesla Wheels. Asking 500 OBO, located in NY can deliver in North Jersey or Rockland...
  49. B

    2021 M3P new owner. Need advice on tires spec

    Hi guys, I'll be getting my 2021 M3 Performance on 3/14 (exciting). It'd be a total new experience coming from a former BMW 435i coupe/occasional race car driver. Tesla here only gives us 19' stock wheels and tires on the M3P models (huge bummer...) so I am thinking about getting aftermarket...
  50. H

    *New* 2021 TM3 Aero wheels/tires for sale with old tpms.

    Less then 200 miles on the tires, just drive from ‘dealership’. Wheels and tires in perfect condition. $1500 OBO for the set.

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