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  1. S

    WTB: Tesla Model S Roof Rack (for 2014 S 85)

    I am looking for a Whispbar / Yakima / Thule / etc. roof rack system that fits my 2014 Tesla Model S 85 with Panoramic Roof. Message me directly if you have one for sale. I live in Connecticut, and will meet in nearby states or pay for shipping.
  2. Slam_EVS

    WTB: Tesla Model S Roof Rack Vancouver BC Canada

    Hi Tesla Family. Posting thread if anyone is looking to sell their roof rack for their model s full panoramic glass roof im interested in what you got! Willing to pay for shipping if from US and good price :) Thank you!
  3. Knightowl

    Whispbar RoofRack for Tesla S Gen2 $150

    Whispbar S37W SILVER Flush Crossbar pair with K930 fitkit Do you want the quietest bars with the least drag? Look no further than the Whispbar flush bar system. Used and in very good condition, comes with everything shown in pics. Vehical specific fitkits are sold separately, this one has the...
  4. Adam W

    Model S Roof Rack - Winter is Here! ❄️

    Selling my Gen 1 roof rack for Model S, fitted for pano roof. WhispBar brand. Comes with all of the parts to secure to your vehicle. Had on a previously owned 2013 MS. Originally paid $550 2 years ago. Used for our kayaks but no longer own the Tesla. Accessories can be added like bike racks...
  5. T

    Whispbar roof rack and bike racks, from 2012 Model S

    Whispbar roof rack and 2x bike racks. It came from my 2012 Model S with sunroof, comes with all the necessary bolts, brackets, covers etc to install to the car. There are also keys to secure the bike racks once installed on the car. Looking at this forum, I'm guessing, $350 for the roof rack...
  6. T

    WTS roof rack bars for pano - sunroof Model S

    I installed these on my wife's model S and did not end up using them, however they were on the car for about a month so I'm offering them here for 450 with free shipping. Everything's included to install. I did not see anywhere that said WTS posts are wrong so if they are, delete me mods...
  7. Ostrichsak

    WTB: Roof Rack System for Model S w/Pano Roof & Possibly Accessories

    Looking to buy a roof rack system (Whispbar, OEM branded, S37W etc.) for our Model S. I'd be interested in the Tesla Model S specific kit or possibly even one of the more "universal" kits like the Yakima that hangs out a little bit more (60"). I don't really plan to leave these on all the time...
  8. L

    Sunroof owners, do you have rust on your roof rack mounts??

    I have another thread about my roof rack coming off here: Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes? It appears the roof attachment mounts from the factory have rusted and contributed to the bolts coming out. I’ve heard from 5 others with similar rust, but wanted to find out if a lot of others...
  9. L

    Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes?

    I’ve had the Tesla Whispbar roof rack on my Model S for two years and used it on around 4,000 miles of trips with either two tandem kayaks or 4 bikes. I use Yakima JayLows for the kayaks and Yakima Front Loaders for the bikes. I’m pretty diligent about checking the system and take it off and on...
  10. nwujames

    Tesla Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System OEM Genuine w/ Lock & Key

    I'm selling my Tesla branded Whisperbar Roof Rack - in excellent condition with all original hardware/parts. The hardware kit included is for Model S w/ panoramic roofs manufactured June 2015 and newer. For 2012 - May 2015 (w/ pano roofs), the roof rack is also compatible but needs a different...
  11. F

    Roof Rack - Model S Whispbar on Model 3?

    Has anyone attempted to install the original Tesla-branded Whispbar for Model S on a Model 3? The rack rails appear to be the same design as the new Model 3 [branded] bars, but the mounting hardware is quite different. The mounting hardware is similar to the Yakima Baseline/Baseclip syste. But I...
  12. 1

    Thule Aeroblade bars (not edge)- Anyone have these?

    I've been eyeing these Thule Aeroblade Roof Bars and have been unable to find any pics of a car with them installed. Everyone seems to have gone with the Whispbar style (Thule example here). I prefer the look of the Whispbar style but I'm worried about having enough room for 2+ bikes.. Has...
  13. gabeincal

    Roof rack for Model S (Whispbar) for sale

    Used twice on my 2016 S75 with Pano roof. Not sure about compatibility, but I don't think it is compatible with the 'first-gen' pano roof back in 2013 or so. Buyer should make sure that the item fits their car as I don't accept returns. Used three times to transport boxes when moving homes, got...
  14. RobW2428

    Tips?: Pulling trigger on Whispbar bars and Yakima Skybox 16 soon...

    Hey Everyone, I feel like I've read enough threads about bars and cargo boxes, but at some point it all starts to bleed together. Today or tomorrow I'm planning on ordering a set of Whispbars from Tesla (any cheaper way to do it than ordering from Tesla?.... no store near me, so I'll be paying...
  15. MGMDaware

    whispbar with cargo box

    Looking into the Tesla whispbar mounting racks and cargo box (WB701). Can anyone with experience let me know how useful they find the slim box? Specifically, can you load it with cargo (luggage, dog bed, miscellaneous junk) or is it only good for snow sport equipment? I can't seem to get a...
  16. MelaniainLA

    WTB: Model S Roof Rack and/or Bike carrier or Cargo Box

    Getting my Model S soon and looking for good working condition (used or new ok!): -Roof Rack System with all pieces -Cargo Box -Bike carrier(s) I'm happy to take one, two, or all three. Live in Los Angeles, willing to drive a bit or have shipped and able to pay cash. Thanks!
  17. JD Foster

    Roof rack post refresh?

    Hi everyone! Has anyone been able to purchase and install the Whispbar roof rack for the 2016 refreshed Model S? It looks like it is backordered from Yakima and most online suppliers. I talked to people at Yakima today and they said they should be available at the end of the month. However...
  18. Chris

    Whispbar and/or bike mount

    WTB Whispbar for MS. And bike mounts. (Need to haul the kids and two bikes around so trunk is not an option)
  19. S

    Whispbar hum - 65+mph

    Anyone use a whispbar and have/fix a hum when going over 65mph? I followed the install instructions to a T, and Tesla had to remove/reinstall it as well (sunroof cable broke, unrelated but resolved now) so I know that part is right. It was a tiny bit noisy, so I covered the width adjustment...
  20. CaptDaveHowe

    Roof Rack Install and Disassembly

    I am looking into the Tesla roof rack system for carrying our bicycles on trips. One main concern I have is that I would like to remove the roof rack when not in use. How hard is it to install, remove and reinstall the roof rack? Does this roof rack assemble to a pre-connection point in the car?
  21. W

    Whispbar dakdrager voor Model S

    Eén van de redenen om voor een Tesla Model s met panoramisch dak te gaan is dat er een dakdrager op kan. Ik vervoer hierop mijn Quest velomobiel naar wedstrijden. Maar welke dakdrager past er op de Model S?. Ga naar Halfords en ze kijken je aan alsof ze water zien branden. Thule heeft ook nog...