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wheels and tires

  1. 2023 Model 3 OEM Takeoffs - 20” Uberturbine Wheels + Pirelli P-Zero Tires

    For sale 2023 Model 3 OEM Takeoffs - 20” Uberturbine Wheels + Pirelli P-Zero Tires

    OEM takeoffs from 2023 Tesla Model 3 Performance. 1 month old, approx 600 miles driven, practically brand new condition. 20x9, +35 offset - 235/35/20 OEM Pirelli P-Zero Summer tires, OEM TPMS sensors included for 2021+ year models using bluetooth type. Any questions, please PM- thanks! Will
  2. S

    Will these 5th gen Mustang Wheels fit Model Y

    Will these wheels fit Model Y, Found a used set of wheels for good price locally. Would these fit Model Y? https://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-2013-gt500-style-hyperdark-wheel-19x95-389238g05.html 19 x 9.5, 5x114.3 +35mm offset 1650 lbs load rating per axle.
  3. B

    Available 19” OEM sport wheels

    Selling 19” OEM sport wheels in Charlotte - original tires, less than 4,000 miles on them, wheels in excellent condition - no rash - lugs and cover included $1,600
  4. ssmacintyre

    Tesla Model Y Performance Wheels UBERTURBINE for sell

    For $1,998. Less than 5k miles on these tires and wheels. Very minor curb rash on one that is shown in the pictures. Ready for pick up in the Fairfax VA area!
  5. btcounts

    Available SOLD: Model S 19" Slipstream Wheels/Tires + TPMS - $550 - PRICED TO MOVE - [TEXAS]

    Came off of my 2018 Model S 100D - upgraded to a 21" set Some curb rash, but overall good condition. Priced to move. Includes all 4 wheels/tires including factory TPMS sensors Tires have between 5mm and 7mm of tread left (6mm on average) 3 Michelin - 245 45 19 1 Goodyear - 245 45 19 Located...
  6. thebestiam1

    WTB: 18” Aero Wheels in NorCal/Bay Area

    Looking to downsize my 19" Sport wheels to 2021+ Aero Wheels. $700-$900. Preferably no curb rash and with tires and TPMS. I am located in Milpitas, CA. Thanks for looking!
  7. W

    Dill VS-490 valve stem for OEM TPMS

    Getting new rims/ tires installed on my ‘22 M3P- my local Costco specifically, says they do not have any valve stem repair kits (requiring the Dill VS-490 model) in stock which is required to do a proper TPMS swap from the current wheels to the new ones. They are looking at 2 weeks for the next...
  8. D

    FS: Nm/Colorado area: 21” Uberturbine w/Pirelli Pzero only 800 miles- nearly new $2700

    Almost New - 4 Tesla Uberturbine 21” wheels with Perelli P zero tires (255x35x21) fresh off my 2023 model y performance. These include the Tesla TPMS sensors in each wheel ($400 value add) and the original Tesla center caps. Only 800 miles on wheels and tires. In fact, one wheel was replaced...
  9. G

    New 20" Tesla Ubertine Wheels with Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 Tires - $2,800 (SLC Area)

    Only 8 miles on this new set of great-looking Tesla ubertine wheels with brand new Pirelli P Zero 235/35 R20 summer rubber. OEM TPMS included. Buyer pays shipping and handling. SOLD
  10. Wheel Haven

    Vendor Wheel Haven - Wheels, tires, and more when it's your time to upgrade

    Hello TMC Community from Canada! We are excited to introduce ourselves, Wheel Haven, as a global vendor to this forum. We specialize in providing a variety of aftermarket wheels and tires, from our easy-to-use website shipped to your door. Proudly serving both Canada and the US, we have had the...
  11. fpvga

    Set of Avant Garde wheels with PS2 tires, $600 in 22207

    Just in time for summer, a set of 20” Avant Garde M510 rims in matte black with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires, two of which are almost brand new. Need to vacate them quickly so selling cheaply. Have had these on my Model 3 Performance AWD for a couple of summers. Good condition overall, a few...
  12. D

    Model 3 OEM 20inch performance wheels + PS4S tires

    Very well kept 20in v1 model 3 performance wheels. No curb rashes, it looks good as new. The tires are Michellin PS4S with about 6k miles on them, about 70% tread left. Front two 235/20/35, back two tires are 255/20/35. Very good setup if you want extra grip and stability. (Also looks great...
  13. M

    $2200 - Tesla 21" Überturbine Wheels w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All Season Tires - Used for 250 miles - Louisville KY

    For sale Tesla 21" Überturbine Wheels w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All Season Tires. Off of my brand new 23 MYP, used only for 250 miles. will post pictures soon. No TPMS. Cash only Local pickup, no shipping. Thanks.
  14. P

    BBS Wheels for Model 3

    I have a set of 4 BBS CI-R staggered 19" wheels with Michelin tires and TPMS sensors. No Damage on wheels. Specs: Front: 19 x 8.5 Rear: 19 x 9.5 Front: 235/40ZR-19 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S XL Rear: 265/35ZR-19 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S XL Reasonable tread left on tires. Available for...
  15. T

    FS: 2018 Model 3 Performance 20" wheels. No TPMS Bay Area

    Looking to sell my 2018 20" performance wheels without TPMS sensors. Powder coated turbine gray, no curb rash on any wheels. Pick up in the Bay Area. $1600 OBO
  16. K

    TMPS Rebuild/Service Kits

    I just had the OEM TPMS sensors removed from my Aero wheels to be transferred to a new set of wheels. The sensors will need to be rebuilt (new valve, seal, etc.). before being reinstalled. Can a TPMS service kit be purchased directly from Tesla? Are their aftermarket options that are compatible...
  17. mmatlock

    Tesla Model Y 2022 21" Uberturbine OEM Front Wheel Refurbished + Michelin Pilot Sport AS4 Tire,$429 - Oklahoma City

    For Sale: $429 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance 21x9.5" Uberturbine Front Wheel OEM Part #1188226-00-B, Refurbished + Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 OEM tire - 255/35 ZR 21, 9500 miles, unmounted The hotel valet inflicted some curb rash on our front driver's side wheel and tire. They paid...
  18. J

    Model Y - Gemini Wheels with Hakkapeliitta (Winter) Tires for Sale

    Set of four Model Y 19" Gemini Wheel with Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 (Winter Tires - Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV - Peace of mind for the Northern winter / Nokian Tires). Includes Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System & Tesla Gemini Wheel Cap Kit. Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV...
  19. T

    19 Inch Wheel Options for 2022 Model 3 Performance?

    Any suggestions on 19 inch wheels that will fit over the 2022 M3P brake calibers? Specifically looking for a satin black. I REALLY like this from T-Sportline ... but it is pre order for November delivery. I would love to have something sooner if anyone is aware of a similar option. Thank you in...
  20. T

    Efficiency/Range estimates swapping to 245/40/19 on M3P

    Tesla and EV noob here so appreciate any insight, this is all very new to me. I am taking delivery on a 2022 M3P in 2 weeks, but not a fan of the 20 inch Uber wheels. Debating back and forth between and 18 or 19 inch wheel swap. My personal preference is that the 235/45R18 tire is a bit beefy...
  21. C

    19 inch wheel recommendations for ‘21 LR

    My 21” OEM tires keep getting flat every few weeks and I am getting tired of having them patched or replaced. I now made 4 trips to Discount Tire in the last 3 months and I drive sparingly, only on paved roads like a Grandma. I am thinking 19 inch wheels would be lesser nail and rock magnets...
  22. J

    21" Uberturbine Model Y Performance Wheels TPMS and Tires $2,000 OBO

    This is a staggered set and comes with the Pirelli P-Zero summer tires. 255/35 R21 and 275/35 R21. Wheels and tries have about 1,000 miles on them. Comes with factory bluetooth TPMS. One of the rear wheels has a small scratch from something hitting it not a curb less than an inch long...
  23. M

    MYP 21" Uberturbines for Sale Utah (Idaho, Wyoming)

    Price: $2,700 I'm looking to sell my like new 21" MYP Uberturbine Wheels. These were only driven (gently) for 64 miles before being pulled off of my vehicle, and have no flaws. The stock Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires, the Tesla TPMS sensors needed, and stock lug nuts are included. All...
  24. G

    (Denver, CO) NEW Tesla Model Y Performance Factory OEM 21" Uberturbine Wheels with Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS

    Removed within 25 miles of the Tesla dealership, these are NEW! For sale are a set (4x) Tesla Model Y Performance Factory OEM 21" Uberturbine Wheels. Dark grey rims matched with Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS sensors included! Will fit Model Y and Model 3. These are factory wheels from the...
  25. J

    FS Brand new OEM 20” uberturbine wheel/tires

    Removed from M3P. Includes TPMS, just removed from vehicle. Took delivery last Friday. Less than 250 miles. Like new. Prefer sale in Minneapolis area but would entertain shipping at buyers expense. $2600 firm.
  26. ESE Carbon

    Vendor Poll: The Benefits of Carbon Fiber Rims?

    Hey TMC, we'd love to get your input on the top reasons you'd consider buying carbon fiber wheels for your Tesla.
  27. RichardC

    Toronto Area Model Y Wheel / Tire Swap - 21" Uberturbine Wheels / Tires for New 19" Gemini Wheels / Tires

    Toronto, ON, Canada - Upgrade your new Model Y to 21 inch Uberturbine Performance wheels and Pirelli P Zero tires. My wife is looking for a less "sporty" ride and wants to put the 19 inch summer wheels on our Performance Y. As may be seen in the pictures, the wheels are immaculate (no damage or...
  28. B

    19" TST Tesla Wheels - Gray - Used - For sale - Good Condition

    Looking to sell my aftermarket set of 4 TSportline gray turbine wheels. Purchased for ~$1,500 2 years ago. Will provide photos if interested; wanted to get this post up first. Will take best offer.
  29. X

    Tempest wheel/tire for sale

    For sale: 19” Tempest wheels with Pirelli P Zero all weather tires, 285/40/19R. Taken off a ‘21 Plaid refresh. Like new condition ~1000 miles. Located in Tampa but willing to ship. $2300 OBO
  30. G

    2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Tempest Wheels and Covers - $2200

    Selling a brand new set of 2022 Model S 19" Tempest Wheels with Wheel Covers, Tires and TPMS sensors installed. These were only driven from the Delivery Center to my home (~20 miles). These are SOLD OUT on the Tesla website. Retail $3495 + tax Includes: 2x 19X9.5J ET40 Tempest Wheels 2x...
  31. F

    Selling Tesla Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tires

    For the 2015-2020 Tesla Model X Tread is in good condition. TPMS sensors are not included. 2x 20X9.0 Slipstream Wheels 2x 20X9.5 Slipstream Wheels 2x 265/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 2x 275/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The covers are included Price...
  32. J

    Tire and rim question for MYP 2022

    Hello. I am a complete noob when it comes to cars. I have browsed on the forums and to my knowledge, it I change out the factor 21 inch ubertine tires with 19 inch wheels, my ride will be smoother? If this is correct, does anyone have 19inch or 20 inch tires/wheels that they would recommend? Is...
  33. J

    MYP 2022 21 inch ubertine tires for sale/trade

    MYP 2022 21 inch ubertine tires for sale/trade. Looking for cash or trade in.
  34. J

    Model Y Performance wheel change

    Does anyone in Dallas know where I can exchange my 21inch Uber tires on my MYP to a 19 inch tires? Does anyone have any 19 inch black wheels that they would recommend? To anyone that has done it, does it provide a smoother ride?
  35. M

    FS: 20 in. Model 3 Performance Uberturbine Wheels and tires w/ TPMS & lug nuts Boston, Massachusetts

    Preselling the 20" Uberturbine wheels off my Model 3 Performance being delivered on March 16th. Includes TPMS, tires and lug nuts if you want them. They will have under 5 miles on them. Will post pictures as soon as they are off. I'm in MA South Shore. $2,500 takes them.
  36. K

    New Model 3 performance 20" Uberturbine Wheels (Socal)

    Hi all, I have a set of 20" Uberturbines for sale from a 2022 model 3 Performance, I removed them when there was only 15 miles on the ODO, they have no scratches, curb rash or defects of any kind. They include factory 2022 TPMS sensors, 235/35 R20 Pirelli Pzero Tires, and centercaps. Price is...
  37. B

    Genuine Tesla 21” turbine grey wheels and tyres

    Selling as no longer needed Genuine Tesla Model S Turbine 21” wheels in grey. Just taken off my Model S. They are non-staggered. They have been curbed so for best effect will need powder coating (can do before selling for a fee). Tyres have good tread left on them but will need a change a some...
  38. 6

    FS: Vossen HF5 20x9-20x10 (Gunmetal) with Falken Azenis FK510

    Vossen HF5 Gunmental Flow-Forged 20x9 +28 20x10.5 +34 Falken azenis Fk10 245/35/20 285/35/20 Wheels+tires bought in december 2021 wheels are in excellent condition no curb rashes / Tires have plenty of life. $3000 OBO Located in West Covina/Walnut/City of Industry
  39. A

    FS - 2022 New Model Y Gemini wheels and tires (Sacramento)

    Selling my 4x19” OEM, Tesla model Y tires, rims and covers. I get the car tomorrow, and leave Monday for 2 weeks of travel. $1800 I’m based in Sacramento. Happy to travel within a reasonable distance. Also looking for 20” tires and wheels. Please PM.
  40. N

    Preselling 2022 MYP Uberturbines Boston, MA

    Hi, I’m removing immediately after pickup 21” Tesla Model Y Performance Uberturbine Wheels with Michelin Pilot All Season Tires and TPMS included. Pickup scheduled for 2/19/22. Wheels will have less than 50 miles. Price: $3,000 Located outside of Boston. Prefer local pickup but I will ship...
  41. 6

    FS: 20x8.5 Model 3 Performance Wheels (Stilleto)

    20x8.5 OEM M3P Stilleto Wheels 235/35/20 PS4S Plenty of life left $900 LOCATED IN ROWLAND HEIGHTS,CA Wheels are dipped in satin black, can be peelable OEM GUNMETAL FINISH STILL IN TACT NO SCRATCHES/CURB RASH ON OEM FINISH TPMS NOT INCLUDED
  42. FrForget

    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels (V1's), Tires and TPMS

    Hi :), I am selling a set of four Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires and TPMS. Factory Continental ProContact RX. I know they recently updated those, but mine a V1's with the original Tesla TPMS Sensors. They have some minor to mild curb rash, but barely noticeable due to the color of the rims (see...
  43. Skipdd

    New Tires, losing a couple psi every few weeks - new wheels needed?

    There has to be an answer for this somewhere on the forum, but I could not find it. 4 yr old MS 19” stock wheels. I run summer and winter tires - using the same wheels. Mileage is 68k. I notice that I drop several psi every few weeks. Just put new winter tires on in late October. Visited the...
  44. F

    Selling Tesla Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tires

    For the 2015-2020 Tesla Model X Tread is in good condition. TPMS sensors are not included. 2x 20X9.0 Slipstream Wheels 2x 20X9.5 Slipstream Wheels 2x 265/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 2x 275/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The covers are included Price...
  45. J

    T-Sportline 20 inch tires

    So I am considering purchasing with the 20inch TSS tires from T-Sportline because they offer all season tires vs just summer tires that the TSSF offers. However my concern is the back tires come in the same size as the front tires when the back tires typically are an inch larger in the back...
  46. GetYourWheels

    Vendor [GetYourWheels] Savini Wheels "The Gold Standard" - Flow Form / Monoblock Forged / 3 Pieces Forged

    Hello Everyone! This is Eddie, Your Wheel Fitment Guru from GETYOURWHEELS THE TOP TIER DEALER FOR Savini Wheels [email protected] 562 249-7184 Savini wheels, a world renown brand for their sharp design queues in a wide range of wheels from cast to forged, Monoblock to multipiece. The...
  47. TheeUnderdog

    Which wheel configuration setting should I choose for my new setup?

    2019 MYP and a long, steep gravel driveway. Unplugged Performance "Dirt and Snow Coilovers" are lifting the vehicle approx 3.5" from stock in the rear, and I think 1" or so up in front. Wheel Specs: 18x9.5" ET34 + 15mm spacers all around (required to clear the upper spindle in front...
  48. G

    Sold 20" Charcoal Gray Model X Slipstream Wheels + Michelin All-Season Tires (for Model S Fitment)

    I purchased these wheels/tires in March 2021 as all-season alternatives for my Model S P100D. The tires I bought new and have only about 2k miles on them. The wheels were powder coated by the previous owner with beautiful satin charcoal gray color and are in near perfect condition (one very...
  49. I

    Selling Model S refresh 21” Arachnids

    PM me if you’re interested. I’m in Ohio and just bought some 20” rims with all season tires, so I don’t need them anymore. You will be purchasing the 21” arachnid rims AND the summer tires that came from the factory. They have 6k miles on them and they look the same as when I got the car...
  50. K

    WTB: model 3 18” or 19” or 20” wheels/wheels+ tire AFTERMARKET. Preferably black color. Located in southern california.

    Looking for aftermarket wheels/wheels+ tires for model 3 2021 LR. 18 or 19 or 20”. Preferably black or dark grey color. Located in southern califotnia. DM me.