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white seats

  1. S

    Model 3 Black Headliner, White Interior, Ingenext Ghost & More for sale

    I have the following for sale: Ingenext Ghost for Model 3 to make your 0-60 3.1 Sec $1400 Model 3 White seats,dash,door,cards swap $1000 Model 3 black alcantara headliner $1000 Uberturbine wheels $1900 Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler & matte black spoiler $150 I am located in NH and can ship...
  2. Mehrdad

    White Seat Stains, Creases, Wrinkles. Solution?

    Less than a year old (19,000 kms). Passenger seat's leather is deteriorating. Cleaning every other week with Water & non-detergent soap sprayed and Horse Hair Bristle Brush (Chemical guys brand). Driver side seems to be in perfect shape even though its used way more often. But the passenger has...
  3. tommyb39

    Tesla Service Cleaning White Seats

    I have had issues with my white seats after less than a year of ownership on my Model Y. Noticing quite a bit of jean/sweatpants transfer. I have tried interior detailing sprays, baby wipes, warm water, etc with no luck. I ended up scheduling a service appt with tesla to see if they can clear...
  4. M

    Deciding on black or white interior with Black exterior paint.

    Hey first post here. I’m looking to purchase a Model Y in black, but I’m struggling to decide on the black or white interior. I’d prefer a black interior due to not having to maintain it as often as white (so I hear) and the white being “too white”, but I’m concerned with the glass roof letting...
  5. Mm2021

    Model 3 Seat and Steering Wheel Cover/ Protectors/ Coatings Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for seat covers/ protectors, protective coatings etc basically anything to help protect the white seats? Was thinking about a steering wheel cover too, to protect the leather wheel so any suggestions would be appreciated! Also is there...
  6. M

    White Seats Stained from Tesla Seatbelts

    Hi All, I'm a new to this forum, and excited to be here. I have owned my Tesla Model X since September 2017, and it's been great. However, my white seats are getting damaged from the seatbelts. Tesla is looking into this, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. I...
  7. ADEEL421

    Here is how you clean white Tesla Seats...Best way!!!

    I have white seats in my Model S and I have been cleaning my white seats by following this method and it works 100% of the time and is safe...no issues and no harm...your leather seats (not sure if its really pure leather) will stay the same and stay clean. My Seats stays very clean and never...
  8. kishkaru

    Impossible to Remove Stain/Mark on White Seats

    I got my Model Y with white seats just over a month ago. Somehow I was able to stain/mark the front passenger seat with something. From the color, it looks like it could be dye from jeans but not certain. I did not put anything other than passengers on the front seat, so it should not be from...
  9. G

    ISO Tesla Model 3 White Seats/Interior

    Hey all! I just joined the Tesla family after years of obsessing and getting my own friends into electric vehicles. I now own a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with FSD already paid for and the many additions to the outside that makes it look really sleek thanks to the previous owner! Unfortunately, the...
  10. E

    FS: Taptes Model 3 Seat Covers White

    Selling Taptes Model 3 Seat Covers in White. Premium NAPPA leather. Mint condition. $400 plus shipping. If you have any questions let me know! Located in Chicago if you would like to pick up.
  11. V

    White interior on SR+

    Hi all. Can someone please explain to me in plain English, why cant we have white interior on SR+ model, if the same option already exists on the performance model? I'm not asking for something that it does not exists in Australia. And it's also available almost elsewhere in the world. Is it...
  12. E

    FS: Taptes Model 3 Seat Covers - White

    Selling Taptes Model 3 Seat Covers in White. Premium NAPPA leather. Mint condition. Just put them on recently (10-15 days ago!) but unfortunately am selling my Model 3 - moving to a big city where I won't need a car. $500 plus shipping. If you have any questions let me know!
  13. S

    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    So we had the unfortunate experience of my wife wearing a faux leather jacket in my white model 3 interior leaving horrific black stains all over the back seat and the front seat. We attempted to clean the stains per Tesla recommendation with warm soap and water and approximately 50 to 60% of...
  14. BobCio

    Changing Order of AWD Non-P to White Seats, Delivery impact?

    We ordered our M3 LR AWD non-P on July 13, 2018 and have an estimated Sept-Nov delivery. Still no VIN assisgned yet, and we expect we're fairly low on the list, given that current owners are no longer given preference. Yesterday, (Saturday), we saw a M3 Performance with the White interior and...
  15. EV Family

    2016 Model X 90D for sale (as seen on "LIKE TESLA")

    We're parting ways with our beloved 90D Model X to make room for a P100D Model X. Price: $77,500 Miles: 42,500 This car has been babied since day one, full body paint protection (by one of the top detailers in the country and of course documented on the youtube channel). Rarely charged...
  16. Diavel

    Seat covers

    I decided to start a thread so more people can see the options for seat protection and relief from anxiety when choosing white seats. If you are on the fence in getting white seats, hopefully this can help in the search for options. It seems that a record number of white seats are being chosen...