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wheels model 3

  1. T

    FS: 2018 Model 3 Performance 20" wheels. No TPMS Bay Area

    Looking to sell my 2018 20" performance wheels without TPMS sensors. Powder coated turbine gray, no curb rash on any wheels. Pick up in the Bay Area. $1600 OBO
  2. N

    VMR wheels for sale for Tesla model 3

    Four VMR V710 Wheels for Tesla Model 3. Gunmetal grey. 19" x 8.5" Two of the rims have minor curb rash. Local pick up in Los Angeles. $635.
  3. C

    FS (Sydney, Australia) 19" Model 3 LR Wheels - Used

    Used 19" LR Model 3 wheels looking for a new home to go to. Selling for $1200. 2 of 4 wheels have scuff marks. Please see images attached. Selling without wheel sensors. Comes with the 4 used Hankook tyres - travelled 7000k in these. Pick up will be from Granville NSW 2142.
  4. T

    19 Inch Wheel Options for 2022 Model 3 Performance?

    Any suggestions on 19 inch wheels that will fit over the 2022 M3P brake calibers? Specifically looking for a satin black. I REALLY like this from T-Sportline ... but it is pre order for November delivery. I would love to have something sooner if anyone is aware of a similar option. Thank you in...
  5. T

    Efficiency/Range estimates swapping to 245/40/19 on M3P

    Tesla and EV noob here so appreciate any insight, this is all very new to me. I am taking delivery on a 2022 M3P in 2 weeks, but not a fan of the 20 inch Uber wheels. Debating back and forth between and 18 or 19 inch wheel swap. My personal preference is that the 235/45R18 tire is a bit beefy...
  6. K009

    Model 3 LR + Acceleration Boost - 19" wheels

    Hey all Been sitting on the fence for a long time regarding Tesla, and finallly looking to make an order. Looking at the Model 3 LR + Acceleration Boost and have decided I want 19" wheels. Unfortunately, at least here in Australia, you have to pay $2200 extra for the 19" Sports wheels over the...
  7. ESE Carbon

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Rims Are Ready to Roll!...

    After a decade of research, design, testing and perfecting, ESE Carbon is excited to announce that the FIRST and ONLY fully carbon fiber wheels for Tesla Model S and Model 3 are now shipping! ONLY 17 LBS, our E2 carbon fiber wheels are currently available in 19x8.5 with additional sizes and...
  8. H

    M3P 20" Uberturbine wheels, Pirelli P Zero tires, TPMS (less than 300 miles), Philadelphia

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my OEM wheels + tires after putting less than 300 miles on them. Three of the wheels are in perfect condition. There is mild curb rash on one of the wheels/tires that I've covered up with some touch up paint (see the last picture for an up-close view). Selling price...
  9. J

    FS: Enkei Raijin Black 19x8 5x114 40mm offset // New Michelin PS4 235/40ZR19 // TPMS included // SOCAL

    Selling my Enkei Raijin 19” wheels set. One of the wheels has very light curb rash which is practically unnoticeable. The Michelin PS4s are brand new and were mounted after the wheels were cleaned and polished. Never made their way back on my Model 3. Pics of the car were taken before the tires...
  10. C

    Model 3 Rimetrix Silver Orbital Wheel Covers (Set of 4)

    -In great shape -Minimal usage (a few light scuffs/marks on 1 or 2, barely visible) -Come with the included protective strips (on backside) already installed. -Include Rimetrix center caps -Located in Los Angeles but willing to ship at buyers expense. Asking for $190 + shipping. DM if interested!
  11. N

    FS: New 20’’ Überturbine Wheels (M3/OEM)

    Hello, I will take possession of a new Model 3 Performance between December 10 and December 11. I will be swapping the stock 20” Uberturbines immediately after taking delivery. At that point, I estimate that the wheels will have 20-25 miles on them. I am looking to sell them as soon as they...
  12. A

    Signature SV501 Forged Wheels 20x9 / 20x10.5 Model 3 - For Sale

    Selling a set of Signature SV501, UNMOUNTED, Brand-new. Finish: Brushed Aluminum Specs : Front- 20x9 Et +15 Rear- 20x10.5 Et +30 Retail Price :$5,500 Asking: $4,700 Located in the Bay Area Cali. Local pickup anywhere in CA, preferably the Bay area.
  13. J

    Selling 18" brand new Model 3 Aero wheels (without tires)

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the community. I just got my new Tesla Model 3 but I'm switching out the stock wheels for aftermarket wheels so I won't be needing the ones that the car comes with. I'm sorry I don't have pictures since I just got the car today and I'm taking it to a shop this weekend...
  14. M

    For Sale: T-Sportline 18" wheels (set of 6) w/ PS4 tyres (fits P3)

    Hi All, Up for sale are six T-Sportline 18" wheels, 4 of them with PS4 Michelin tyres, you also get the lug nut caps and Tesla logo caps. I will measure the tread remaining but it appears very good as the wheels weren't very old.. They also have Original Tesla TPMS sensors, (which are about...
  15. RedwoodMotors

    Vendor Redwood Motorsports Model 3 / Model Y RW-S5 Cyclone Wheels *Official Thread*

    Hey everyone, just wanted to throw up some pics of our signature forged RW-S5 wheels for model 3 and model Y. We designed these with an OEM+ look in mind, and we feel we have accomplished that goal quite well. Subtle, yet classy. Redwood Forged RW-S5 Cyclone Wheel 19x9.5 +35 - Tesla Model 3...
  16. Leeon

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Staggered setup of Vossen HF3 Gloss Black 20x9 +32 20x10.5 +45 on Michelin A/S 3+ 245/35F 285/30R They have about 90% tread. Will fit any model 3. Original price $2900 for wheels and $1100 for tires. Total $4k. No curb rash or scratches on wheels. $3000 OBO. Willing to ship. Will include TPMS...
  17. D

    FS: Model 3 Performance 20 inch Silver Sport Wheels with TPMS Sensors

    I'm selling my model 3 performance wheels. They include: 4 20 inch silver wheels (minor curb rash - photos below) 4 Center caps 4 Tire pressure sensors (TPSs) Front tires mounted on wheels with 5/32 of tread remaining (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/35 ZR20 - can send pictures if interested)...
  18. J

    FOR SALE: 2020 Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Tire Package NEW

    I took delivery of my first Tesla - 2020 Model 3 and immediately swapped out the wheels/tires. As a result, I have BRAND NEW Aero Wheels and Tires with <15 miles on them for sale - $980 for the set or $245 per wheel/tire: - Brand New Aero Wheels (4) - Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W...
  19. J

    2020 Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Tire Package FOR SALE - NEW - Las Vegas

    I took delivery of my first Tesla - 2020 Model 3 and immediately swapped out the wheels/tires. As a result, I have BRAND NEW Aero Wheels and Tires with <15 miles on them for sale - $980 for the set or $245 per wheel/tire: - Brand New Aero Wheels (4) - Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W I'd...
  20. K

    FS: Model 3 FReferral Wheels

    I have an unused set of Model 3 referral wheels for sale $4K OBO They are located in San Diego, CA and I don't want to ship. Parts included: TIRE,235/R20 MICHELIN Order Qty: 4 WHEEL ORNAMENTATION CENTER CAP - ZERO G Order Qty: 4 WHEEL, 20X9.0J ET40, ZERO-G Order Qty: 4 LUG NUT COVER...
  21. I

    CLEAN OEM Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, TPMS

    Hi everyone! New poster long time lurker. I recently changed up my wheel/tire package on my Model 3 and am selling what was my summer set including: Four OEM 19" Sport Wheels, with Original Continental Procontact RX tires, TPMS, and Center caps for all wheels. All the rims are in great...
  22. P

    Model 3 20" OEM Performance Grey Stiletto Wheels and Tires

    Selling 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance Grey Wheels with Michelin Pilot 4S Tires. 840km on them, March 2020 build of this Model 3. Selling as I am putting on the referral zero g wheels. No curb rash, or any scratches, excellent pristine condition, have been driving very carefully with these...
  23. C

    Model 3 Aero Wheels, Tires, w/Aero Cover Bag, and Tesla Cap Kit - Jacksonville, FL

    8000 miles on the wheels and tires. Local pickup in Jacksonville, FL only. Included: 18" Aero Wheels Michelin Primacy MXM4 - tread depth at 6/32 or a little less remaining Aero Covers Tesla Cap Kit EVANNEX Aero Cover storage bag $900obo Payment Methods: Apple Pay Bitcoin PayPal
  24. apples

    Aftermarket wheels on Model 3: summary

    I realize there’s a “MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3” which is full of good info, but it’s so long I thought a summary of some of the key areas might be helpful. I did some intense research on this but please note that I’m very much an AMATEUR so don’t rely on anything I’ve passed...
  25. D

    Model Y Induction Wheels on a Model 3?

    Hello All, I have been searching around quite a bit for an answer to this question, but have not found anything that would let me know if I could put Model Y 20" Induction Wheels on a RWD Model 3. My wife will be getting a Y and likes the 19" wheels on the Model 3 and I like the black induction...
  26. apples

    Model 3 Gray 20" OEM Performance Wheels & Micheline PS4 Tires for Sale (brand new)

    Factory new, to be swapped immediately upon delivery of my Model 3 Performance on Aril 3rd, 2020 (switching to custom wheels). I will bring the wheels home with me and store indoors until sold. Great option for a backup or summer set, upgrade to 20", update to the new Gray colour, plus a fresh...
  27. apples

    2020 Model 3 Gray 20" OEM Performance Wheels & Micheline PS4 Tires for Sale (brand new)

    Factory new, to be swapped immediately upon delivery of my Model 3 Performance on Aril 3rd, 2020 (switching to custom wheels) Includes Gray OEM 20" Performance wheels, tires, center caps, and TPMS (all brand new from factory) Selling for $500 below Tesla direct price (CDN$4,500 or USD$3,500)...
  28. webbah

    For sale: P3D+ 20 inch performance wheels (no tires) - silver - 1,500 Chf

    Hello Everyone, I’m selling a set of 4*20 inch P3D+ performance rims/wheels without tires in silver. These were only used for 2 months prior to me getting my new wheels (Brixton RF7’s) and I need to sell them to make room in my garage. I’d prefer to not ship them so pickup in Geneva or we can...
  29. A

    Selling 19” Sport Wheels

    $2600 cash. Irvine, CA Must pick up in Irvine, I will not ship. (updated listing) Selling a full set of brand new 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. TPMS is installed. Also comes with a set of brand new OEM...
  30. Z

    Model 3: 18 Inch Aero Wheels for Sale (Southern California)

    I have a spare set of 18 inch Aero Wheels (with aero covers and the official Tesla Aero Cap Kit included). Good condition, some minor curb rash on two of the wheels. Tires are in OK shape with ~ 6/32" tread left. Selling in Los Angeles area. DM me for some photos (I'll add them here later)...
  31. J

    4 18" aero wheels and tires

    Selling 4 aero wheels and tires off the model 3. Includes rims, aero hub caps, and tires with less than 1k miles on them. Tires are mounted and balanced already however TPMS is not included. Located in Orlando, FL and prefer a local pick up.
  32. K

    18" P3D Wheels to Fit Pilot Alpin's

    I'm looking to put 18" wheels with Michelin Alpin's on my Model 3 Performance for the winter - either Pilot Alpin 5's or Pilot Alpin PA4's. I'm struggling to find any wheels that fit the wider performance bore. Has anyone had the Alpin's on their P3D with 18" wheels? In case it helps, here are...
  33. wlmory52

    OEM Wheels and Tire w/ TPMS For Sale

    Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance OEM 20-inch Sport Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires and Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors (TPMS). Wheels and Tires have only 1,800 miles on them. 4 x 20X8.5J Sport Wheels 4 x 235/35R20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires 4 x Tire Pressure Sensors with Valve...
  34. J

    Fs Stock Model 3 Aero Wheels

    Up for sale model 3 aero wheels. Will come w/the stock Aero covers (which I removed immediately). Size: 18X8.5" Offset: +40 PCD: 5X114.3 Center Bore: 64.1mm Weight: 21.6 lbs (Without Aero Cover), 23 lbs (With Aero Cover) Lug Nut Spec: 21mm Hex, 14X1.50 Thread Lug Nut Torque Spec: 129 lb-ft...
  35. C

    Model 3 18" Wheels, Tires, TPMS and Aero Covers (New)

    Complete set of four 18” Model 3 Aero Wheels, Tires, TPMS and Aero Covers. Less than 300 miles so they are basically new. I'm waiting for Enkei TFR's and Michelin 4S's to arrive from Tire Rack on 6/26 and will not put any more miles on the car until they arrive. $1K delivered to you anywhere...
  36. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Powder Coated Wheels Blog

    Powder coating is designed specifically for adding color to metal and wheels. The innate properties of powder coating and the fact that it is baked directly into the metal ensures that it produces a coating that is naturally thicker and more durable than liquid paint jobs. It’s stronger than...
  37. mtapes

    A better look for 19" OEM wheels on M3?

    Was only about 50% happy with the look of the 19" OEM rims. A friend turned me onto this kit on Amazon (designed for 18" Aero Wheels), and I like the look on the 19" as opposed to with the Tesla supplied plastic "cap and lug nut covers" on the wheel. See what you think. So far I am liking it a...
  38. Californiates

    18" Model 3 Aero Wheels with Tires and TPMS

    Selling a set of 4 OEM Tesla Model 3 aero wheels. They come with almost new tires (1800miles), TPMS sensor, and 4 center caps The specs are as follows: Size: 18X8.5" Offset: +40 PCD: 5X114.3 Price $1350 picked up. R aleigh, NC

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