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wifi connection issues

  1. B

    Please help connecting to Wifi

    Hi, I am trying to connect to wi-if - either my home WiFi (which extends to my garage) or my phone hotspot. I read on the Tesla site “Touch Controls > Wi-Fi icon at the top of the Controls screen. Model 3 begins to scan and display detected Wi-Fi networks that are within range.” On controls...
  2. P

    Car won't connect to wifi

    I use my phone as a Hotspot but lately the car won't connect to it. Also, it used to show a list of available wifi, but it doesn't do this anymore. My phone still connects with the car to Summon, etc. Is this a known problem?
  3. E

    Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

    My model 3 long range was delivered last week. Since having the car I’ve noticed it’s due a software update, so I set about following the steps to upgrade. I initially connected to my home wifi router and tried to download the update, but noticed that the Wi-Fi signal was weak and kept dropping...
  4. M

    Slow wifi connection, what’s everyone’s average connection speed?

    My Model Y is parked right next to the router with a gigabit up/down connection over the 5gz band. I average 10-20 mb/s up/down average. What kind of network speed is everyone else getting with their Tesla’s?
  5. B

    dsl modem/router to Netgear extender to Model S

    After my MCU upgrade, I can't connect my car to my wifi. I get a message in car "Unable to obtain IP address. Please check DHCP server settings. I believe the problem is that the Netgear EX 7000 interferes with the DHCP functioning of the DSL Modem/Router. I have only Mac stuff and therefore...
  6. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    OK, here is the scenario: Two homes. Identical eero Wifi networks. Model X will connect to Wifi at both homes and download software updates, etc. Two different Model Y cars will connect at Home 1 no problem, but not Home 2 (error message: "Could not join <WIFINAME> The Internet is unreachable...
  7. trekkie

    Any Tips for WiFi Issues? Can't Connect anymore

    I've had my 2019 X since October 2019, never had this problem and then in the last 45-60 days or so this started and I can't get it to stop. It will no longer connect to my wifi. To be clear, I changed nothing. I'm in IT, and I actually have a hotspot in my garage for my cars and other home...
  8. houstonian

    Best Travel WiFi Router/Bridge to Connect to WiFi Requiring Authentication and/or Credentials?

    [First off if there's an existing thread on the topic please feel to merge - I searched but did not find anything.] Happy owner of a 2017 S, now with MCU2. WiFi signal reaching my garage at home's always been a challenge and I'm starting to rethink my WiFi strategy, which in part lead me to...
  9. Faiz71

    [MX][2017]Geen WiFi verbinding

    Hoi, Vandaag gemerkt dat onze MX100D uit 2017 geen verbinding meer wilt maken met onze WiFi netwerken en zelfs niet meer met de iPhone hotspot. De auto ziet wel een aantal WiFi netwerken uit de buurt, waaronder eentje van ons huis, maar mijn andere WiFi punten, waarvan eentje voor de auto...
  10. Beta V

    HW3 and Broken WiFi

    The Bellevue Service center finally sent back my Model X. They had it for over a week and while their results were less than satisfactory, they're saying that there is nothing they can do to improve it--even on their own network. In the past two years, after the initial setup, when I pulled my...
  11. Beta V

    HW3 and WiFi Networks

    Angel, my Model X, was selected to be upgraded with the new HW3 boards. When I got it home I was unable to establish a connection to my home network. I have a sophisticated network, I grant you, but I have brought literally dozens of devices into the house and been able to connect to all of them...
  12. Beta V

    Service Nightmare

    What a nightmare. I got the system upgrade last week and when I got home, the car would not connect to my WiFi without an error message. We've discussed this here and on Facebook at length and none of the suggestions fixed it. I made a mobile service request and today a week later, the tech...
  13. Beta V

    New Hardware Upgrade--No WiFi

    I had the hardware upgrades installed on Friday and once I got home I reset the BT for the phone which worked fine. However, when I tried to link to my home WiFi network I saw both my 5gb and 2.5gb networks but I got an error message that said "The Internet is unreachable. Please check your...
  14. Jason71

    Tesla WiFi uses US bands not European ones!

    I just discovered this and have never seen it posted before so thought I would post it as a PSA. I noticed today that the car was not connecting to my Wifi even though there should be a strong signal. in fact it was not even finding my Wifi even though neighbours routers were showing up and...
  15. BZM3

    "Could not Join WiFi - The Internet is Unreachable" error

    Has anyone else encountered this error? I am unable to connect the car to my WiFi and this error keeps popping up. The WiFi is fully functioning and has my other devices connected with no problem. Any troubleshooting suggestions? The error specifically reads: Title - Could Not Join "xxWiFi...
  16. F

    Wifi/LTE Antenna Strength - Data Points/Questions

    Curious if others are having the same issues I am and if it's hardware or software. When I connect my TM3 to my iPhone 11 Pro's Personal Hotspot I get MAX (3) WiFi Bars in Drivers Seat. I recently installed an eero Pro Wifi Mesh system and I'm once again getting MAX (3) WiFi Bars when the router...
  17. jamaro

    Can't update SW?

    Hiya all My one-month old Model 3 LR suddenly decided to stop offering up AC on its first roadtrip. This was suboptimal given that it was 105°F out and it was a few hundred miles back to home in what is now a mobile greenhouse. TSLA Roadside assistance had me go through a few reboots...
  18. M

    Slow Wifi speed P3D 24.4

    Hi, Please anyone facing this issue, Wifi signal always 24mbps down and 6mbps up, some time jump to higher speed then switch back right away? I have tried differnet channels and settings but all the same. Even I get the router inside the car for testing and still the same. Also anyone know...
  19. Robipad

    Vampire Drain / Capaciteits Verlies Tesla 3

    De Drain ofwel het verlies aan km van Tesla 3 (of X en S) is voornamelijk afhankelijk van de elektronika die voortdurend aanstaat. Denk aan LTE / WiFi / Bluetooth. Dan als b.v. Sentry mode (Bewakingsmodus zie: beveiliging) wordt ingeschakeld neemt deze verder toe doordat o.a. de camera's dan...
  20. srs5694

    TeslaCam & WiFi problems

    I've just today taken delivery of a new Model 3 LR. I can't drive it yet, because of the way Tesla handles deliveries in Rhode Island, where there is as yet no Tesla store (I've got to wait to receive paperwork from Tesla, after which I can go to the DMV to get plates). Anyhow, I've been...
  21. M

    WiFi help

    My model 3 still hasn't gotten the latest maps for using navigate on autopilot. I'm wanting to connect to an open "Xfinity" connection because my car can't reach our wifi (we have Xfinity too). However, like trying to connect to hotel wifi, without accepting the terms or whatever the car won't...
  22. NinjaVece

    WiFi connection issue...

    I've had my PW2 since late July 2018 and at least the 1.15 release of the firmware. My Gateway is in a location that is very difficult to get an Ethernet cable to as it is in a far corner inside my garage while my battery portion hangs on a wall outside my house about 30 feet away. Because of...

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