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  1. Steve Kempf

    Model X doesn't detect home wi-fi

    I've tried searching this in the forum, but I must be doing something wrong because I can't seem to get results for anything that I try to search. I just picked-up my new Model X and am starting to learn the ins and outs of its operation. When I try to connect to my home wi-fi by touching the...
  2. A

    WiFi connection problem when access point is connected through a VLAN switch

    I have one strange fault in my network setup that prevents my 2013 Model S in connecting to a wireless network at home when a wireless access point is connected trough a switch on a port that is configured with VLAN. The Model S just got a new MCU1 unit. I have waited a long time for the LTE...
  3. shauna

    Software Updates without wi-fi?

    My car has been glitching big time lately. First when I make calls, I can hear the people but they can't hear me. Then one day my heat seatersand heat stayed on all day while I was at work which I think normally shuts off and then I was driving using the auto pilot and although the voice was...
  4. Mishakim

    WiFi won't connect to strong signal, low bandwidth AP

    Is anyone else connecting to a Plume or similar mesh network? I finally got electricity into my detached garage (ongoing house renovation), and added a Plume pod out there, so the WiFi signal in the garage itself is strong, but the node actually has a very weak uplink to the rest of the mesh...
  5. TT97

    Large Upload

    My 3 has been awake for a few hours so I thought it may be downloading new update. When I checked my router, I saw that it uploaded 190 MB over a short period. Anyone else have large uploads from their car? Any ideas what it could be?
  6. B

    Wifi related phantom drain

    I've experimented with a few ways to reduce phantom drain, which was an issue when I first got my car in June (I don't have charging at home). Generally, since the 2018.24 version of software (i'm on 2018.28 now), the drain has declined to <1% (1-3 miles) overnight. However, I've discovered...
  7. iwannam3

    Why, why no Wi-Fi?

    Why is Wi_Fi not enabled along with the rear seat heating? If the hardware exists why is it taking months to enable? The S and X have Wi-Fi I assume they are porting existing software to the 3. The CPU & OS was decided long ago and the rest of the car wasn't required before they started work...
  8. S

    Model 3 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speeds and capabilities

    What are the Model 3's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules capable of? Model S and Model X are stuck with 2.4GHz 802.11g and Bluetooth 2.1 (I think). Here is to hoping that the Model 3 delivers more modern specifications. Any details on internal manufacturer, chipsets, and versions would be helpful too.
  9. S

    Contemporary Wi-Fi and upgrades

    What are the Wi-Fi capabilities of Model S vehicles that are currently being built? When did it change? Any specs on the chipset? I have a June 2013 S and it is stuck in the 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz stone age. I asked about upgrading it, but my local service center responded in the negative. I did not...
  10. Byshop303

    Tesla Vehicle Wireless Network Software Glitch (Initializing Loop)

    I've encountered what appears to be a bug in firmware versions 17.11.3 and up. When attaching to certain WiFi networks, the wireless NIC appears to crash resulting in it going into an "Initializing" state. It happens usually within about 10 seconds of connecting to a network. Best guess is that...
  11. Plugsuvohio

    Wi-Fi grief continued

    I've written before about this and tried to read whatever I could find. It is driving me nuts that the MX (maybe S too) will not reliably connect to my network in the garage. I've been fighting this since August 2016 delivery and firmware changes through the latest with the ModelXmas egg...
  12. L

    Will Model X have 4G?

    Does anyone know if the Model X will have 4G connectivity?
  13. jcadman22

    Connectivity Issues?

    After updating to firmware v5.9 I have had several instances where the car is loosing its network connection. In all cases, the center screen displayed at least one bar of 3G service, but album art, maps, Slacker, anything requiring data, ceased functioning. I have noticed that the issue...
  14. mklcolvin

    4G in my model S - OK, not really, but good workaround

    Since we received the 5.8 update and with it Wi-Fi access, I decided to try an experiment. I took my iPhone 5, running under Verizon's 4G network, and placed it in personal hotspot mode. I plugged it into my MS' USB port for continuous power, then connected the MS to my newly-created hotspot's...